5,000 season tickets will go on sale to waiting list

london-stadiumUnder 5,000 season tickets will go on sale to 55,000 waiting list in two weeks time ClaretandHugh has learned.

With over 90% renewing their season tickets at the London Stadium it means demand will outstrip again on season tickets.

The club has been amazed at the high renewal rate which they say matched the last season at the Boleyn Ground.

The Hammers have modelled that approximately one in three on the season ticket waiting list will purchase tickets meaning the first fifteen thousand in the list are likely to get an opportunity of a season ticket for next season. With the proposed capacity increase to 60,000 still, in dispute, this might be the only opportunityΒ those on the waiting list will get this coming season.

A senior source told Claret and Hugh this morning:Β “We achieved over 90% renewal rate which is same as the last season at Upton Park, we are amazed after the bad season we have had. There will be under 5,000 seats for the waiting list, but we thinkΒ  the take up will be one in three so the first 15,000 should get seats. We are still pressing the stadium operators for more capacity, but they won’t apply at the moment”


About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

60 comments on “5,000 season tickets will go on sale to waiting list

  1. Nice article Sean because once again it puts to rest the nonesense that some people spout. The club are slagged off because they accept 55,000 on the waiting list “in the knowledge only a few thousand will be successful” but the first few thousand, 5,000 in this case, were never going to ALL want to exersize those options. I’d say you have every chance of getting a ticket if your membership number is 20,000. Especially if they get the extra 3,000 seats which of course they will.

    I have 2 memberships in my kids names, they won’t be taken up if they’re offered, not this season at any rate.

    I did wonder if they’re offered and we say no thanks not this year will the membership and option still exist next season etc?

    West Ham are simply putting together a database of supporters that must be over 200,000 strong now when you add in actual season ticket holders and the limited database that they had from Upton Park days. Pretty impressive. Our club is on the up. It’s time the doom and gloom merchants recognised it.

    • If I don’t get an ST this season and if you are considering letting them go could you let me know I would be happy to take one or both of them and give you a good drink for the privilige πŸ™‚

  2. JOHN is either a club employee or just plain dumb.

    20 points off last season and we are on the up?


    When we see investment in the squad that matches our wonderful support then you can talk about on the up.

    I fear the daves will see this as the green light to be tight fisted again as they don’t need to spend now to get fans through the gates.

    • Ahhh chedylan is back again to call people fools and give us the world according to chedylan mantra.You really are a tw4t..

    • Tight fisted? Are you on a wind up or are just plain dumb? West Ham were something like 6th top spenders last season. They were not tight fisted – they just spent it incorrectly and we only know that with hindsight. Did you complain about the players that we signed at the beginning of the season? I doubt it

  3. Travis I call people fools when they say foolish things. You simply have nothing to add other than insult me ?

    We can arrange you say that to my face of you wish?
    Let me know

    • So it’s ok for you to be rude and even possibly threaten physical violence, but no one can say anything back.

      To quote you “I call people fools when they say foolish things” fool.

  4. Kiddies playtime is it.Lets call others fools,dumb and ****s and then come out with the i will meet you in the playground rubbish.
    Not really sure how someone call call another supporter a fool and dumb and then feel insulted by someone calling them a name lol
    I suppose you will want to offer this 70 year old out in the playground as well now.
    It seems to me that John and you have differing views,thats fine isnt it without the need for the dumb and fool comments.
    I think the only time i see you comment is to call people fools but thats ok call me a fool as well im too long in tooth to give a damn about some mouthy fella on a football site.

  5. ‘There will be under 5,000 seats for the waiting list, but we think the take up will be one in three so the first 15,000 should get seats’ – eh!

    What are they saying – there’s 5,000 Season Tickets available but only one in three will take up the offer, so the first 15,000 on the list will be be accomodated – sounds like Corbyn economics to me!

