Declan Rice defends Wilfred Zaha


Declan Rice has defended Wilfred Zaha saying he saw nothing at the time of an alleged incident and he doesn’t believe the Crystal palace player spat at him after reviewing video footage posted online.

Rice currently on England duty told reporters: “Some fans said Wilfried spat at me but I didn’t see anything. I have seen clips of it and it looks like he just he just spat on the floor. So I agree with Zaha that nothing happened. He really didn’t do anything.”

Claret and Hugh say:

Declan Rice is being extremely kind to Zaha as he looks to defuse the situation between West Ham fans and the Palace player. We are not sure others would be so forgiving and understanding and we are not sure Zaha would do the same if the boot was on the other foot. We are not convinced that Rice’s statement will do much to change Hammers supporters minds on the incident but fair play to Dec, we know he is an all-round nice guy unlike others we could mention!

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  • Eastendexile says:

    If Zaha was ‘spitting on the floor’ he must have been aiming for somewhere in Hackney! Such was the venom in his face and the direction. If it was on the floor he would have tilted his head wouldn’t he?
    He is a whinge and perceives every tackle on him as illegal and an affront to his cleverness.
    Still fair place to Declan in his defence of another player. Very sporting, but the video clearly shows something different

    • paul says:

      Even spitting on the playing field should be stopped. Go in for a tackle and get up off the floor covered in that *****s saliva. Sheesh.

  • Cpfc says:

    Why can’t you just let this die? You are so bitter, it’s sad to see. Both players think it’s nothing.


  • Ross says:

    So the story is zaha spits on the floor some distance away from Rice. Let’s forget the loss and look to ban spitting in general if it’s aimed at anyone, because someone could walk or fall in it. Let’s find a random picture of zaha spitting to get our deflection agenda across despite most footballers spit.

    • What makes you think anybody has forgotten the loss…why do you think if Declan has something to say bout it we shouldn’t report it as we report all things Hammers. Weird!

  • Ross says:

    Looks to ‘defuse the situation between zaha and palace fans’. West Ham fans made up the situation. If they had won this story wouldn’t of happened in my opinion. Both players have said nothing happened. If Zaha had spat at Rice, there would be quick FA action. He would not got any special treatment from them. The media would also picked up on this and condemned him. Most media outlets report ‘west ham fans claims’

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