Big Sam aims to disappoint West Ham fans

Former Hammers manager Sam Allardyce says he is only looking forward to returning to the Boleyn Ground if Sunderland can get a result over on West Ham. Speaking to Sunderland’s official YouTube channel Sam said:

“You always want to go back to your old club and do well for the team you are in charge of now. I had a really good four years and took great pride in taking the football club that was lost, down and out and struggling with getting relegated and reinvented it personally with the amount of work me and the background staff put in to push the club back to where it wants to be, which was obviously in the Premier League, and stayed there for the three years I was there.”

“I did really well, I enjoyed working with the players, I think I had a very good relationship with most players in my time there and I think we all enjoyed our time together. Certainly I did but it came to an end and rightfully so for both parties concerned at the time and we move on, so now I am Sunderland and dedicated to Sunderland and dedicated to plot a tactic to disappoint the West Ham fans on Saturday.”


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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

18 comments on “Big Sam aims to disappoint West Ham fans

  1. ahaha.. Suderland fans are very lucky, I envy them… 🙂

  2. Same old respect the point,does not worry about the thousands of fans who surport the club as long as Hippo gets his points,
    It’s sad that a club that has a loyal fan base that is so important to the local people have to put up with a second class looser,he will leave them in problems just like Bolton and Newcastle,we were lucky the 2 Daves saw it coming and were left with a destroyed youth system,no value in the first team squad,loads of overpaid over the top players that no one wanted including him,
    If he leaves our home with a point we will loose unless our fans are happy with entertaining football which is also important

  3. They will go down Matty because they are not good enough to stay up,only Villa will be lower in the league,he can nick a point here and there but that will be it,

  4. Same old sh#t,different badge,’ I did really well’,im a legend,im the greatest.W*nker!

  5. He does love himself , doesn’t he . Ok he turned us from mediocrity into a premiership club but from there he lost his way more than jut a bit . Thank’s Sam but we have a better West Ham & Manager now . More dynamic and more ambitious with a huge will to win . Bilic has given us what you , sadly couldn’t . I appreciate what you did , but times have changed .
    It would be a real shame and horrible if the fans give you a bad time on Saturday . You don’t deserve it , but fans are fans .
    Come on you Hammers & Slaven Bilic .

    • You put my feelings exactly. I really don’t like the hatred and anger towards Big Sam, but I have to say, I am very pleased we have moved on. His methods look so achaic now etc. EVERYTHING looks big, bright and hopefull now in a way that it never really did under Big Sam. I wish him well, and am thankful for what he did – although he did not do as much as he THINKS he did, and am glad we have stepped up several gears now. Happy days! COYI

  6. I would love it, if everyone attending the game stood up and cuffed their ear, as Hippo took his seat in the dug-out!

  7. I get so bored of hearing “how well” he allegedly did for us – as if no one else in our history has gotten us promoted or kept us up for a season or two. The truth is, he had the best squad in the Championship and some of the best financial backing – yet he was outwitted for an automatic promotion place by two managers who have since been sacked a number of times and struggled in the Champtionship/League 1. We then scraped the Play Off final, outplayed by a team now at the bottom of League 1. So his “promotion” legend is hardly the stuff of legends. He then had a honeymoon season back in the top flight, that happens each season with one of the newly promoted teams (Watford this season) and then took us progressively backward playing some pretty ugly football. He insulted the fans from day one. He insulted the clubs history and philosophy from day one. He sacrificed and destroyed a number of our youngsters. And I also have a long memory…he slated Sir Trev when he managed us on a temporary basis for not having the coaching badges (that’s right a 1970s lump of a centre back insulting one of the most intelligent and graceful players of his generation!) So why the [EXPLETIVE] should he get a warm welcome?! Arrogant, pig headed and deluded…is about the start of it!

  8. Like everyone in football recognises we’re a yo-yo club. We could’ve & definitely would’ve got back to the prem without Mr “I did really well so f*** the fans!”

    So yeah, I’ll give him his dues…. THANKS FOR NOTHING & F*** you too hippo! The guy just grates my every nerve! Lol

  9. So he reinvented the club had a great 4 years and aims to disappoint the West Ham fans? News flash you fat obnoxious opinionated joke of manager you disappointed me the day you walked in the door, disappointed me over 4 years and cost me thousands of pounds travelling up and down the country watching my team being set up by a overrated **** with no chance of entertaining or winning a thing. So ******** to you.

  10. Slav, please put four past his team and keep a clean sheet!

  11. May i suggest this to the sunderland faithful….
    “you’ve got big sam, stupid fat sam”
    “i just don’t think you understand”
    “the guys a f&cking clown, he’s gonna take you down”
    “you’ve got big fat sam”

  12. Ray you summed it up the best I have read all week,spot on and those who can’t see it are still deluded,
    Anyone who has watched us this season or in the Greenwood or Lyall years know how football should be played and to defend this person with his arrogance just shows how little they love our National game what makes it worse is the amount of people have pundits jobs and can’t see it,
    Most played fior great sides under good managers so should know better,
    I just don’t understand how blind some of our fans are and how little they respect our club and the great players and managers who have been here,
    He should be talked about with people like Grant and other undesirables not with the greats,
    If he had stayed our club could have been destroyed for ever

  13. No surprise there then.All about how ‘I’ did everything.Surprised he doesnt want the Olympic Stadium named after him.

  14. Everything is so short term now Bubs. I find myself increasingly irritated by the “modern fan” who just knows the Premiership, SKY TV and all the shallow nonsense that comes with it. There’s 92 teams in all the English leagues…only a small number are ever going to win something. All that’s left for the rest is going along and enjoying the game (and I purposefully say “game” as that means both the football and the atmosphere!) Strange that a no trophy manager like Sam finds that so difficult to understand

  15. perhaps he’s a tad deluded!

  16. It’s ridiculous to say he saved the club. There’s no way of knowing (although it is extremely likely) that anyone of dozens of managers couldn’t have done the same.
    What we do know for certain is we suffered through some terrible football during his time

  17. We could call them the Hippo Bogs Tyson,
    That would be fitting ****ing in the bog with maybe a picture in the splash back removable for non Westham days ( can’t have everyone enjoying themselves )

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