David Gold: ‘We must be patient!’

GoldWest Ham Chairman David Gold has told West Ham fans to be patient for more signings.

Speaking to the Club’s official website Gold said:

“The process of trying to strengthen the squad continues on a daily basis. We must be patient and I know fans will want us to get in players quickly, but these things take time and it is for us and the manager to make those decisions.”

“There is no question that more players will be arriving over the coming weeks and there will be serious additions who will be joining the football club to strengthen our squad.”



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16 comments on “David Gold: ‘We must be patient!’

  1. Patience? I’m just checking this site every 2,5 minutes…!!

    Must admit my excitement has caught fire the last few weeks…wonder why!!? 😉

  2. agreed. I certainly wash having such an excitable closed season last year.

  3. Bloody hell,you got one David last week saying we are near to signing players.You got another telling us to be patient.Del Boy & Rodney really do get me confused sometimes,lol 😀

  4. I’ve already written my views about patience on the Austin article. I repeat, my fear is that we will end up in the same situation as January with bugger all to show for our “efforts”. Because that will be a disaster. For once, we need to bring real quality into the squad. Go get Austin. Go get Jenks. Go get one of the numerous attacking midfielders we are rumoured to be after. And don’t forget to offload the like of Nolan, Jarvis and O’Brien because they are simply not good enough to even warm the bench (and we need to get their wages off the payroll). Let us please see some activity!!

  5. Unless I’m mistaken the window isn’t officially open,still don’t understand how some signings happen before this,so there’s at least ten weeks left until it closes. I know that we could do with a few in pretty soon due to our early start but these deals do take some time. I believe money will be spent if not why not renew with the hippo. I think the Daves,whether it’s for glory or gain in the long run,will splash some cash so I’m going to chill and await the announcements.

  6. Kenny, I really believe thing are different this time around. Slav ain’t Sam, not on the transfer market either. The board won’t have to persuade their manager not to buy some almost-has-beens like Connor Wickham or Danny Cadamarteri. Slav actually has a head, a name and respect making him being able to look at players way above the shelves we’ve been picking from earlier.. and he knows what he need! Austin will cost at least £15 mill, Jenks might be £10 mill.. give it a week or two, it’s still mid june and there might be some really exiting names coming in before we know it.

  7. Im afraid im in the ‘sceptical’ band of brothers,lol.I hope they surprise me but i have heard the big words all before.I appreciate they only can spend what they can afford & thats fine.But Sully doesnt help when he says things like ‘we will look to sign two world class players this summer’.If he kept things a little more low key it would be alot more helpful for themselves & the fans 😉

  8. True. Expectations is the key to disappointments, and he sure knows how to create them.

  9. this the problem we wait and wait then we end up buying ****e players again…o.o

  10. They talk Harrods!!We end up with Poundland!!A few Aldis!!A rare M&S!!!

  11. I really don’t see why we should be expecting doomsday just yet, we’re in mid june and we just got a top manager. Slav is not known for failure, and maybe we should stop expecting failure at this club.

    We could have had Tony Fernández instead of the Daves, how many clubs have owners with their heart in the club? We could have had McLaren but got Slav. We will actually have one of most amazing stadiums in the league in one year.

    Trying not to expect anything, but I think there’s something to be optimistic about.. a great deal actually

    • Not expecting doomsday!!Just saying that they give it large during the summer & Jan!!Rarely we end up with the signings that their big talk warrants!!

  12. the transfer window opened the other day. Slav as been at the club just over a week give him time to assess where needs strengthening we all would like this player & that player but patience is a virtue. let him look at the development players give them a run out in europa games as years ago we done well in the inter two bob cup with big name players the only thing that is annoying these days is twitter or ****ter who jump on the band wagon giving it large what would they have done in days gone by when the only way we knew we signed a player it was in a newspaper I say let the guessing commence as ive heard were after Lord Lucan & shergar

  13. Spot on Rick all these rumours feed the frenzy. Mind you I’ve heard Lucan is getting on a bit and Shergar has plenty of pace but no ball control lol

  14. I have just noticed that while we are being urged patience, Southampton have just signed their second new player this week, which brings back that age old ?. How is it that most clubs seem to be able to nail down their targets with so little fuss while ours are always marathons with constant hiccups.
    We really shouldn’t still be having such a battle with signing players who’ve been our main targets for weeks

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