Enough is enough, Moyes has to go


Enough is enough. West Ham suffered a crushing 5-2 defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, but this was not a one-off event.

David Moyes‘ teams are frequently humiliated, enduring several heavy defeats each season. This campaign alone, Fulham, Palace, and Arsenal have all scored more than five goals against a West Ham defence that ranks among the worst in the Premier League.

Many might point to fatigue and fixture congestion as factors in this loss. However, Moyes has intentionally opted for a smaller squad, a decision he openly acknowledged this week. After four years at the helm, this is unequivocally his team and his squad. Therefore, if it is tired and overused then it’s entirely the managers doing.

Moyes looked tired as West Ham lost to Palace

Out of luck, out of legs and out of ideas: Moyes surely has to go following another Hammers thrashing?

Moyes appears tired and out of ideas, seemingly viewing modern football trends with disdain and scepticism. His contract is set to expire in a few months, and the squad desperately needs a massive overhaul.

During Moyes’ second tenure at The London Stadium, the club have spent over £400 million on transfers. Despite significant investment, particularly in defence, it remains one of the weakest units outside the Premier League relegation zone.

Personally, I believe it’s time for a change. With Director of Football Tim Steidten at the club and some of the best young academy talent in a generation, it’s the perfect moment for a new project and rebuild. I have no interest in seeing Moyes’ third vision for West Ham; it’s time for fresh ideas and new leadership.

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  • David Norton says:

    Perhaps the owners can go as well. Sullivan and Brady are the constant negative re this club

  • Anonymous says:

    Baby steps Norton. Moyes out first.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s get a new Manager in before the Summer and before the transfers are due.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep get h gone now …they have an idea who they want surely. So get him in now to hsve the last few games to get to know the club …….moyes crushed this season in Jan window when he not only didn’t strengthen he actually made thecsquad weaker ….absolute clown

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      The players look as ****ed off . With Moyes as the vast majority of the fanbase. Only Sullivan could drag it out . He genuinely thinks more or rival clubs supporters . Than his own . The metropolitan police put the turnout for the conference league trophy parade . At between 150 and 200 thousand. He put it at 80 000 . Says it all . Kill expectations and go on talk****e and tell them the captain is leaving 12 hours later. Vile little man .

      • Hammeroo says:

        @Trevsheadwonthecup – What are you talking about? Your rant is rather incoherent.

  • Ian . says:

    Unfortunately it was. blindingly obvious that today’s debacle was going to happen. no west ham supporter wants to say it , but it was there . with Chelsea and Brighton breathing down their neck, west ham will do well if. they can finish in the top half of the league (10th) . I did say earlier in the week. , elsewhere, that this weekend would probably decide. and it has . also Mr Moyes should do the right thing , and in FULL AGREEMENT with the CLUB. make way so that proper COMMITTED. rebuilding can begin.

    • Bennyboy baker says:

      Moyes must accept that this defeat along with a number of others is down to him how long can this shambles continue it has to be brought to a end and that means he must be shown the door now if we wait till the end of the season we will be the laughing stock of the premiership and that will be down to our owners get him out now he’s done enough damage this season I honestly think he’s going gagga completely lost the plot but of course it’s not his fault it’s everybody’s else’s fault

    • Hammeroo says:

      Are Ian and Bennyboy baker related or actually the same person?

      Wheres Ian puts full stops everywhere they should not be, Bennyboy baker does the complete opposite and doesn’t appear to know where to put one. Ian cannot say anything without stopping and starting, whereas Bennyboy seems to have verbal diarrhoea. They make a good comedy duo!

  • Shaun says:

    Well past his sell by date .. need a ‘plan’ though and not a panic. He has to go sooner as if he doesn’t then our best players will be on their toes .
    Get a proper coach and they may think about staying … if not , we are gonna be relegation fodder next year with such a weak and old squad . !

    Might be an idea to get an actual striker .. as they normally help 🙈

  • Ian . says:

    can you print my response please.

  • Millis77 says:

    Defensive manager and 62 goals conceded. The bloke is an embarrassment. The slowest squad in the league. The players look disinterested and the genuine fans even more so. Moyes is a wounded animal and we all need putting out of our misery. Thanks for the memories Dave but take your scowling excuse ridden face to another club and bore them to death.

  • Anonymous says:

    My comments are gone swearing either??

  • Ian says:

    To kangaroo

    If. You are going to help me with my punctuation please differentiate between comas and full stops first ( full stop )

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