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CandH Exclusive: Hammers make Moyes decision

CandH Exclusive by Hughie Southon

West Ham have decided to stay behind Moyes!

Despite managing just one win on the road in 13 away trips and remaining locked into a serious relegation battle he is to remain in his job.

Moyes caricatured as captain of the Hammers Titanic

To many, this will come as an extraordinary decision but in reality the reasons for him managing to hold onto his job are simple – the club can’t find a realistic replacement.

Despite the travelling Hammers making their feeling clear with a series of ” sacked in the morning ” and other chants at Brighton, the 23 points from 25 games Scot will remain in place, certainly until next week and probably beyond unless a serious alternative option became available.

Hopes that he might resign – which some believe would be the proper thing for him to do – can be assigned to the dustbin. He gives no indication at all that such a thing could happen.

A highly placed key Hammers source told CandH exclusively: ” He is under pressure, but we are still behind him. There are very few alternatives and very expensive. Villa has become a huge game.

Yesterday’s quite appalling performance was described as “the team were running on empty after United.”

When we offered the view that a change needed to be made the response we were given was: “So who would you bring in? All are huge gambles and very costly to change.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

13 comments on “CandH Exclusive: Hammers make Moyes decision

  1. Boycotts and protests it is then. They’ve chosen this path. Could’ve prevented it, but here we are.

    Moyes nonsense about PL scheduling us to play Weds / Saturday, followed by this statement of the players being tired after the mid week match.

    We’ll be playing Thurs / Sunday for about a month, during a vital period of home games that we simply must win.

    Moyes will flog the same 14 players regardless.

    • Protests are pointless. This is about money and a difficult owners situation with there being no majority shareholding

      • I 100% Agree with you Hugh, that protests are pointless. But I think that you have also highlighted a key area that is often overlooked… The ownership of the club.
        Confusion at the top of any business normally filters downwards, probably because key decisions regarding positional appointments are not made. At the moment we only have some of the right people in the right positions.
        Is the “very costly to change” taking relegation into account?

        I haven’t been very vocal this season and tried not to pass judgement too soon, but a “WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG” post is possibly due now. As I believe that what we are seeing now, started a long time ago.

  2. It would be too costly to get a replacement…

    By the looks of things it will be VERY costly to continue to keep moyes!

    A lack of replacements is purely down to the board waiting too long .. yet again!

  3. We just want him gone. Let Nevon take over. We do not need a replacement. Moyes is the problem.

  4. I thought Sullivan was a business man? If he has any intention of selling the club then surely they would not be worth the same amount as a Championship side compared to a Premiership team. Moyes obviously does not have the talent to motivate this team,he obviously does not have the talent to change the tactics and he obviously does not have the know how to win games. I feel that had this been any other club he would have been long gone and frankly any other manager at this stage would have more ideas than he’s got.But I fear it maybe too late.

  5. If the board had any clue on football they would realise what is going on and they would not say that. We do not need a replacement. The fans and players want Moyes gone. Give Nevin job. Moyes is the problem. No need for a replacement. The board are just clueless and the bad thing is that if we do stay up they have to sack him anyway. The fans do need to let their feelings known while supporting the team.

  6. I hoped that the board would sack Moyes during the World Cup break. Since the end of the previous season our form has been dire, it reminded me of the Avram Grant era, sleepwalking into relegation. Moyes transfer policy has given us too many players who appear to have been bought for no other reason than to give the impression he was doing something. Kehrer is a disaster,he let Diop go to find ourselves short of central defenders,Antonio has been worse than useless this season. I still look for our scores, but can’t watch the live games any more, I get too depressed, I’m over 70 and the club has been part of my life since childhood, two seasons ago I believed we were on the verge of great success. Next season we will be playing Championship football again, with the West Ham boot sale of the better players we could be there for a couple of seasons. The question of who to replace Moyes with is irrelevant !

  7. As businessmen, they must see that the cost of going down is too high to be worth risking.

    They should approach Thomas Tuchel immediately and offer him a 3 month contract and £10m, plus £5m bonus for staying up and another £5m for winning the conference.

    Tuchel is unlikely to get a job with a champions league club before the summer.

    The squad is good enough to achieve both objectives and he would surely back himself.

    If he doesn’t succeed I don’t think his reputation takes much of a hit, if any, and he’s £10m richer.

    If he does, his reputation is enhanced, he’s £20m richer, and we’ve secured premier and Europa league football for next season.

  8. The board don’t want to blame the manager, but Moyes has no such qualms about blaming players. He reverted to type immediately hooking Benrahma, whilst not changing a losing shape or set up. Still predictable set up, then subs at 75 mins like for like, bringing on defenders!! Straight after, blaming individual errors, naming players, refer to Europe, no mention of line up, tactics, strategies. Head in the sand manager, and the Board have misguided loyalty.

  9. This really is worrying that the board are prepared to accept relegation by sticking with Moyes, coz that’s what we are heading for with him at the helm !!!!!!!!!

  10. To a man we were poor , no pressing , no hard work no passion , it’s not good enough . These are professional footballers . Moyes might be playing negative tactics but no excuses for that performance. !

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