Hammers pay high Jenks price


jenkoWest Ham will continue to pay Carl Jenkinson and Arsenal around £80k a week until June despite the player being ruled out of action following a cruciate knee injury.

The Arsenal player is on his way back to the Emirates and is set for surgery which will see him out for the season but the Hammers will be forced to continue picking up the tab.

We understand from Hammers sources the loan fee, wages and appearance bonuses – not that there will be any of those now – total around £80k a week and there is no escape clauses in the contract based on injury considerations.

Our source said: It’s a lose/lose situation all the way. Insurance is not available either because in this business injures are considered an occupational hazard.

“We are left to pay his wages, cash to Arsenal, appearance fees and more to agents. There’s absolutely nothing that can be done – we have to swallow it.

Meanwhile Jack Sullivan has taken a hammering on a leading Arsenal website http:// which criticises the way the news was broken on the teenager’s Twitter feed and say in part: “… the release of this information should have been handled properly by the West Ham management team.

That means they should have coordinated the release of the information with Arsenal, so left hand knew what right hand was doing. Yet that’s a million miles away from what actually happened.

I personally don’t know what went on in the Sullivan residence in Essex last night. But somehow, Jack got wind of the extent of Jenkinson’s injury. And he felt compelled to tell the world.

I can’t recall the last time a teenager was given sensitive information of this nature and allowed to broadcast it.

David Sullivan needs to take his son to one side and give him a damn good ticking off – and tell him, in no uncertain way, not to do this kind of thing again.”

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  • hammer4life says:

    While we are paying Jenkinson’s wages Arsenal have no right to lecture Jack or any other Sullivan family member what goes on in their household. We always knew Gooners were arrogant but this takes the biscuit. Can’t wait to push on as a club and knock the smugness out of Wenger and his crew

  • IronHammer says:

    Feel sorry for the lad. Jenks didnt play well recently but he did good job last season. Wish him all the best.

  • PennsylvaniaHammer says:

    Why is this ‘sensitive information’. We’re hardly dealing with MI5 stuff here are we? A player – who we are paying handsomely for – goes off injured on national television, so we all know about that. Given that he was never going to play for Arsenal this season why should it matter to them.

    Smacks of ‘big club’ self-importance. Whining that he doesn’t play enough, and now this. If they cared so much about Jenks, they’d be giving him first team football now, not sending him out on loan for two full seasons to a London rival.

  • exsoulie says:

    Sams signing has now become a defining moment in our season,not just due to Jenks injury but due to the fact he is an improvement on Jenks.3 penalties,i thought he was helping his parent club.

  • Boleyn Boy says:

    Feel very sorry for Jenks, hope he makes a full recovery and that in time will return to his previous form; definitely a good player – form is temporary, class is permanent. Good luck Karl

  • Dunlopilo says:

    There must be something to be done legally, since this is a situation of impossibility of perform contract. He is going back to his club and we should be paying for him to be there ? Doesn’t sound right nor equitable.

    If indeed there is no remedy or recourse, we need to seriously question whoever drafted the contract in its details. This is close to a set of abusive clauses. Never should have been given the green light in this way.

    • PennsylvaniaHammer says:

      The board are not amateurs. The would not have signed a contract with abusive clauses and their lawyers would not have allowed it. We’re not dealing with a naive party here. They took a risk and knew this could be an outcome.

  • bubs says:

    At £80K per week I think that gives us enough right to break the news how ever we want,
    He won’t feel about our feelings when he collects his wages for doing nada purity much like most of the season,
    Would not be surprised to find out in a few days that the injury is not as bad as was first reported but for the good of the player he won’t be returning,
    Just my opinion no everyone knows how much I love Jenkinson

  • ChrisTheHammer says:

    Why is he ‘on his way back to the Emirates if we’re paying his wages. He should be here

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Its better for him to be back at theEmirates he can’t then be a distraction to our physio team or our promotional push, best wishes to him for the future !

  • COYI247 says:

    I wish Jenks well, and glad to see several others with sympathetic comments. I hope he is not affected by some of the vile comments people have made about him by sickos…
    Contracts are contracts. If people don’t like them, don’t sign them. I don’t hear Sullivan or Gold complaining.

  • bubs says:

    Not a sicko just truthful in my thoughts,don’t wish him personal problems just don’t think he is a very good player and we can do a lot better,
    How can they complain and what about,
    They know a contract is something you are stuck with they waited months to get shot of Hippo,they say Lanzini is ours because it’s in his loan contract,
    He would probably be better with Slavs doctors who now are experts in these injuries as we pick one up most weeks,

  • johnboy says:

    Wish the lad well but as a sicko I’m over the moon he will not be wearing the colours EVER again !!!!! Lol . The contract was a bad one and it proved to be an expensive one . We should never have loaned him again after he signed long term for the gooners !! Bad buisness all round , he showed his colours and was never going to commit 100% to our cause , why would he risk injury ??? It was a get out clause after the re tweet and IMO is just a rue with 80 k plus benefit . The kid had no desire to be here hence his performances ! You do not suffer bad form for half a season , if he did that for arsenal he would be in the stiffs for ever .
    Get real all the PC mob and see it how it is , gold didn’t want him here as 99% of us supporters felt the same,arsenal knew that and so did he ! But arsenal are laughing all the way to the bank, injury or not he will not be back !!!!!!
    Big club , big ego,s , big mouths and biggus dickus!!!!!! Same as spuds !
    This sicko says good riddance !! Say what you will !

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