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Allardyce shadow lengthens

Sam AllardyceThe long shadow of Sam Allardyce continues to hang over in trouble Premier League clubs… and that could mean West Ham. As the Irons look around for a Slaven Bilic replacement, nobody inside the London Stadium is ruling out the possibility and now it seems the man himself may be on the brink of a U-turn. After announcing his retirement from club football when leaving Palace, the former Irons boss made it clear he had no further interest in managing at club level but could be tempted by an international team. However, it now seems that he could possibly be back in Premier League football after being questioned about his future and with the Irons known to have looked in his direction nothing should be ruled out at this stage. Appearing on beIN Sports, Allardyce was asked primarily about any possible interest from himself should Everton come calling. His response was interesting given his previous ‘complete retirement’ from managing at club level as he said: ‘Who knows? I’d have to consider that, if that phone call happens. They know what the problems are. They just perhaps want a bit of guidance now to rectify those problems.

‘I’ve been in this position a number of times in the last three clubs I’ve had and I just put the team back to basics.’


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

13 comments on “Allardyce shadow lengthens

  1. Cannot see this one. Too much history. His comments about DS in his book were blunt. Also he has upset a lot of the fans & I can’t see Sullivan wanting to make himself more unpopular. I think Allardyce himself would take a lot of persuading, both because from the owners and the supporters. Can’t think he would want the hassle.

    My view is he made that statement because he might be interested in Everton – better squad more money- but not West Ham. But he could hardly say that.

    Personally I would be ok with it with a view to staying up.He would sort the defence out. He would demand enough cash to fill some of the gaps & that would be job done. But it would cause so much hassle & it is a bad enough atmosphere at games most of the time anyway without boos and Allardyce Out banners. So we will most likely end up with a second rate manager & go down. Hey ho life goes on.

    • Agree 64. I don’t think Sam would even come bac . He could prob make more at US which funny enough Bilic is linked w that job too.
      But he quit Palace so doesn’t care about money too much he might go to Everton but I don’t see him back here.
      He is prob sick of being a relegation specialist but he can do it. But won’t be here

    • You should never say never. I hadn’t really thought about Sam as a replacement but it would make good business sense. I for one wouldn’t mind it. All the fans know by now that we have to get across the finish line with our premiership title in tact so whether they like him orr not, they know he can certainly do the job.

      Would he take it? that’s another question. I would like to think he would, he knows the set up and he knows what the owners are like and how to deal with them. ‘Better the devil you know’ sometimes. I just hope that the knife hasn’t been pushed too far in between his shoulder blades!

  2. I have to start by saying that I’m not a BFS fan, some of the Football we saw under him was the worst I have ever seen. I was always suspicious about his relationship with Mark Curtis and their various Transfer dealings.

    He was anti-Football in his outlook, ‘Respect the Point’ and all that – his attitude was always first not to get beat rather than to win. This is not the ‘West Ham Way’. West Ham traditionally have been an attacking Team, in the same way that Manchester United have always been associated with. We obviously were never as successful as Manchester United, we never had the same quality of player. We had the occasional diamond but they were few and far between. We had a strong youth policy, and produced a lot of our own players. Allardyce didn’t want anything to do with young players, he ignored them and would rather go for some ‘old sweat’ he’d known from his Bolton days and whose Agent was Mark Curtis.

    Having said all that, you hanker for the Allardyce days in a strange way – he knew what he was doing, how he wanted to play. The Players knew how he wanted them to play, and he made sure they followed his instructions. You always felt the Players were fit and that they were well drilled in his ‘style of play’ – he worked them hard, he was very ‘hands-on’ in his approach.

    A lot of this is the opposite of Bilic, you feel he’s very relaxed in his attitude, he lets the Players get on with it, he doesn’t lay down the law, his thinking is confused and muddled, he expects Players to be able to think for themselves and we all know that most Players are not good at thinking. They’re good at kicking a ball, thinking is way down their list of attributes.

    West Ham currently are in a mess – we need an organiser, a man who’s ‘hands on’, a clear thinker who knows the League, someone who won’t cow-tow to David Sullivan, who can tell Sullivan to butt-out of Football matters. Allardyce has too much baggage, he’s burnt his boats with both Sullivan and us West Ham punters.

