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How we rated the Irons at Everton

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

8 comments on “How we rated the Irons at Everton

  1. Where are we going to find points in the next 3 matches? Someone tap Sullivan on the shoulder and relieve him of his so called recruiting position.You know what they say about teams in the drop zone at Christmas? Well that’s exactly where we are heading.Too many passengers and painfully too slow, getting top dollar.Do something now before we become the next Birmingham under the dildoo brothers.IMHO

  2. Does Sullivan train the players? Is he playing on the pitch? The players don’t care and that’s the problem not the owners. Nearly every one of the starting team tonight is an international footballer. They should be better than that and that’s got nothing to do with the owners. Recruitment and the way they run the club is a different issue but for the 90 mins game time, it’s the players on the pitch that need to perform.

    • Who are they buying?Older players getting to the end of their careers.The others haven’t performed and are no longer with the club.They didn’t perform under Bilic and it’s become blatantly obvious aren’t up to it under Moyes either.Stoke must be laughing all the way to the bank when it comes to off loading expensive liabilities.It seems to me the penny pinching ways of Sullivan and a clueless board are being revealed to me anyway.

      • Yes so much for PL experience no we have including Reid & Arnie players on 5 year contracts who shouldn’t be.
        Like said Hart we didn’t need we needed a CB & CM/DM.
        PL players cost more we would have been better going for in form Championship players Serie A Bundesliga etc w some youth & pace.
        But Bilic & Board wanted PL proven even stated where at looking twds future but players who can come in now & do a job. Which didn’t work. What we spent on Arnieb& Harts Loan & wages could of got us 3-5 decent younger players.

  3. I don’t see players that don’t care just a team very low on confidence, I thought they kept huffing and puffing the result is horrible but as Moyes said it shouldn’t have been a 4 0 game its individual mistakes that are killing us, he has to find players that won’t make them or alternatively go big in the transfer market and buy them, we need a ball winning central midfielder, Everton had Gueye and Davies and they killed us in midfield, where against Leicester we were hungry against Everton we just never got out of the blocks in the first half, in the second half we created a lot of good opportunities we should have scored more goals the penalty, Cresswell was very unlucky and we created three clear opportunities where the ball was cut back to far, Moyes should have started Sakho. If I was him I would give the youth team a run against City better that than kill the players confidence further our odds of beating City away or even getting a draw must be close to 100 – 1, save them for Chelsea and the Gooners do some more training and tell the kids it doesn’t matter if you lose 10 0 against City just play your best and learn from the best team this country has seen.

  4. Confidence is low but the quality and dedication of some of our players is big problem. Obiang could have stayed at home and Kouyate after his best game in 1 and a half years last week, was back to his couldn’t be bothered mode. These players are not bothered and/or not equiped for this football.
    It is unlikely that we can get the replacements we need in the January window, so unless they fix things on the training ground we are as good as down.
    One thing is certain. There can be no way back for these overpaid leaches who live such a luxury life style on our clubs demise. Plan A must, whatever league we play in next season, be get rid off Obiang, Kouyate, Ogbonna, etc and replace them with players who want to sweat blood for the team. We need players who will fight for every ball and want to destroy whatever the opposition try to do. Not players who look admiringly at the other teams passing movements.
    The trouble now is we have injuries so we can’t even replace these idiots.

    • By the way, I will not be blaming Moyes or his coaching team. They can see what I can see, and now they know the size of the problem. They will do a good job despite the end result.

  5. I think giving Lanzini a 6 was nice he hasn’t looked great this season either.
    Honesty I don’t think anyone deserved over a 5. But I do think Sakho should have started.
    A lot as been done to recruitment as well. We didn’t need Hart & yes I’m an Adrian Fan he is better Shot Stopper & faster.
    But what we needed over the Summer was a CB & DM/CM. Harts loan & wages for one year are could of got us a quality young CB w youth & pace. And we could have got a GK on free to be #2 to Adrian or gone youth. Hart we got for Leadership & organisation which I’ve seen none of. He not that I don’t like Hart but I don’t think he is the better GK and his wages could go elsewhere much needed. And he won’t be around after this year even of we stay up I don’t think at least.
    But the whole team was all over the place. We look just as bad as Sunderland last year I’m not blaming Moyes. But our past 2 summers recruitment & then we shipped off to many players a few of which we could use now.
    I would send Hart back if we can Sell Ogbonna & if we can get £25m for Kouyate bye. Go into the Championship Serie A & Bundesliga get some good players not world beaters but hardworking good players.
    This is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime really. And if we go down we won’t come right back up not to mention the wages we have to pay.
    And yes there are a lot of Individual Errors which we have led errors to goals since 2015 season start.
    Our defenders are all aging our Injury prone. WTF is going on. Buying players w PL experience didn’t work just cost more

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