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Hammers threatened at relegation talks

By Hugh Southon

Premier clubs face the most heated and controversial meeting perhaps EVER when a possible relegation model in the event of season curtailment is put before chairmen on Monday.

Sportsmail reports a debate to determine final league positions and the crucial issue of relegation will be held during Monday’s meeting of the 20 clubs, although a ballot on the subject will not take place until a follow-up meeting, which will be on May 22 or May 26.

The clubs look certain to accept the Premier League’s return-to-training arrangements on Monday, which are expected to go through with little opposition enabling players to resume training the following day. But the relegation discussion is likely to reach boiling point.

The Mail claims Norwich and Aston Villa would be relegated under both scenarios, but if a system which gave a different weighting to how many home and away games each club has left was used, West Ham would go down instead of Bournemouth. Eddie Howe’s men would be sent down on goal difference if normal points-per-game is used.

ClaretandHugh says: The threat remains. Whether we like it or not seasonal restart or otherwise the Hammers could have their fate decided by a group of suits on the basis of home ground advantage. How unbelievable given that the whole idea of neutral grounds – favoured by the League – deprives any club of such an advantage. We are no longer living in the real world. Any other system than relegation other than by the normal means – current positions – brings the game into even more disrepute than already exists and whoever were to suffer would have a pretty rock solid legal challenge should they choose to lose it. Fed up with this big time. Maybe the answer from our point of view is to see some games played and ensure that a coup,e of wind are in the bag but this is truly no longer the game we grew up and such a relegation system has to be opposed.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

10 comments on “Hammers threatened at relegation talks

  1. Sounds like another blackmail ploy to ensure the lower clubs vote to play out the rest of the season.
    Complete the league on neutral grounds= no home advantage.
    Don’t play again and decide the league based on home advantage.
    Are they complete imbeciles? Do they think nothing through to its logical conclusion.
    You honestly couldn’t make it up.

    • I can’t help thinking were gonna get shafted as soon as the arsenal fan Brady declared she wanted the season declared void . It was gonna backfire on West ham .

  2. Void the season with no promotion or relegation and give the premiership to the scouse as it’s clear they will not be overtaken.

  3. if bottom two go down under both systems. why not have one game between west ham and Bournemouth to decide third team that goes down.

  4. Fairness has nothing to do with it.
    Have a playoff. Winner takes all.
    How many viewers would that attract? How much money would the league make?
    Their palms are all already sweaty from just thinking about it.
    Wembley, here we come!

  5. Best option for us: void the season. Second best option: restart, even if it is using neutral venues (our record at home is awful anyway).. I’d back this squad to finish 2-3 places higher than we are now. Death option: weighted points. Don’t risk everything by arguing against neutral venues. That will probably see us relegated, and no-one wants that.

  6. How much home advantage will there actually be when stadiums are likely to be empty for the next 12-18 months? Its such a poor argument against the plans. The next season could be impacted by a second wave of Covid-19 or by Covid-20 so we should find a way to finish this season to avoid having two unfinished seasons in a row. There may be some lessons learnt from the end of this season which could then be applied to any future disruption. It makes no sense to not try and finish this season at some point before starting the next.

  7. Look give Liverpool the league.but bring the 2 teams from the championship then relagate 4 teams the next season till we have the league back to its normal standing

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