Kilbane anxious about Boleyn return


Kevin-Kilbane-001 (1)Kevin Kilbane has to return to Upton Park shortly and admits “I am somewhat apprehensive about that prospect.”

Kilbane reported Irons  fans to the FA after being told by a friend that a section of Irons had sung an abusive song including the word ‘mong’ during the match against Spurs.

He revealed that he had attempted to discuss the issue with Hammers fans on Twitter but had eventually logged off after trying in vain “to reason with West Ham followers in particular, who took exception to me singling out their club, rather than trying to understand the reasons why I believed the song was so offensive.”

He is reported in the Mail as saying: “I realised pretty quickly that I was fighting a losing battle and stayed away from any further one-to-one interaction. But of course I kept an eye on the ensuing debates – and there were many.”

He said: “A lot of the comments aimed at me were startlingly hurtful, abusive, totally unwarranted and, just occasionally, amusing.

“There were also faintly ridiculous arguments on there, and people basically pretending the song was not intended to cause offence.”

He claims not to have been surprised by the abuse saying: “You only have to go on Twitter for five minutes to see language and offensive comments which would make even my old Sunderland manager Peter Reid blush.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Dainon17 says:

    maybe the FA could print a list of approved songs for fans to sing .. What a joke, people need to toughen up and get a sense of humor.

    • PennsylvaniaHammer says:

      What is OK about calling someone a ‘mong’? I’m just struggling to see a) how using a childish and dated slang term is funny and b) why using reference to a disability is an OK way to publicly abuse people. Perhaps you need to be more sensitive and get a sense of how others might feel about this. The general consensus is that this was a small group of idiots that don’t represent the club in the way most of us would like.

      West Ham fans are probably the best out there at when it comes to original and genuinely funny songs. It’s not as if the song was even clever in any way, putting aside the distasteful language.

      You can’t scream accusations at Chelsea fans for racism and then say it’s OK to do this. (unless you were OK with that too, and I’m going to give you the benefit if the doubt and assume you were not)

      • Dainon17 says:

        You should get a sense of humor mate, never go and see a stand up comic cuz you’ll hear alot worse

  • Very well said Pen

  • TysonM says:

    Im still waiting for you to post a eulogy for Conkerpot Hugh.Are you struggling with what to put in it.Me,Bubs,Matte & Rads will help you,lol 😀

  • Err..err…nah! Over to you Tyson. What a peasant!

  • Perhaps those of us who live with disabled people have a different perspective Dainon

    • Dainon17 says:

      I think you can sing a song or make a joke about something without actually being an evil person, If you take actions in your life to harm people because they are a different sex, race religion or whatever thats a criminal offence and i obviously think thats abhorrent and even some jokes and songs are clearly off limits as they cross the line of acceptability but i guess the line of acceptability is different of each individual … is it ok to sing about someone whos ginger or bald .. or fat, tall, short or ugly ?? or like ‘i say should we just have a list of approved songs to stick to.

  • Hammerman6 says:

    I have been a Hammer for nearly 58 years, born of a Jewish family in the East End. All my family are hardened Hammers. I have friends who support Spurs who are from different ethnic backgrounds non Jews, Moslems and Christians, they all mock our Bubbles song, and give me constant stick. There is a large Hammers Fan base in Israel, who like me have a built in rivalry for Spurs…..As Cockney’s our sense of humour is second to none, so I think live and let live, banter and leg pull, but, remember the holocaust. That was not funny it was real and Football is just a game.

  • Well said Hammerman – right with you. And no i’m not Jewish but definitely Christian 🙂

  • mywhufc says:

    tough one this
    when i first heard about Kevin complaining and why, i thought it was the wrong thing to do, after all it wasnt aimed at his kid or any kid with a disability, unless you count playing for spurs a disability, (joke). But then i git to thinking. if i was in his shoes how would i feel, i am the father of an autistic boy and if any one called him a mong i wouldnt be best pleased,and then is it right to use that as a derogatory term aimed at someone not disabled.
    i now can see that the song is tateless but if we live in a country of free speech, what are the boundaries, what some will see as banter others, those mainly affected or with knowledge of those affected, will be upset by the chants. is it right, im not sure i know, but Kilbanes actions has certainly made me think about what i join in with singing.
    i am often accused of being a doinosaur in my outlook to football and what goes on at the games perhaps now its time to change.

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