Gold: “We’re ready to close gap on big boys”

gold-david-gold-west-ham-co-owner-july-2014_3179990David Gold has again declared the top four will be looking over their shoulders at the Hammers progress this season and reckons “we’ll be closing the gap on them this season.”

Speaking to www.whufc.com he said:  “I am always excited by the beginning of the season and this is no different. It could not be more difficult than going to Arsenal but I think we are ready. I am confident we are going to have an exciting season.

“Arsenal are a top four football club and have been so for many years, We are getting closer and closer and they will be looking over their shoulders. Our ambition is to make the top four worried. With us moving to the new Stadium I am sure that is going to be the case.

“We have got a fantastic fan base and that is the key. The numbers have been proven and we had 100,000 fans coming to see the Europa League Qualifiers and that is unheard of.

“Slaven will be coming up against Arsene Wenger and from that point of view you could not ask for a better game. It would be great if he could upset the odds and get a result there.”


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15 comments on “Gold: “We’re ready to close gap on big boys”

  1. At full strength we can be a match for most this season, all this bollox that we are going to struggle & might even get relegated.. not chance..

  2. I said the same thing a week ago about ” worrying ” the elite .
    We can get over confident , but certainly this is our biggest chance to upset the odds a bit.
    I think it would be more realistic to say we can worry the , top six . , that is not to say we will finish in the top six ,,, rather to say we will stop some of the top six from winning so many points and dooming the Premiership to it’s normal top six finishers . .. If that sounds right !,
    Just had a laugh listening to the TV Sky Pundits ,,, none of them said West Ham will have a good season … Their collective opinion was , in general : West Ham will finish below mid-table and or be fighting against relegation …. I am going to love stuffing their own words up their arses . They have started spouting off already ,, unbelievable .

  3. We need another goal scorers, we only really have Sakho who could be prolific. Can’t for the life of me understand why we haven’t just gone and bought Austin. Get that position covered and no way we anywhere near relegation fodder!!

  4. between 8th & 12th for me but playing a much better style of football

    We will also have a real go at one of the cups

  5. So wish Gold would stop always bigging us up then doing sod all in the market to actually back up his statements.The geezer is delusional!! Im confident we will have a comfortable season but his constant talk of the big four or top six & us ruffling their feathers is utter bollox.

    • I’m hearin ya mate,
      Although I respect our owners and think they have our best interests at heart I also think they lack class when it comes to Press Statements, P.R. Social Media etc.

      • I respect them for what they have done in many respects as well.But these statements just do my head in.We aint ever going to be in the position he talks of without heavy hitting signings.He aint going to make them so dont expect us to be where he says.I aint being negative towards the club or team.Just think he needs to be realistic,not be ott as always 😉

    • What the fuk did you think Gold would be saying? “I know we aren’t anywhere near the top six so hopefully we can scrape a top half finish. We are aiming to make Swansea, Stoke etc look over their shoulders ” West Ham are his team & wants to take them up to that level, he will be bigging us up. Yes we do need a new striker & i’m thinking that things will prob be happening behind the scenes.

  6. If we are going to worry the top teams spend some money on a top striker,winger and right back then your dreams might come true Cinderella,
    And pick a new club captain before the season starts

  7. Bet they probably b*ll****ted Payet to get him to sign.Probably told him we were going to spend a load more cash.We shouldnt expect too much from G&S,they always talk sh*t about transfer windows.Watch Newcastle,Stoke,Palace all out spend us.Then this geezer will wonder why they finish above us.They have done some good stuff,but when it comes to transfer windows they are are mickey mouse.

  8. All this predicting is OK but man city came up trumps because they bought success,same as Chelsea! Do we really want this or staying in the top ten??big teams, big money, big wages in other words”””MONEY, stay as you are west ham perhaps a little improvement ******** to the top crap!

  9. How can you close the bloody gap when their lead has increased?What have they spent and what have we?

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