  6. Chedylan you remind me of someone who used to post can’t remember who it was but it might “Cometh to me” to me in a while πŸ˜€

  7. It’s oh so easy to moan about the moaners, threatening not to renew.
    Yes, I am one of those turncoats, changing my mind and renewing in the end.
    But certainly not because the new stadium is the dog’s ********, the sightlines are amazing, the walk from station to stadium so utterly fantastic or because of our mesmerising football last season.
    All of the above in my opinion is still pretty disappointing to put it mildly, getting used to it will numb the blow, but it will still not turn into a proper football stadium by magic.
    I renewed because it’d be weird not being able to see my team whenever I can make it over. Games like the Spurs win are few and far between, but you always hope you will catch a game like that among the five or six I usually attend.
    So despite renewing, of course I will still moan occasionally.
    I would do the same if we played our home games on a former potato patch in Plaistow, I would still get a season ticket. COYI!

    • HH moan to your hearts content mate it don’t change my thoughts about the place πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

      • It ain’t my intention to change the mind of anyone. But I do prefer to watch my football from a proper football stadium, preferably one with no running track, unsightly gaps and scaffolding being visible all over the place.
        But it is what it is. That decision has been made and us fans have to live with that if we don’t want to miss out.

        • Do what I do HH, have a few beers a bit of a sing song and forget about it πŸ˜€ Us fans make the club at the end of the day and it’s just about time we all got on the same page and support those that wear the shirt instead of ripping the club to pieces day in day out πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

          • surely you can rip those than run the club day to day while still supporting those that pull on the shirt.
            people pull me up all the time about my stance on the owners yet think nothing of telling us what they think of Snodgrass, AC, or whoever is public enemy No1 flavour of the month from the squad.

          • Not all of us slag off all the players Nigel.

  8. Why is it always one of the moaners who justify moaning.You are moaners.If not the stadium the board,if not the board the transfers,if not the transfers then something else.
    Saying its easy to moan about the moaners is just a get out for the miserable ****ers to keep doing what they enjoy best on blogs.Birds of a feather stick together and we know where.

  9. You forgot the medical staff and the training facilities Robbie .Thats your real speciality subject isnt it young HH.All those cursed badgers lol

    • In a way we’re moaning about what HH is saying πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • πŸ™‚
      Seriously though, isn’t it human nature to focus on Bad stuff and therefore discuss, or moan, what could be done about it ? Just look at the news, ask yourself why 90% of the news are about wars, taxes, earthquakes and murder, but why people still watch regardless.
      Or imagine a West Ham blog only praising the club, every single player and performance, the club, the board, the stadium, repeating every day how wonderful it all is.
      Then come back after a few months and see how many people still contribute, discuss about things or even bother to read that blog.
      I’d say not many, because it is boring. Disagreeing about stuff though, exchanging arguments, having a debate is both exciting and entertaining.
      So moaning as such ain’t a problem.
      Moaning for the sake of moaning though or because you cannot dish out praise where it’s due, now that’s another thing…

  10. I am sure some readers would find it useful if a date (and time) was included in the article as to when said tickets would be available to the waiting list

  11. Oh dear, post a comment, go out for the day, come home and everyone is falling out!

    Chedylan, I thought we parted on good terms last time, now I’m a dumb fool again! To be unable to accept that the club isn’t on the “up” is pretty foolish fella. The club turned over Β£49M 5 years ago, it will be Β£250M this year, new stadium, sold out every week, capacity to increase to 60/67,000 and already the 8th biggest in Europe, transfer record broken 3 times in the last 5 years and it will be again this year. There is lots more so surely we can agree the club is on the up? Maybe you’d rather the Tottscum model but I’d settle for what we have now if I was asked the day the Daves took over.

    I’m not club employee either lmao. Wish I was!

    HH you are right you can moan all you like. So can anyone else including the Gloom brothers. It’s your right, all I’d ask from those that have moaned all year, is to acknowledge that you have renewed and to start to look for good in our club, also to stop the lies, the “I was chatting to David Sullivans cleaner and she showed me copies of players contracts” etc. – respect to those who challenge this nonesense btw.

