Carroll can’t wait to put things right

Carroll-West-Ham-team-news-541122Andy Carroll suffered a bitter sweet 90 minutes against Hull, scoring his 50th premier League goal, captaining the team for the first time but finally seeing the team slump to defeat.

And he readily admitted that when the hosts changed their shape at half time the Hammers simply couldn’t handle things very well.

He said:  “Obviously it’s nice to get to 50 Premier League goals, but it’s the three points that we’re really after. At the end of the day we didn’t get them, so it’s disappointing.

“They came out and changed the formation at half-time. We didn’t really get a grip of it and lost our shape. We could have finished the game off, but didn’t. They took advantage and scored two.”

He added: “It was great to have the armband. Obviously we want our captain playing, but he picked up niggle in the week.

“The gaffer gave it to me and I’m happy with that, but at the end of the day it means nothing if you don’t get the results.

“For the lads we just want to bounce back. It couldn’t be any quicker than Wednesday against Arsenal. All the lads will be looking forward to putting this right.”


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12 comments on “Carroll can’t wait to put things right

  1. Putting things right? Heard the phrase ‘Pigs might fly’ Andy? Still we can always hope…..But if they can get a draw with Man C after all their upheavals…

  2. Shall we just give up then, or will we try to be a little optimistic and look forward to trying to get a result next time? Seems to me most of our fans have just given up. All the negativity does my head in. If we get relegated we get a parachute payment. We get shot of so much dead wood. We get our kids back from champo teams. We start from scratch again and as long as we bounce straight back it won’t hurt us too much. That’s the worst scenario. It ain’t happened yet so please fellas don’t start slitting ya veins if we lose midweek. COYI X

  3. There is nothing to give up about Mooro only for the fans who enjoy a good moan up and foot stomp.
    They revel in the doom and gloom.Its the way it is and proved by some on a daily basis lol

    Last season proved the point.I read a conversation between about ten of our fans complaining that though we kept winning we never scored four or five in matches and that wasnt good enough because the bigger teams would against the same opposition.That said all i needed to know about some fellas lol

  4. Fan sites seem to attract suicide candidates. It’s a football team not my wife. kids and grand kids +plus 2 great grand kids now. S0 as long as nothing serious is happening to them I can stand my team losing a few games. Get some perspective in your lives you sad bunch. COYI X

    • Thats the bottom line matey.
      Like i said earlier the story about Matte the Afghan veteran who lost a limb should put football in perspective.For some it dont though lol

  5. I’ve got to the stage where I dread us not winning not because a run of bad results affects our league position or causes me to get relentless stick from my non hammer mates but because I know the blog owners, blog managers and blog players will appear telling us what the Dave’s have done wrong, what they now need to do also where Slaven is going wrong and how useless each and everyone of our players are despite their only qualifications in football being “a fan through and through”

    The owners have done the right thing and backed Slaven. Our next match up is Arsenal away and that’s probably a write off. For me Adrian Arthur and Noble start this match but of course I trust Slaven to know what’s best.

  6. Fine lines isn’t it? We were 8 mins away from a respectable 1-1 draw. How different would the suicidal squads have been had we held out? Instead of abusing the clubs they’d have spent their time talking about what’s on TV and alsorts of OT but at least it would’ve spared us the whinging.

    I’ve not seen one minute of the match as I’m out of the country. Can’t recall the last time I never the match live in person or on the tv. Clearly I’m no longer a real fan through and through 😩😩

  7. Get me Defoe, Josh King a RB and GK and then judge him next season.

  8. Does anyone realise that this is now one of West Ham worst runs of form in 6 years! West Ham has not lost 4 straight games since 6th – 26th April 2014 & even then they won the 2 games before & the game after those 4 straight losses under Sam Allardyce. No, 2 points from 6 games is the worst run of form in 6 years since 2nd April – 1st May 2011, when West Ham lost 5 straight games in a row & drew the 6th making a total of 1 point from 18 pts. In fact not since West Ham drew 2 games & lost 7 of the last 9 games of the 2010 – 11 season and got relegated in 20th place on 33 pts under Avram Grant have they done worse than this to date. Surely, the visit to Arsenal on Wednesday night is not going to be our 5th straight loss? This is a bad slump. Like, really bad. Recovery was something Sam was always good at, just like Alex Ferguson, he never let a slump set in. Let’s see what fight West Ham have under Bilic in this situation, as this has never happened before under him and is a real test of his & West Ham’s resolve, being a slump that needs to be gotten out of as soon as possible and West Ham getting closer to 40 points sooner, rather than a dog fight later. Come on, get your finger out West Ham, lets see some real fight in those eyes COYI

  9. Sam would never let us get in a slump?? Did you sleep through his final season John.We won three of our last twenty + games.Whatever his situation with regards to a contract a slump is a slump and if three wins in twenty one or twenty two games isnt a slump i dont know what is.

  10. Fair play John Mc we are not in a good place no doubt about that and Sam would definitely do a better job with our defence but the board have said they’re standing by Slaven so that’s what the fans need to do. We ought to pick 5/6 more points that we need and then it’s a new transfer window and season to look forward to. Me? Unlike the doom mongers I think the board will back Slaven, I think that our transfer window will be more Payet Lanzini Antonio than Zaza Tore Nordtvielt and I think we will see more improvements at the London Stadium as a result of a better season on and off the pitch.

    A little bit of faith makes for a happier supporter.

    • Yes, I do have faith in Slaven, but just be prepared if its 5 losses in a row after the trip to Arsenal, because the odds have to be in favour of that happening, but after tomorrow night & and there being a good chance of us still being on 33 pts, then its on with just 7 games left. Yes I can see wins happening against teams Swansea, Sunderland & Burnley making 42 pts & us probably getting closer to a 45 points finish. I’m just trying to say to the lads, and the players, keep it under control because slumps can have an effect on ones nerves, and games under more happy conditions are won much easier than when the pressure is on & it seems like one is trying to overcome a mountain. Yes, we did lose a bit of an edge with Payet gone & sometimes sheer class, even when you haven’t played well gets you through a game due to the class someone like Payet has. All’s I have left to say is that there are 8 games left & we start each game on a point, so another 8 pts totaling 41 should be enough, even though we got done on 42 pts in 2003 AND we’ve already lost 4 in a row so the odds of that run finishing are fairly high, it’s just that until it becomes mathematically impossible to go down, then every game has to be treated like a cup final OK? We have it under control, let’s keep it that way COYI

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