Lanzini`s touching farewell message

Lanzini`s farewell


In June, after eight seasons, 226 appearances and 32 goals our midfield maestro Manuel Lanzini left finally left West Ham.

There is definite mileage in the fact that our Supremo criminally underused him and as a result he fell down the pecking order which was a genuine shame as he was a gifted footballer

Inevitably, this was probably the reason why his option to extend on his contract was not taken up and that is even sadder and to some extent is the fate of creative players under Moyes.

A firm crowd favourite, he will always be remembered for that pile driver finish as we scrapped back from being behind to nick a 3-3 draw against the Spuds.

Yesterday he sent out a rather touching farewell statement which those of us who will always remember him will surely be moved by.

He said alongside a video on social media: ” ‘I arrived as a child and leave as a man’

“It is hard to say goodbye to the place where one is happy .

“I arrived as a child and I leave as a man both personally and also in the football, where there were good and bad moments but always giving everything of me.

“I want to thank the institution for opening the doors of this beautiful club not only to me, but to my family as well. For accompanying me to grow as a footballer and for these eight years so beautiful that one lived.

“To the fans thank them for all the love they gave me from the first day I arrived, I found an incredible fans. They always supported us everywhere.

“And finally thank all my colleagues who were with me these eight years. Will always be in my heart. THANK YOU! Hammer forever. #ML10.”

Best of luck Manu, a true gentleman and Hammer



5 comments on “Lanzini`s touching farewell message

  1. Well done Manu – proper. Sadly another talent wasted by the manager.

  2. A class act and guy. I would safely say he would be still with us only for the way he was treated by Moyes Another example of how terrible a man manager he is.- he treated manu so wrong last season. Thanks Manu safe to say most fans wud have like you to stay with us and Moyes the one that left..

  3. It beats me how the club can release such a highly skilful and talented footballer such as Manuel Lanzini, who only turned 30 a few months ago…… whilst they continue to sign players of dubious quality (Downes) or those that represent a square peg fitting into a round hole (Haller, Scamacca). Then there’s the panic buys that will never be first choice (Ings). Rant over.

    Here’s wishing Manu all the very best for wherever he goes next. I hope he gets the lucratice contrat he deserves.

    Shame on you, West Ham.

  4. Sadly wasn’t the same player after injury. Also broke Covid rules.

  5. 100% agree.. shame on you West ham for not doing the right thing, shame on the board for listening to Moyes and not having the belief in Lanzini. You need to seriously wake up because if Moyes threatens to sell other top players because of his dour system we are only going in one direction, any remaining good players will go too. Shame on Moyes too. But I expected that of him but not of the board. All back to the cowardly unjustified decision not to sack Moyes. Bring back Manu at all costs he made us tick.

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