    I know I’m wasting my time of course. But this site is about views and that’s mine. Start the season, say 1st July, with an open mind, I can think of half a dozen improvements I’d like to see, I’ve mentioned them on here, I hope to see them before next season but I accept its building blocks for West Ham.

    Anyhow, I’m happy you’ve renewed. I’m happy everyone has renewed. A couple of top signings and even Chedylan will be happy.

    • John, I think most fans go into every transfer window with an open mind.
      We are all fans and want good players joining our club.
      The fact that 90% renewed despite a pretty crap season proves our fans’ loyalty.
      It is just that far too often we have been disappointed despite having open minds.
      I love this club to bits but this transfer window it really is showtime, make or break for the owners. If they do well, I shall gladly heap praise on them.

  12. As Mr T always said John
    FOOOOL lol

  13. Its not oh so easy to moan about the moaners but it oh so easy to take the p1ss out of them after reading their droning on for ten months.But eh its ok because everyone wants to read the same mugs moaning about the same everyday for ten months.

  14. If some of you are happy at being sold a lie to leave our home, or are fine to settle for also ran status and a further 40 years til we actually win something. That’s your own pathetic view. We don’t need you.

    Mine view is we sold our soul for “success ” but these clowns are not seeing it through financially. that’s the worst of both worlds.

    On the up?? Let’s see now

    • I’m surprised you’re not still campaigning about leaving the cabbage field in Plaistow for Upton Park back in 1904. Heritage tends to be a selective view; anyone under 36 has never seen us win a proper trophy. Is that the heritage you’re referring to?

  15. “we dont need you”?!?!? And who exactly is “we”.It seems to me like you are just a twisted individual who has one big chip on his shoulder.”We dont need you”…who exactly..you and your heavies.Stop sounding like a prat.

    • Haha. shall I spell it out and you can decide ?

      We don’t need fans who are happy to move grounds, lose our heritage and just accept west ham to be a low mid table team indefinitely.

      That’s just pathetic. We were sold a dream by this move and that attitude doesn’t hold the owners to account. There’s no going back so either you expect more or you are a waste of space.

  16. Oh it gets better now you dont like being insulted but you can call other fools pathetic dumb and a waste of space.Grow up for christ sake.
    .Oh and i have been going for more than sixty years so i really dont need someone like you telling me who does or doesnt need me.I have read some bull in my time but We dont need you is something else.

  17. You are just pi55ing people off now Chedylan. I’m actually pretty tolerant and enjoy different views.

    Half the bloody premiership have moved grounds, we have no more lost our heritage than any of those clubs!! As to selling our souls for success lol what does that even mean? On the other hand you say we won’t see success for “another 40 years”. You can’t have it both ways!

    I get it you don’t like the owners but I’ve set out above the progress we have seen but you ignore that. They will grow that and we can only hope that gives us the success we all want. I happen to think it will come. You don’t. We will see. But you won’t find a single poster here, I don’t think, that is accepting we will just be also runs, we all want and hope for more.

    To be honest mate you aren’t making a very good argument and that makes you a bit of a fool I’m afraid.

  18. Knock it on the head Ched you are start to sound foolish.You dont have any right to say who is needed or not needed.You are just a fan the same as anyone else not the west ham supporters mouthpiece for ****s sake!

  19. Can we forget the personal insults & get back to the story!
    People will be ‘vanishing’ if they aren’t careful!πŸ™€πŸ‘‹πŸ»

    • Don’t go banning Chedylan GSDLady, it’s only a difference of opinion and being called a fool is pretty tame lol

  20. I don’t think we’ve lost our heritage etc. but the we have moved to a ground which is undoubtedly the worst in the league for actually watching football. We’ve had a **** season and I hope for better to come, because the entire move was predicated on us needing to move to the ‘next level’ as a football. Regardless of any other consideration we haven’t done that or even looked close.
    Added to this the Board clearly lied about the transformation of the bowl. Look back to some of their comments about how far away from the pitch we would be, for example. Either they were as thick as two short planks and were sold a pup (which I don’t believe) or else they lied.
    People will always renew, for many it is part of the fabric of their week by week lives. that doesn’t in any way mean that they approve of the move or the ground, they’re simply tolerating what they’ve been served up because they don’t have a choice other than not to go and change the habit of a lifetime.

