Emery next up but no Pellegrini contact

Unai Emery remains in the Hammers frame despite a lack of English which is hindering the club’s negotiations with top managers.

Having seen Paulo Fonesca – interviewed on Monday – sign a new deal at Shakhtar Donetzk, the club are now working their way through a list of names which is also believed to include Rafa Benitez and Marco Silva.

Fonesca’s decision to stay in the Ukraine came after a 75 minute interview with Sullivan which we believe included the use of an interpreter.

And although Emery’s English is poor, his track record is sufficiently impressive for the Hammers to pursue their interest in the former Valencia, Spartak Moscow, Sevilla and PSG boss.

Manuel Pellegrini is one the club would like to speak to and although there are evening reports that the club have spoken to his representatives, we understand the Hammers are still trying to trace the the former Manchester City boss’ whereabouts in China.

However, with his club Hebei China Fortune currently into the  their season, it’s unlikely that Pellegrini would walk away and even were he to, it would leave the Hammers to pick up a big part of the wages £10 -£12 million a year he earns at the club.

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18 comments on “Emery next up but no Pellegrini contact

  1. You’d think being able to actually communicate in the local language would be at least one of the criteria.

    • Pocchetino needed the assistance of an interpreter the first year he was in England.That did not stop his progression or ability to do well.

  2. No chance of us signing Emery.

  3. Don’t have to speak English to be a good manager, most of the players are foreign anyway, he is obviously a top manager with silverwear to his name, just get him in before there is no one left and we are stuck with the rubbish no one wants like McLaren, Pardew, Allerdyce etc

  4. I am so disappointed with what is going on with the club that I have supported and followed since I was 6 yrs old. I travel 200 miles at least 6 times a year to watch my club play and I am so disappointed with the continued merry go round of what is happening to the club. Yes I was there for the Burnley game I felt ashamed to be the laughing 😂 stock of the Premier League with what happens on that sad day.
    Now we have the charade of trying of getting a new Manager in place.
    Instead of a British Manager who can speak English we are looking at a Foreign Mangers and probably Foreign coaches and back room staff to take over.
    I don’t understand why we the supporters are wanting this to happen. All the key board warriors must be really proud of themselves that they have stried up some much damage to our club because people believe what they are saying and follow them like sheep.
    I will also be a Westham fan and I will spend my hard earned money following the team as much as I can but I shake my head because of what is happening to the club that I love ⚒⚒

    • Your totally right 56 but you have to look at the board for making a mess of everything
      They touch even now the new manager malarkey is turning in to a calamity …I’m afraid Sullivan and co have no knowledge of football and I fear for our future with them in charge.. They should of stuck with moye s to get a bit of stability instead we are thinking of a manager who dosnt speak a word of English…I’m not sure if that’s a good idea …I just don’t know anymore but I’m sure something ridiculous is round the corner..

    • I agree with you. Moyes should have been given a chance. Unfortunately, the board have been forced into a corner by the noisy minority and keyboard warriors. Listen and read what they want. They want top players and top managers at West Ham but can’t quite work it out why we they won’t come to a club who have nearly always been involved in a relegation battle, who cannot compete financially with the top clubs and who have some deluded supporters. Look at some of the videos on YouTube and listen to these fans. They are an embarrassment.

    • Don’t worry 56 we will end up with Moyes. This is all part of the West Ham pantomime orchestrated by G&S.They make it look as if they are going all out for the club but the reality is they will stick with Moyes.I don’t say that is totally bad either.There certainly is a feeling of being treated as mushrooms by the board and owners.IMHO.

  5. It is already a joke, “trying to track down” Pellegrini’s whereabouts in China for a Manager who isn’t available anyway; what planet is Sullivan on?

  6. You would have thought that we had our next Mgr all but waiting in the wings but we like to give ourselves a mountain to climb!!

