Bilic on The Brink: Blowing Bubbles Special


That was the title of Septembers Blowing Bubbles Magazine and it looks quite prophetic as October draws to a close. When the team from the popular West Ham publication sent me their clips on Friday even the most pessimistic of us never imagined that we’d lose 3-0 at home to Brighton Hove Albion.

What might have proved to be fairly benign topics on Friday afternoon became extremely pertinent with the luxury of hindsight. We start off with magazine editor David asking for my appraisal of our summer signings whilst Greg asks my opinions on a particular replacement for Slaven Bilic.

Emily is talks about Cheik Kouyate’s best position and current form and Holly poses the question of whether we rest players for the cup game against Tottenham in order to  concentrate on our increasingly precarious league position.

In all honesty it was a good excuse to get a couple of things off my chest regarding the manager, owners and general direction of the club.

Blowing Bubbles Magazine is available online or around the stadium on match days

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  • hammers64 says:

    Owners reluctant to sack as its hard to find a replacement at this time only 9 games into a new season but they look to have given him an ultimatum of improvement ie beating Spurs in Caraboa cup and away at Palace on saturday or that could be his lot.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Our team could learn more playing one game of Fifa 17 than they would in 10 years under our present coaching staff…he is not on the brink of anything we as a squad are on the brink of sinking without a trace under our rudderless leaders.

  • bashammer11 says:

    Ultimatums do not mean nothing to this board.You watch if we beat palace they will let him stay until the next run of losses and then they will give him another ultimatum.
    I’m still haunted by when we stalled on sacking avram grant.

  • jimbo says:

    If the Dildo Bros cared for our club then Slav would have been sacked on Friday night. make the decision now, create the vacancy and we can all move onto the right replacement. Couldn’t make a decision around Carvilho, now Bilic, poor leadership from top down.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    We will end up like the 12 tribes !!! Wandering around Europe for 40 years looking for our mojo lol !! Its farcical !!!😕

  • PopRobson says:

    Well I posted on here last week about my lack of incentive to make the Friday night trek to the OS, how my son had already bailed ‘they always let us down Dad and I have better things to do on a Friday night’ How I hate scrabbling around for late trains home and living down in Sussex didn’t fancy travelling all the way home with the Brighton fans….well blind faith made me go anyway…..I just didn’t want to see another turgid display, confident we would at least draw but secretly thinking a 3-0 for the Irons was in store, I wanted us to win and win strong, no Swansea performance, or no dodgy 1-1 draw, smack them like we smacked Palace last season. In all my over 40 years of following this fantastic club never have I seen a bunch of players so lacking in purpose, not one of them had anything about them, not bloody one of them and when Antonio and Zab let you down I cannot begin to believe what the heck is going on behind the scenes. Shambles does not begin to describe what we witnessed on Friday night, our once proud club going down at home to an average Brighton side with no fight, nothing about them at all. I cannot believe Slav is still in charge, as i legged it to Stratford with 10 minutes still to go to find 40,000 people already in front of me I would not have believed he would have survived the night. It is a shame, he was destined to manage the Hammers, he seems a nice bloke, we all say that but he can’t manage this team for whatever reason he ahs to go now, two more games won’t change anything, sorry the cup match against Spurs means little to me a glorious result at Wembley and then another turgid display away to Palace and we will be in the same place. Then what of Liverpool in two weeks time, to go or not, they don’t look that hot right now, we may just nick it…there I go again…blind faith.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Hi Pop, agree whole heartedly with your words, I understand if what is reported about the chairmen giving Slav 2 games is true that it is admirable and not a knee jerk response to hysteria in media or fans reactions during and post matches but this is not the first time in reality these performances or close to them have happened numerous times now. Bilic is the problem parting ways with him before its too late is the solution,realistically at times the players have covered for his ineptitude as a manager with moments of brilliance but there comes a time when you have to be realistic and understand that whatever passion you may think he has when talking to him personally the players are not responding to it and they don’t respect themselves enough to produce performances despite the lack or quality of preparation beforehand. When we signed him I was quite happy thinking back to that Croatia team and the way they played but then you think back and realise they were a team of top internationals who didn’t really need coaching they just needed to be told your representing your Country go out and show what that means, also in terms of conditioning they had that at their clubs so his lack of that was probably not relevant to the national side. I hope we beat the Spuds like you thinking optimistically but if we don’t and he is still allowed time then something should happen because the apathy with which we are playing is as Gary Neville said on Sky similar to Sunderland last year, I don’t think that should be allowed to continue and a change should be made to kick start the team.

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