  21. I dont get how anyone can expect anything to have changed in one season at the new ground.The proof will be in the pudding in five or more years.What was going to change in one season.
    Im totally bored of the bickering between fans about it.For ***** sake its a football club.Go ask any relative of some who died in Manchester how important football is or a football club is.Yes its a big part of all our lives but jesus wept some of you carry on like its the end of the world.

    • here here
      i love west ham but there is a line and some dont mind crossing that line as there are other things in life so much more important but yes MICKY G spot on m8 no more need to be said

  22. Yeah you tell them GSDLady.Shocking behaviour.You wouldnt catch me arguing with anyone on here.Ive been telling them all for years they are fools but they dont listen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Being critical of the club or owners is fine if warranted and some of it clearly is.I think that some fans moaning seven days a week about the same things is what i find irritating.They make their point then make the same point three hundred and sixty five days a year.
    Some people were made to moan and its part of who they are but it doesnt stop it being ****ing boring to read.

    • Agree Mickey although I’d call this “an agenda” anyhow this thread is sliding down the list now so let’s go argue somewhere else lol.

  24. I think we both understand perfectly each other’s view but we just do not agree on them. I’m bashing no one Chedylan in fact I think I’ve been perfectly respectful of your view. Anyhow, see you on another thread lol

  25. I think you could do with getting out more and enjoying life instead of having some festering resentment towards some football club chairmen.Jesus wept its football not the rise of the third reich.

  26. Strange notion that you would love them if they bring us success but hate them because of what comes out of their mouths ? I am fairly sure they are too long in the tooth now to change the sort of things they say ? Not having a go or anything just don’t understand the logic ? Only my opinion but I think they are putting plenty into the club and getting dogs abuse for it from a section of the support.

  27. Oh the idiot term is back out.Poor little soldier cant keep his temper,bless.

  28. You sound like a right kid ched.There again maybe you are.I cant think of any adult who would still be ranting two days later at everyone.

  29. Am I allowed to say I like the new place and I’m happy about the move? Got a great view, can park easily, can buy a decent pint before the game and always get served at half time. The toilets are clean and plentiful. The football’s largely incidental to many of us – it was usually pretty dire at UP and it’s the same here. I think we all hope that bigger stadium will mean larger revenue, which will translate into a better team, but nothing in football is ever guaranteed. I honestly think some of you would have preferred to stay at UP with the Icelandics taking us into oblivion while Orient and Spurs took the new place. Then you would have really had something to moan about!

  30. Keep trolling moron.I mean everyone on here seems to have drawn the same conclusion that your a total d1ck.I suppose everyone is wrong about that.Just face it youre a tosser.

  31. Leave out you lot ffs.All this bullsh*t about meeting for a straightner or tear up.Its f*cking pathetic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Thers always someone harder than you are so dont bite off more than you can chew 😁

  32. Chedylan was busy on westhamonline creating his own thread.It seems no one on there gave a damn about him either.Trying to round up his troops.

    “chedylan 2 10:41 Thu Jun 1
    Claret and hugh
    Have any of you commented on that badly written ****? There are some genuine club patsies that shut you down straight off the bat. I can’t work out if they are on the take or actual simpleton idiots.

    Stoneman and Mike, you should get in touch. ”

    What a clown lol

  33. Actually i read westhamonline all the time.Is that alright with you mouth almighty??
    Keep mouthing off,no skin off my nose,you obviously have a screw loose to moan about a site but then keep coming back to it.
    But thats your idea isnt it,come here to cause trouble.

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