  7. spot on 56, although i sometimes think a lack of english might be in the foreign coaches favour. sullivan not being able to communicate with them might actually be one of the benefits. not having to listen to sullivan day in day out could be considered an advantage. the foreign coach might also not understand quite what a circus we have become and wont be unduly pressured or influenced by said keyboard warriors.

  8. Absolutely no chance of getting Emery. We just aren’t that ambitious.

  9. My lack of enthusiasm for the coaching limitations of Mr Moyes was frequently vented on C&H. I reckoned he would lead us into the championship; hugely grateful that I was proven wrong in this prediction, thanks to the sheer class of Arnautovic, ably supported by several other players. Never offensive, though truly and persistently critical of Mr Moyes, I am pleased he has now gone. Feeling relieved and vindicated.

    Can’t fault the insights of Danbee and 43. Truth is the ‘laughing stock’ that our club has become, as 56 points out really clearly, will not change under the leadership of the present owners and board who have shown their incompetence and failure to deliver on their ‘big talk’ promises.

    Like 56, though my Irons credentials are less robust, I saw my first game at The Boleyn against the Villa in 1960 aged 8, with my cousin Paul, aged 7, the year after we’d left East Ham for the leafy glades of Essex! I now live and work in the Cotswolds, follow my local team Forest Green Rovers, and love the Irons without question. The late great Jimmy Ruffell is my first cousin three times removed, and its fair to claim the Irons are in my blood. Loving “the Irons” does not mean condoning the behaviours of the owners and board, collectively or individually. Or even liking the co-owners. I find the leadership of the club repugnant; though nothing has tarnished my association with the Irons. Though I am ashamed and saddened that we are owned by Mr Sullivan and ‘managed’ by Lady Brady.

    Mr Gold lived one or two streets across from me in Shrewsbury Road; I believe he is a person of integrity and I have time for him. But Mr Sullivan and the Tory party’s ‘moll’, Lady Brady, are not on my Xmas card list. It’s simply great how the players eventually delivered the goods and preserved our Premiership status. And, I’m grateful and relieved that Mr Moyes did what he was paid to do. I hope he now gets a job…preferably at Newcastle and in exchange we bag Mr Benitez. Just look at what he achieved with such limited resources. And he speaks Scouser, Geordie, Spanish and English….Rafa is class. Here’s hoping! COYI

  10. At this moment in time 3 premier league clubs need a manager? Arsenal, Everton, and us ? If you were a top class manager and had the choice of one of these teams there, history, and there surporters and what there chairpersons will back you on with money ??? Be honest who or which team would you choose in order on the main ingredient to make a team successful in the premier league??? No brainer really is it ? Mr Sullivan I hope your a good poker player because your chips are looking very thin on the poker table ????

  11. Much as I disagree with the Moyes out fans I do not think it is their fault ( or to their credit, depending on your viewpoint!) that the owners have ditched David Moyes. I would feel better about it if I thought Sullivan was listening to majority support from the fan base. Actually rephrase that. I think he does listen to the fans & even talks a bit about responding. But following through with action- not so sure on that…So I don’t think he wanted Moyes but was persuaded otherwise by ‘malcontents’ ‘keyboard warriors’ or anybody else.

    In my opinion. Moyes has been rejected for saying too much about the need for sweeping change within the club. I am hoping that the owners agree with Moyes on this need but are convinced they can find someone to carry through these changes better than Moyes. That’s what I am hoping- what I am believing is a different thing altogethe!!

  12. I think Sullivan has again made a real cock of the situation He has insulted Moyes by saying they wanted a better. Manager before he has got anyone onboard, for a astute businesss man he seems to lack the wherewithal to judge people, pushing for Fonseca,when all he wanted was a bargaining chip to use against his current club. also unless Sullivan has had a brainstorm West Ham cannot afford to pay for a decent manager
    I can see that Sullivan will interview several managers & conclude A. he cannot afford to pay them & B. He would not be able to fund their money requirements in regard to the players they will want to sign. I can see he will regret upsetting Moyes after all he did get the team in shape. I only hope we do not get Rafa Benetiz he is not a step forward just a very expensive average

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