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Bilic post-match soundbites


bilic2“We created the sort of chances we had to score, but it wasn’t that we missed chances, it was that we didn’t play good.”

“I’m angry and frustrated but I’m much more disappointed than anything else because we wanted to go through

“I am not going to lose faith in the players after one game, but we are missing some our top quality players.”

“The disappointment is massive”

“We didn’t play good in the first half or with desire as a team. We were second best.”


“Fernandes is a good, young midfielder. We’ve watched him for a year now and we’ve bought him to be part of the squad this year.”

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22 comments on “Bilic post-match soundbites

  1. Maybe Slav should paint L and R on his foot wear and then ask his players which foot they are stronger with because I am starting to think we all have it wrong and he can see something different,
    The last time this was such a big problem was when Phil Neville was played on the wrong side for England and worked well,
    They had a game plan and we did not have the class to break it,
    We are crying out for class back in our side,
    Payet and Lanzini need to play even if it’s one half each,
    Tore needs to go on a diet extra training and play on the left side or he will be another Moses,

  2. Surprising comments in my opinion. No reference to his own part in this debacle.

  3. So what happened to the “very strong team ” Bilic said he would be playing
    No Noble No Payet surely Payet should have been on the bench.
    Still if History repeats itself we could have another Google season,
    Let’s hope so.

  4. Sorry should have read “good season”

  5. Prior to this game, I felt that Slav was keen to see our team advance as far into the Europa as possible; makes sense, since success in this comp is an automatic means of gaining CL play in the following season.
    I agree with Bubs- Payet and Lanzini should have been used to some extent, in order to inject some much needed creativity, which seemed to be missing in this game..

    So now, Slav must act quickly; try and secure some good strikers, and concentrate on making a concerted challenge in the EPL. In addition, the team spirit seems to be quite low, and needs quick rectification.

  6. Per Astra ad Ardua

  7. If this game was SO Important,why would you leave your captain out of the squad,and as it’s mentioned before, surely Lanzini and Dimi should have had some part to play in a “cup final” .COYI

  8. Noble was injured wasn’t he,touch & go for Sunay as well isnt he.If players ain’t fit they ain’t fit,if that’s the case you can’t rub some magic cream into them.If payet or lanzini had played & got injured then you would have half the ****ing fans shouting why did we play them in a tinpot cup lol.It has already been said about Carroll by some fans.No ****ing winning sometimes 😉

  9. Well that was 90 minutes of my life I will never get back.Im glad were out,that booze ban was sh*t.I will sacrifice a euro run to have beer back every time.Its all about priorities

  10. Wtf is going on on Wets.Its like The Wicker Man on there.They are about to put DG,DS & Brady in it i think.F*cking head cases,some of them need locking up for the publics safety lol 🙂

    • It was always going to happen Rads, 90 mins of Internet streams, bashing the keyboard and waiting for babe station to start does that to you. They need to wind their necks in and think about those like a few of us that had to watch that ****e at the ground without a ****ing beer for 90mins.

  11. I don’t know where to start. Firstly, the only player to come out with any credit tonight was Fletcher who was like a breath of fresh air when he was brought on. He was strong, quick and aggressive. Why does Slav continue to play Antonio on the left and Tore on the right. Antonio is by far the better of the two and should play on his strongest side. Also, why did he play Burke at LB and Byram at RB when Burke clearly cannot use his left foot and Byram has played at LB several times this season. Now I turn to Valencia. Why are we persisting with the line that we will not sell him until we sign another striker. He is absolute crap and has been for the past 12 months. We should have snapped Aston Villas hand off when they put in their offer. I would prefer to give Fletcher and Rodrigues a more prominent role in the squad than that waste of space. I have to say Slav that although the team played poorly tonight, your team selection was abysmal. If Payet and Lanzini are close to being ready for Sunday, they should have both been on the bench tonight. And even if Nobes was not 100% he should have started tonight just to give the midfield that bit of impetus and guile. Finally, now we are out of Europe, don’t be surprised if Zaza pulls the plug on his transfer. Slav, you are beginning to worry me. You, as well as the players had a very poor night this evening. It would be nice if you manned up and admitted it!

    • Agree mostly mate, I didn’t have a problem with Burke playing LB imo he did use his left foot more often than Byram when he covered the position. Like you and most of us I was surprised to see Valencia brought on, I would really like to see Callieri and Fletcher as our starting forwards, they both have pace and some vision, I think when Callieri gets off the mark he will keep scoring and like you I think going out will probably put paid to Zaza unless of course we are definitely getting shot of Sakho and Valencia and can recoup the money. Tore having seen him on youtube he looked good and fairly aggresive but maybe he is one of those players that when confident is a world beater but without confidence is a master-beater if you know what I mean 😉 Antonio should be playing right wing if Feghouli is not available and we also had Browne sitting on the bench, I was mystified why Slav would keep Tore on and not take him off for Browne who has real pace that could have upset what is a very average team that lacked in pace, the players that caused them trouble were all pacey, Antonio, Kouyate,Fletcher, Callieri to some degree and even Obiang when he broke forward. Anyway we need to move on I like you would like to see Bilic hold his hand up for this one and take one for the team he picked and substitutions he wasn’t able to make for some unknown reason they were not in the squad, it was all very similar to the way we went out last year.

