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Hammers eye two possible managerial candidates

West Ham may give Manuel Pellegrini a stay of execution until Lukasz Fabianski is fit to return but are already eyeing possible managerial candidates.

With the Polish international due back in January, although there are  hopes it could be a tad sooner, Pellegrini MAY get a few more games in an attempt to turn things around.

But ClaretandHugh can reveal that with Rafa Benitez, only a few months into his contract in China, is keeping an eye on developments at Everton forcing the Hammers to look elsewhere with former Hammer and Brighton and Hove Albion manager  Chris Hughton one name mentioned as a possible.

And we have become aware that Burnley’s Sean Dyche would be interested in the job were the club to approach Burnley for permission to talk to him.

Benitez would cost a fortune to buy out of his contract and still has a house on the Wirral. With Marco Silva struggling at Goodison a move back to merseyside would suit the Spaniard down to the ground.

Sixty year old Hughton is a local boy and has been without a club since the south coast outfit sacked him in the summer in favour of Graham Potter.

He would be keen to take the job as would Dyche as – barring some sort of miracle – Pellegrini’s time starts to run out.

About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

29 comments on “Hammers eye two possible managerial candidates

  1. Yes by the time the owners have stopped dithering Rafa will be at Everton. I can’t see Dyche wanting to come to us, & I don’t see Hughton being the man to turn things round quickly enough. It’s a bleak Sunday morning.

    • Should rename our stadium “Billy Smarts” everything about the club is a total farce.

    • Looks like we’re not going to do anything until we are deep in relegation and then it will be to late , typical West Ham

    • If we even as much as approach Hughton, I’m done with this board, despite being board in almost all of the time. They would seriously have to hate this club and their fans.
      Dyche and Howe should be the only realistic 2 on the shortlist. Benítez isn’t worth the risk, as he could well be no better than Pellers. Although I’m sure he at least has a plan b tactic and would’ve given Martin a go in goal. Terrible management there.
      Howe should be priority over anyone out of the realistic people.

  2. Either of these two would be terrible appointments. Hughton’s teams have always been uninspiring and general relegation candidates and Dyche’s Burnley are an up-and-under team. Is that what we want right now?

  3. The way I’m thinking at the moment “any body please “, just get rid of that ‘dusk before dawn’ zombie, masquerading as a football manager !!!!!

  4. Dyche or Houghton is this a joke ..?

  5. If you check back, I was one of those who lamented the firing of Moyes – but it might be too late to get him back. Neither Hughton nor Dyche fill me with excitement – although both would grind out the results needed to keep us up – but then we are where we were when Moyes was fired

    My main concern is that if we are to chnage manager it should be before the New Year so that the new boss can look at the players at his disposal and also try to make any necessary buys in the difficult January window

  6. Always been a fan of Sean Dyche, but his style of football is very different to Pelle and the squad would require an overhaul of personnel to play Dyches’ physical brand of uptempo football.
    Hughton, as much as I appreciate he is a decent bloke, he’s a Spurs man through and through, so NO thank you.
    Benitez has flirted with the Daves for years, agreeing to become manager before quickly changing his mind when he got a better offer….. again, no thanks.

    Any other suggestions?

  7. I’m depressed if there’s any truth in it, hopeful we may have a chance of progression by sacking the manager, but if these 2-3 are the options seriously being considered, then may as well keep Granny…

  8. What would be the point of waiting til fabianski is back exactly? Just in case this whole mess is just down to one position on the pitch? And if we still keep losing ?


    Need to identify and approach a replacement NOW another few weeks and we are in a battle to stay in the league.

  9. Spurs sacked a manager who previously was at a club with limited funds.football was good.do we sign the next m.p ?
    Our back line has be crap for years even before mp.
    We have not progressed we leak goals get knocked out of cups by lower league teams.not playing enough youth team when our first team our failing.
    Time for change please……

  10. I actually think we should go for Ang postecoglou of Yokohama and Ex Socceroos manager. Honestly you have to look outside of England with this one. He knows how to motivate and is an articulate trainer. And he is taking Yokohama to the title in first season. Seriously this guy needs looking at come in Sully

  11. Bielsa probably won’t quit Leeds so Pochettino surely worth trying. The mess behind the scenes at Tottenham can be to our advantage. Yesterday was classic Pochettino. Imagine West Ham attacking like that! The fans would love it. Only problem is, we’d need to get the players first. We’ve got Anderson, Fredericks, Masuaku and Antonio capable of breaking like that. Snoddy, Haller and Fornals just ain’t got the legs. Cress always looks vulnerable. Even Diop’s confidence is now shot. Big changes needed everywhere.

