Bacca keeps us waiting


BaccaCarlos Bacca could leave West Ham waiting until Monday for a decision, as he continues to consider an offer from Atletico Madrid reports in Italy claim.

West Ham and AC Milan have agreed a €30m (£25.3m) transfer fee and his agent met with Irons chiefs in London earlier this week to Hammer out a deal.

Italian reports suggest he rejected the Hammers first offer, but was more convinced by an improved second proposal  said to be worth €4.5m per season (£73,000 RR Moderateper week) including bonuses. claim Bacca has asked for West Ham to wait until Monday before giving a definitive response. This is because the Colombia international is still hoping that Atletico Madrid will improve their offer.

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  • norfolkhammer says:

    this bloke is taking the **** out of us move on G & S get someone who wants to play for the club I thought we learned our lesson with South Americans

    • DPayet27 says:

      You’re talking rubbish. Thankfully DS won’t be listening to whingers like you and we’ll be able to get this deal done within the week.

  • johnham1 says:

    A terrible deal both financially and footballing wise. Obviously the club are not reading the fans forums. I am not so sure the club realise that this is not the signing that will get the fans excited.

    • DPayet27 says:

      Speak for yourself. Bacca is a great player and he’s the best striker we can possibly sign.

  • starlet55 says:

    i was against signing this guy called bacca now he is showing his true colours we should walk away from this deal motivation one word greedy

    • DPayet27 says:

      True colours? Greedy? You’re dreaming if you think a player of that quality would join us for 60k a week. You do remember the drama when Payet’s contract was under negotiation don’t you? Bacca turned down huge offers from China earlier in the year, if he really only cared about money he’d have gone there. Now do you seriously think West Ham are a bigger club than Atletico Madrid? You seriously think he’s going to come to us with ease and accept a deal that results in his base wage being 20k/week less than ANDY CARROLL who does absolutely bugger all compared to what this guy can give. Be realistic.

  • Neil Down Under says:

    Time to walk away, even if he was the best centre forward in the world he doesn’t want to play for the shirt. We had no problem last season banging them in from all over the park, I see no reason why this season shouldn’t be the same. If not better. Add to that mix a fit and firing Andy Carroll and it could also be time to blood a few youngsters who are hungry to prove themselves at this level.

    • DPayet27 says:

      Walk away from who is now our NUMBER 1 TARGET over a relatively minor wage negotiation. Gee, I’m glad you’re not running the club. The whingers will find any excuse to harp on. Bacca is the best striker we’re going to get and if we want any chance of finishing top 4 next season we need a player of his quality. We’re very close to signing him and it’s amazing how you’ve still got people whinging and even telling us to abandon it. If the club used your deluded logic we’d end up resigning Carlton Cole. We’re not some major force in European football that attracts big names.

      • Neil Down Under says:

        Wow, I almost got angry at your opinion then remembered that this is the internet 🙂
        You’re right though, negotiations are between him and the club and until such a time there is an official statement from the club anything else is purely speculation.
        My knee jerk reaction is partly due to the fact I automatically make the assumption that every player would jump at the chance to pull on the West Ham shirt (I make no apologies for that), of course that’ s never going to be the case.
        Onward and upward COYI!

  • Carl says:

    No one knows exactly what is going on apart from him & the club.Why start spitting the dummy over press reports.

  • Hammerman6 says:

    Ditch him learn the lessons of Valencia. Long haul flights jade the South Americans performances. There is too much of the mercenary about this guy he is obviously playing us off against other offers. We are a big club we don’t need to play ball. Send a message out to all agents don’t mess with us ……get lost. Sissoko would be a much better buy.

    • DPayet27 says:

      Please don’t tell me you’re comparing Carlos Bacca to Valencia….You whingers are something else. Sissoko would be a better signing? Sissoko isn’t even a striker….

  • Stan The Man says:

    I can remember last summer fans telling Payet to bugger off when he kept us waiting for two or three weeks.He got called a mercenary amongst many other names.Hmmmm.
    So if we ditch him should we also ditch Lanzini if he gets called up by Argentina.What are we ment to have,a no South American policy.Then we can have a no Africans policy because they go to the African Cup of Nations every two years.

    • Hammerman6 says:

      Why is the guy working in Europe other than for money that he can’t demand in his native South America. He is obviously trying to get the best deal he can at 29 so the reasons for any delay are purely financial. He has no real loyalties or desire to play for anyone so long as they line his pockets. We want players who have a respect for our club and want to wear the shirt Tore and Fletcher for example.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I doubt very much we would be waiting for the release of the home kit to sign him haha, only he and the club can say for sure but I would imagine he is using what we have offered him to up the offer from Atletico and then maybe come back and ask for more from us who knows, either it will go through or it will not, he is a good goal scorer but not as mobile or quick as either Valencia or Sakho so unless we keep one or both of them we would be losing a little of our counter attacking threat which is based on the raw speed of both of our forwards.

  • canchaz says:

    What I would love to happen is one of our other targets suddenly comes good just as Bacca finds out Atletico won’t pay more, so we could say “sorry mate, you missed the boat”

    • DPayet27 says:

      And what target would that be? Carlton Cole. Get real, we’re not getting anyone better than Bacca and that is why DS is working so hard to get this deal done. Have some faith and stop whinging.

  • jj61 says:

    Bacca is a great striker,proven in two different ligues,and he would be a real boost for us…about negotiations,no surprise for me ,we will need few seasons like last one ,so the players would rather choose WH over some other big’s long way to the top…it’s a marathon,not a patient,COY!

  • norfolkhammer says:

    to DPAYET27 im glad you don’t run the club or we would always be in debt as for wages who cares if he wanted to play for West Ham he would sign whether or not Athletico Madrid cone in for him were in Europa League play off not Champions League big difference on quality of players you get

    • DPayet27 says:

      Well that’s not true because it looks like the owners share my point of view, they’ll be revising the contract offer until we get this deal done. And this deal will be done.

  • norfolkhammer says:

    wind ya neck in yawn yawn yawn

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