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Will you renew your Sky subscription?

Sky has lost loads of subscribers with no football being shown.

Will you keep your subscriptions going or renew them after the break?

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6 comments on “Will you renew your Sky subscription?

  1. Sky will let you come out of your sports subscription whilst nothing is going on, so no need to cancel. Monthly sub is adjusted accordingly.
    Once sport starts again they will automatically adjust it back.
    I suspect your panic headline might be untrue and the numbers relate to the above.

  2. If you have a sky sports subscription you can go into your account and pause it.You can still watch all of the sky sport channels but you won’t be paying for it until live sport is back on.

  3. What’s the alternative? Gary Lineker?

  4. Yes, you can freeze the sports subscription for until everything starts again, but still watch thevsports channels for free in the meantime. Sky notified me that i could do this. I’ve checked my upcoming bill just to make sure and they’ve been as good as their word. No problems with sky over this at all.

  5. I generally don’t watch football on TV; why would I do that when I have a season ticket and can watch it live? Occasional MOD Highlights and some of the big games I can’t get tickets to. No sky, no BT, no problem 🙂

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