  12. Dyche is better off at Burnley where his BS style is suited . Hughton just won’t fit and didn’t do too good at Brighton . Silva could be better off in the South away from Mersey side . I Wouldn’t say no . But maybe Moyes can be persuaded to return if we go cap in hand but can’t see that happening either .
    So ; that leaves us with a predicament .,,, answer : sack Pelligrini and install the U23 manager as a temporary fix while look for a permanent manager . We can’t be any worse off than we are right now . It needs sorting now before it’s too late . Pelligrini has been given enough time and it’s time to bring it to halt . None of us is looking forward to our next match .

  13. Our sharp and sudden decline is 100% the fault of Pelligrini . If he had attacked the League Cup ( which is something we as fans wanted , no question ) with the full first team we would probably still be in it . Playing a weak second stream side completely broke our rhythm and we have just never recovered . He is completely lost on what the fans want and I bring into question his understanding and needs of West Ham . It seems that he just doesn’t care about West Ham Utd ., only Money for his Swan Song .

  14. We have to accept that we are not going to have the pick of the managers. This is a mess for which the owners are mainly responsible. Most of their managerial appointments have failed, as has their recruitment policy. The finances appear to be inadequate for a squad rebuild, but they will not sell out to a richer buyer for several more years. Therefore if we get somebody who can inject some belief, build a defence, develop a work ethic & find some January bargains/ loans so that we scrape our way out of this hole we may have to put up with the style of football.

  15. How can people be snooty about Dyche as manager as his football is not pretty and in same breathe say Moyes was ok ? We need a younger manager who can give the club some passion, organisation and a playing structure. If it has to be a bit pragmatic then so be it.

    • Moyes was building a team and also got us out of relegation contention . He also put Arnautovic forward as striker . Made important changes and then was dumped . Reckon there are more than just a few supporters who regret thier “ Moyes out “ chants when you now consider what we have as manager . ALLADYCE was ousted for non-pretty football don’t forget . But he did get us promoted and kept us in the Premiership . It’s strange how now people are willing to accept that style of football after showing such disdain for it . If it wasn’t for Alladyce & Moyes we would be a mid table championship club . . Not hard to understand if you step back and look at it with a sense of reality and honesty .
      We obviously want to move forward whilst playing strong and attractive football .
      Pelligrini is not going to give us that , not in a million years .

  16. So I have supported Pelligrini a lot but what I watched yesterday was a bunch of players seemingly not wanting to play for him . What’s going on in the dressing room ? So ok we sack Pelligrini but for who , poch sure but he wont come , Houghton no thanks and Dych no thanks . Neither of them will have us looking at attacking football so whose left Benitez . That’s unlikely because it means the Dave’s have to put their hands in their pockets . I also blame the players , no energy , no effort , no fight . Ok they might not want to play for Pelligrini . That’s just player power which is a
    discrace for professionals , their paid to do a job and their not doing it their attitude stinks can’t be having that either.then we have to spend properly so the owners are also to blame. I could go on but what’s the point . The players need to start performing it’s like the fans don’t matter either with those performances , it’s not right.

  17. If you were a decent manager would you want the WHU job, remember when Tony Adams was appointed Khazakstan manger and asked if he felt it was a dangerous job, he replied “not as much as working for Sullivan,Gold and Brady!!!
    The board should have stuck with Moyes, we have problems on the pitch, dressing room, manager and board last year JM described Diop as a beast of a player, one year later he is a shadow of himself along with other key players

  18. No one predicted that Pelle would fail as a manager.It isn’t the owners fault.Our owners have stepped up and invested in a Manager with an amazing cv and brought in a director of football, who has spent our money on sh*t signings.Even Haller can’t get on the end of any of our 10 corners during the Sheff utd game.Not one of our transfers has worked out.We need only Poch and the 2 Dave’s need to realize,this season has been a disaster and the have to count their losses.If we go down,They will not be getting the t.v money and all our players will not want to play in the Championship.When you fall in love with someone and the marriage end in a divorce,you don’t predict that either.You move on ASAP.

  19. Lee Bowyer ?

  20. Moyes or Bilic would do a great job. Two managers who we’re never given the backing or money or time that Pellegrini has been given.

  21. Hugh , can you please check out why there are two Kevin’s on this forum .
    Thank you .

  22. I see this morning that Everton are ‘taking their time’ over replacing Silva. The Daves should be saying ‘ Ha brilliant. We can act fast & get the best available candidate’. What they will be saying is ‘ That’s good. No need for us to hurry. And Everton will then pick up the one who wants the biggest wage & give us the excuse that he was close to joining us but they got in first. There’s always Neil Warnock…’

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