Key Bilic/chairmen meeting next week

GoldDavid Gold expects transfer market activity to become “more intense” after boss Slave Bilic arrives at the club next week.

The new manager has been taken a summer break with his family in Croatia but will get down to business at Chadwell Heath on Monday.

An the co chairman said: “We will all be meeting up early in the week and looking at the priority list the manager has put together.

“Things should start moving quite quickly after that. We know which direction we are heading in but this meeting will give things an impetus.”

He added: “We have a good track record of working with our managers. We said to Slaven ‘get your priority list and let’s see what we can do’.

Meanwhile, he explained: “We know we need a right-back and will work tirelessly to bring in Carl (Jenkinson). If that does not work out, we have other irons in the fire.


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22 comments on “Key Bilic/chairmen meeting next week

  1. Let’s hope there’s some action soon, lots of talk but very little seems to be happening – we badly need new blood and strengthening if we’re not going to struggle again.

    The main thing going through my head is – GET ON WITH IT!

  2. Normally it wouldnt be so important to get on with things,but with the europa adventure it would be nice to get some players in so they can use this time to bed into the team & Slavs way of playing.No real rush,just dont want targets being missed because we sat on our a*ses while other clubs got busy buying who we wanted by not p*ssing about trying to get players on the cheap!

  3. I see we have signed an 18-year old from my country:

    This norwegian talent has been at Man City since 2010. His contract expired this summer, and after training with Schalke, AS Roma and West Ham he chose us.

    “This is where I feel home” – martin samuelsen says to Dagbladet, over here in Norway.


    He’s meant to train with the U21’s this season.

    ..gotta admit I’ve never heard of him. He might not me Martin Ødegaard, but who knows what he can become!

  4. Yeah saw it earlier,it is on the Official Site announcing it.Heia Norge!!!:D

  5. Du også Norsk Tyson?? 🙂

  6. Haha,no Erik,but an ex-girlfriend of mine was Norwegian so i have been to your country a couple of times to visit.But i cant speak any Norwegian.I only new a little which i have forgotten now.Just know whenever the football was on she used to shout Heia Norge 😀

  7. Ahah… You’ve an Italian ex girlfriend and a Norwegian one too Ty… You’re a Worldwide figa eater… Lol 😀

  8. Slav was officially appointed on the 9th June which was 11 days ago since then there have been nine players who have joined PL clubs (according to the bbc),one of them being Pedro Obiang and this doesn’t include the new Norwegian. Slav hasn’t even properly started and most players particularly the better ones are still on holiday. In those 11 days I’ve watched euphoria,ambition and hope turn back to fear,negativity and pessimism. Some of it based historically on previous windows but a lot of it as in all the other clubs are getting their players is unfounded. Yes the Europa starts in 12 days but anyone expecting a star studded line up for that is mistaken so that gives us six weeks until the PL season starts so couldn’t we just have a bit of the optimism and in Slav we trust mentality back just for a little while. I’ll probably get shot down for this but I still believe that we’ve got a great season ahead with great signings to come,logic would dictate that with the move coming the Daves have no choice but to splash some cash. Cheer up everyone!

  9. Haha,yes Matte,i like to try the fruits of europe,lol,.I forgot i told you about the uni student from Padua,lol.I think you know too much about my figa adventures 😀

  10. Lol,we will see Quick.But i think you have a little too much faith in Del Boy & Uncle Albert 😀

    • I have faith in Slav and I think Del Boy and Uncle Albert aka Kenny Rodgers have little choice if they want to progress/get new investors/sell but to dip their hands in their pockets. I could be wrong I’d just like everyone to lighten up a little bit and wipe the hippo sh!t off their feet lol

      • I have the same faith and optimism Quickie!!

        • Good for you eriko 🙂

        • Never have faith in the Daves during the transfer window.Have hope & expectation but not faith in them.Im still ****ed off about staying up most the night in Jan when i got told not to go to bed yet by them as the window was about to shut 😀

          • I see nothing wrong in having hopes or faith. Expectations on the other hand is the root to all disappointments. 🙂

  11. Hippo **** is well & truly gone from my shoes.Now i just need the transfer window to open & shut with some of our targets purchased without & bloody soap opera happening with each one.If they wanna talk the talk,then do the business,dont just p*ss in the wind for two months then cry we didnt get what we needed 😀

    • I know where you’re coming from and the soap opera BS is a sad reflection of modern times,I just think they have to come good this time they’ve too much to lose. Just be careful of the canchaz condition it gets carried in the wind lol

      • Lol.I believe no one has lost the Slav feel good factor.We just know how the transfer windows normally pan out with the board.Until the days of the Razvan Rat,Pablo Armero & re-signing Carlton days are washed away from our memories the doubts will remain.I just want a window without a f*cking free agent coming in because we didnt get our sh*t together during the window 😉

      • I know the doubts but I’d say look back a year which I think was a very good window for us. The real business starts this week with players returning from their hols and proper business being done. I do however think the Daves should keep it shut until they’re making announcements,they’re making a rod for their own backs

  12. Depends what happen on bargain hunt in the next 6 weeks,
    Song to sit on Chelski bench for £10k a week more ?
    Ba to eat noodles for 3 years for more money per year ?
    Jenkinson to sit and freeze in Sunderland for more cash ?
    Remy to sit with Song for more money ?
    It’s all down to the cash,all this rubbish I want first team football,

  13. Slav is getting doubted o other sites already

  14. Thats because they are muppets Bam 😉

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