Witty Irons fans: “We can see you in the bath !”


“We can see you in the bath !”

West Ham fans are rightly renowned for their wit, and this was never more evident at the end of the Luton game.

Luton’s start to life at home on their fairytale return to the top flight had been delayed while their famous old ground was hastily redeveloped to meet Premier League requirements.

So the Irons created another piece of history when they became the first team to visit Luton Town’s Kenilworth Road in the Premier League on Friday night.

Anyone who has ever been there will know Luton’s stadium is certainly not “space age” compared to most of the other Premiership stadiums. Rather quaintly, the away section entrance actually goes under a coach house in and amongst residents’ gardens.

So when climbing the stairs to the away section , you can actually see into the neighbouring houses and gardens!

Too good an opportunity for any self- respecting West Ham fan to miss!

Cue a loud lusty chant of (altogether now):

“We can see you, we can see you, we can see you in the bath!”

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