Exclusive: Sullivan denies Sporting Libson claims


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Exclusive by Claret And Hugh Associate Editor, Sean Whetstone

davidsullivan_726West Ham Co-Chairman David Sullivan has tonight flatly denied claims from Sporting Lisbon that West Ham never made bids for the defensive midfielder for William Carvalho.

Sullivan speaking only to ClaretandHugh a few minutes ago in response to provocative and controversial statements from the Sporting Lisbon President Bruno de Carvalho and Communications director,  Nuno Saraiva  he said bluntly: “They are NOT TRUE!”

He added: But he (Bruno de Carvalho) can’t admit publicly that he was prepared to sell him. Our bid was submitted via the player’s agent and our negotiators in Portugal. We also put in a written bid.”
De Carvalho, the Sporting Lisbon president was the man with whom negotiations were held and Sullivan’s response will possibly be met with further exchanges. The war of words and counter allegations will change little at this stage but it will be interesting to see whether the Hammers go back for the player in the winter with the money remaining in the bank.

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  • Radai Lama says:

    So now were going to get a game of Yes we did,No you didnt.
    They must have seen Barca & Liverpoo doing it & thought it was the trendy thing to do if you’re a European giant 😁

  • markro says:

    I’m struggling to think how I could be less interested.

  • kennycandb says:

    It is surely easy to prove. Publish the bids and then we will know who is the liar. Bids made and rejected are surely not confidential (as will probably be claimed)!!

  • neilalex says:

    ‘Cant admit publicly he was prepared to sell him’

    God what utter sh*te. We’ve been told all along that they kept raising the price. Then he was unfit. Then we couldn’t do the medical in time. Now after all those things which indicate the fact that they were willing to sell, Sullivan reckons they can’t admit publicly they were willing to sell. Truly moronic.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    The geezer even revered to him as a porn dealer doing business 😂😂 never in my life have I heard of another club calling the other club a liar and insults him to boot 😂😂 its so Ott like two kids in kindergarten
    Its a total embarrassment !!! Show us the paperwork sully, clear this part of the finger pointing, but it still stinks , the injury , the goal posts, the medical not in place, hanging bilic out to dry etc etc etc , where’s the players agent ? What’s he got to say , what a farce !!
    Its dead , nailed to the perch ffs
    What next ankle biting after they’ve tore each others limbs off 😂😂😂 lol I need another beer!🍺🍺 or two 😉

  • norfolkhammer says:

    Laz have a skinful mate & tomorrow it still won’t make sense lol

  • IronSupport says:

    Sick of seeing his smug little face and listening to his child like attempts to fool us.
    For the love of god please stop talking, everything he says just makes us look more and more of a laughing stock.
    The board are supposed to be quiet and stay in the background, even Ashley keeps his gob shut most of the time. Our’s have actually sold their own manager out to the fans!

  • Willtell says:

    Then show us the copies of the documents confirming our offer. Simple…

  • jimbo says:

    To you, to me, to you, to me. Bloody chuckle bros material this. All Sully has done here is made the football club look like a laughing stock. But on a serious point, if I were another club, I’d be thinking long and hard about whether or not I’d want to deal with him in the future. So in addition to ballsing up the Carvilho transfer, he’s probably successfully scuppered a few future potential deals here too. Snow white must have been one patient girl, putting up with 7 of um, because just one has succeeded in doing my head in this week.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Sullivan could have bought him for his original bid, these are his own words. If something sounds like a lie, it usually is. He had the chance to buy a world class talent and didn’t, he reaped the publicity and excitement generated but ultimately like our team on many occasions when it was time to score he lacked the penetration.

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Yes rads is experiancing that lately 32, he’s in the kennel tonight 😂
      Hope he hid them M+M,s 😂😂

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