Brady charged with bullying

Karren Brady has come under attack for bullying!

The 53 year old Hammers deputy chairman has often been at the centre of various outbursts down the years but her attitude towards contestants on the TV programme BBC Apprentice has gone down very badly on social media.

The West Ham Tory Baroness

Two contestants who were reduced to tears and but Brady’s friends jumped to her defence claiming  they were ‘not up to the job’.

The Hammers chief executive was so irked at another contestant using her first name that she replied: ‘It’s Baroness Brady to you, my friends call me Karren.’

Maybe she was acting in the interests of dramatic or entertainment effect but has gone down very badly among many on the social media platforms.

The “my friends call me Karren” line from the Tory baroness is not the best way of winning friends and influencing people but that doesn’t appear to be a problem to the Hammers first lady.

Friends of Brady’s jumped to her defence in the Daily Mail saying: ‘This isn’t Karren’s fault, you have to be tough to be in business and not have the snowflake qualities that so many young people have these days.’ Another said: ‘They were simply not up to the job.’

A spokesman for the BBC also backed the 53-year-old saying: ‘The interviews round is more than just a normal interview.

‘Its purpose is to help determine whose business plan has the potential to secure the £250k investment from Lord Sugar.

‘As such, every detail must be thoroughly scrutinised and advisers will at times need to ask difficult questions. The stakes are high for candidates and emotions do run high as they want to secure a place in the final.’


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12 comments on “Brady charged with bullying

  1. The headline is WRONG.
    “Charged” implies legal proceedings.
    This is the stuff of Hammers News and West Ham Zone.
    Not worthy of C&H.
    Snowflakes think the world owes them 250000!

    • Charged is a noun which can be used legally as you say or as , well a NOUN: Definition of charged. 1 : possessing or showing strong emotion attacked the author in a highly charged review. 2 : capable of arousing strong emotion a politically charged subject also : exciting a highly charged palette of bold colors. 3 : having an amount of electricity charged particles.

      • Thanks for the English lesson, however, the other options are no more applicable to the story than the implied legal suggestion in the click bait headline.

        • Nothing wrong with click bait and glad you now understand a noun. Click bait as u choose to call it is of course, like any headline, is designed to make you read. As you pay nothing why would that matter to you. I would assume because you don’t like CandH and if so why bother to read it. Call it what you will no issue with click bait whatsoever. Perhaps u expect sites to apologise to you for using it as well

  2. This year is no different to the many many years we have watched this programme only difference is weaker candidates who think they are owed a living and upset so easily…it breaks my heart…Karen Brady made her way in business and deserves to dish out criticism…dont apply for the show if you cant face reality

  3. The ‘Baroness Brady’ comment was an attempt to show the candidates the importance of maintaining a business like demeanour when in an interview situation.

    They’ve been calling her Karren without problem throughout the series, however, this was an entirely different circumstance. She was wearing a different hat.

    Even if she had been insisting on being called Baroness Brady throughout, that still wouldn’t be bullying.

    Viewers might roll their eyes, if that was the case, or maybe think she was being a bit ‘up herself’ but it is NOT bullying.

    Mind you. This is a generation that thinks putting a full stop at the end of a text means the sender is angry with them and scares them (I kid you not) so I guess I’m not surprised they can’t cope with being spoken to as though they were adults. They’re used to being patted on the head and told there, there, never mind, never mind how rubbish they are being.

  4. I already knew, thank you. Would you like me to explain sarcasm to you?

    Click bait headlines are not just any headline, they are purposely inflammatory. In effect, like this one, they are a lie.

    I read the article to see why KB was being accused of bullying, mainly because I guessed it would have been something ridiculous. Even with that thought in my head, I wasn’t expecting the accusation to be quite so ludicrous.

    I have no interest whatsoever in this site, however, if I see an unfair, headline speaking against someone, accusing them of something they haven’t done, then I will reply. Is that okay with you? Or should we all just accept whatever is said because you say so?

    • Fraid not. The entire thrust of your first post was that we had used the word wrongly as it is a legal word. Incorrect as is your own personal definition of click bait. She was accused of bullying on social media not by us As you have no interest in the site I will give you the opportunity of leaving the forum before I delete you. As you seem to misunderstand both nouns and the words click bait, no need to explain sarcasm. Do have the last word. Personally, I don’t watch such rubbish or any other reality TV

  5. It’s all done to promote the show. First choose show off idiots who wouldn’t know a business if it slapped them in the face. Then use a range of experts to humiliate them each week. All good TV.

  6. Thought that the poor lady was arrested. Looks like she got away this time.

  7. But seems to be like all the ladies always ganging up on Boys to kick them out before the final 5 and seems lord sugar is always falling for it . It’s always been the ladies show at the finals . Most of the girls on the final 5 can’t even present a simple business plan . Am sure it wouldn’t have been the case for the boys . Am beginning to get bored of watching women only at the finals

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