  12. Arrived at 6.30, entered the ground and realised I could not get a drink of nectre !
    Looked at the small TV on sky and saw the team ? I thought what the funk is going on here !
    Spoke to the guy next to me and said we are gonna get done tonight , why is the side bereft of any creativity ??? Where’s lanzini and payet ? Didn’t Bilic learn nothing on Sunday the bloke said , obviously not I said ? Still a 0-0 will do against this mob of gypsy’s ! He said ??went to my seat and after 20 minsafter K/O a bloke in a suit turned up late and sat in the seat next to me , how is it going he said ! Fukin crap , like a training ground kick about without any creative play at all ? 20 mins before full time the bloke said , Bilic ain’t got much longer , he will soon be gone ? Bit strong that I said ,he can’t be blamed for the injury’s, no he can’t he said , but he can about the team he has put out tonight , without payet and lanzini this team does not tick and that’s worrying ? Instead of getting a couple of creative mid fielders in to compliment payet and lanzini he wants a centre forward that will not score due to the service he will not get ? With that he said enough is enough and left !
    The rest is history?
    Either the team isn’t following orders or they simply don’t have a clue ? That is down to Bilic?. As above ? Let’s see if any new strikers come now we are out of Europe ?
    Please get rid of Valencia , I now hate the bloke !!
    I’m actually embarrassed at the defeat ? City next ! Predictions anyone !!

  13. We have enough injured players without bringing on players prepaturely. These howls of protest about not playing Payet and Lanzini would have been hysterical cries if either had got injured. Ditto Noble….What I don’t really understand is playing Tore on the R and Antonio on the L; they clearly play better when reversed…Weird; is he experimenting for when Feghouoli returns?
    I thought Kouaye was completely anonymous. Ditto Valencia. Everyone knows I am an Antonio fan, but I didn’t think he had a particularly good game. Ditto Tore. The HUGE bright sparks for me were Fletch (who I have also been baninging on about), and Burke. Maybe Byram and Burke should have been revesed? Maybe…I don’t know. But I felt Burke looked really classy….
    No my worry is what happens now we are out; we are awash with midfielders….and now we have yet another in this young Fernandes! How are we going to keep them all happy?
    With Fletch in the team, I won’t particularly worry about whther the Zaza deal goes through or breaks down….
    I do think we need to be shot of Valencia; he really is just too light weight…He doesn’t seem to have a position. He’s not a winger, but not really a striker, and not a classic no 10….I’m sad for him, because he is v professional with all the abuse he is getting…unlike Sak, who has been an utterly shameful, selfish ego-maniac….(!)
    Losing tonight has caused a big problem, and even though I have been v unhappy with Slav over the Antonio RB affair – which I hope is history – I don’t particularly want to have a pop at him either. Sure, this year some of his decisions have driven me up the wall, but last year he was brilliant. He can’t suddenly become rubbish…and, sure, it is an almightly mess (because of the amount of midfielders), but I do trust he can get us out of it. Personally, I am not a fan of the Europa Cup anyway. Classic poison chalice….But unfortunately the squad seems to have been set up for a long run at it.
    Well, we are out now, which means we can concentrate on the league…We will have Payet + Lanzini returning soon…and Fletch is dymamite…Burke looking well good too….There are some things to be v hopeful about.
    Who knows, we might give Man City a bloody nose!

  14. Always assuming Slav plays Fletcher. After all Slav put out a team tonight that had defeat written all over it. And I still can’t shake the feeling he wanted out of this competition.
    I still believe ZaZa will sign. Too good a deal to say no and our loss tonight will tell him we need him upfront for a long while yet so the starting strikers role is his for the taking

  15. Alibec is the answer 😉 seriously that guy was a beast and he wasn’t match fit apparently.

    This new Fernandez fella then? Anyone know if he’s wide or central. If wide, why bother? We’ve enough of them and why send Samuelson out on loan.

    Masuaku I like but wasn’t he cup tied for Europa? There’s just some really odd transfers being made at the mo. And again we started the season for the 3rd time in a row relying on the most unreliable striker we’ve ever had.


  16. I was never that bothered about the Europa Cup, which on the whole I think is a two-bob Competition that screws up your Season. Thursday/Sunday – Thursday/Sunday for umpteen rounds and then the First Round losers from the Champions League come in and clean up – what a waste of time and money!

    One thing it did achieve is to expose the chronic lack of depth in the squad – once again!

  17. Another thing that occurs to me is where is Payet?

    He must be over the Euros by now – is his continued absence suspicious?

    The Transfer Window is open until Wednesday and there’s plenty of rumours still flying about – you never know!

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