    The man everyone wants is Sean Dyche, he’s got the attributes that West Ham needs. The problem is that everyone else can see this and whenever a job comes up he’s top of the list. Why should he come to West Ham? It’s difficult to put forward a convincing argument – I don’t know, I doubt very much we could get him.

    I suspect we will end up with someone like David Moyes, who did a good job at Everton, but came a cropper at Manchester United and then Sunderland. He was given a poison chalice at ManU trying to follow Alex Ferguson, with a Team that was in decline. At Sunderland he inherited a disaster in waiting that he wasn’t allowed the resources to change.

  3. I know things are dire guys but ffs, we’ve been there, done that and we cannot go back. Even the Dildo Bros aren’t stupid enough to approach BFS. If we are serious about finding a long term replacement then look elsewhere. This next appointment has to be one for the long haul.
    Hope Celtic get thumped by Anderlecht, don’t qualify for the Europa and then we should make a move for Rogers! Given the opportunity to blend his man management skills and tactical awareness with some spending prowess, he would oversee our clubs development with relegation battles a thing of the past!

    • Agree we should be all over Rodgers he has gone as far as he can in SPLm and tho they did good against Bayern. He would be a good shout & prob has something to prove in PL still

      • And we could afford him! Saw him on Soccer AM recently and whilst he admitted he is a bhoy thru and thru, he made it clear he had unfinished business in the PL and wanted to get back at a future date.

        • Yes I have read that & he makes comments about Celtic the PL a lot.
          We could def afford him & if they promised him some money in Jan to fill out our thin squad.
          He would have a direct line to some great Celtic players…. Tierney Ralston I would love as well as Dembele.
          He has a good win Ratio in PL around 49%.
          There are some free agents & will be some more soon think Montella Beilsa.
          But we could easily be looking to buyout Rodgers even mid season.
          If not him Chris Wilder & Jokanovic.. A chance to manage in PL doesn’t come too often & some good managers would fancy the chance to manage in PL in London & get a pay raise. And I imagine we would be able to spend £20-£30m in Jan.

  4. Allardyce will go to Everton, he is in talks with them already according to many reports, he is not the sort of manager to go back imho, I hope he does go to Everton he will ruin them for a few years whilst keeping them in the division. His compo payment to Palace is rumoured to be £2m so I don’t see it happening with us for that reason, plus there is always a chance he might buy Carroll off us for Everton so could be a win / win. I would take Rodgers but I don’t see him being a long term appointment, he has the same weaknesses of Wenger. Howe and Martinez, he is very good at playing nice football within a sytsem but he can’t organise a defence to save his life, against top teams that gets exposed, if plan a fails he reverts to plan a. I would rather see us go for someone that can play both defence and offence, Silva at Watford fits the mould but I can’t see him being allowed to leave or even wanting to in his first season that is also going pretty well for him. I suspect if we were to get anyone it would be a defensive minded coach such as Benitez or Mancini, if we can keep the goals out we have enough about us to score sufficient to stay in the league.

    • Agree about Sam 32 think he will go to Everton or if not there US
      Tho I doubt we will get Rafa especially if buyout goes thru w ‘Queen of Football’ He could get £100m to spend in Jan. And he has already said he will see out season before they made top 10 & they are only club out top 6 to have a positive goal difference.
      Had they moved for him after the 3-0 loss to them maybe. But this buyout….
      Mancini u would think we could coax from Russia especially given that he was open to the job in summer.
      But I think Slav has to go first the job has to literally vacant before mgts will even think of leaving other clubs.
      Longer its put off we miss out on more & could face more competition w likes of Swansea who have no problem sacking

  5. No, can’t see this happening.
    If however he does return, I think we’ll soon find out whether the 50,000 ST waiting list claim is true as I think it’ll be the end for quite a few current ST holders.

  6. Yes, I heard this afternoon that a compensation payment of £2 million is due to Crystal Palace if he takes another job within a yesr of leaving them.

  7. Why do people keep mentioning Sean Dyche? Honest question.

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