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Latest view of the fantastic Olympic Stadium

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16 comments on “Latest view of the fantastic Olympic Stadium

  1. So some of the intellectuals are jumping on board the persecution express yet the one that instigated all of it has the cheek to stand on a pulpit and send a email lol. Have a look back, see who started all this crap and maybe if he was removed from posting it would be a blessing? Just a thought might have to email Mr Dale.

    • Has a truce been called yet or is WWIII going on? Can’t be arsed with it all

      • Nope,its like a shark feeding frenzy.Wheres the article? I ain’t seen it yet where is it on c&h lmao.Eastenders should have a sister show called Wetenders lmao

        • What with cameo appearances for the C&H Swampies. I’m up for that 🙂

        • They’ll come and read it, go back and mention it , say we’re all ignorant ,inbreds, swamp dicks or trolls with multiple accounts and then put their halos on and strum their harps all the while embracing the one person who now writes a few articles who started it all!?

          • Believe it or not it is often how it happens GW.The original culprits involved in something then come running out as the saviours in a situation.They are looking for absolution or in simplistic terms a bucket load of brownie points.

          • To true Rick and they call me weak minded lol. Maybe all those who listen to his verbal diohorrhea( not allowed to swear anymore) should take a look in the mirror, rub the brown stuff of their snout and start thinking for themselves again?

  2. The more I see of the new place in videos like these, the more I realise how far from the pitch we will be in the upper tiers… this could be the biggest f*** up of all time

  3. Thanks for cheering me up Boleyn Boy.I ain’t been there yet so I’m trying to keep an open mind.Having said that I won’t be up in the gods anyway so I ain’t too bothered.I will wait until after the first match I go to before I start getting depressed 🙂

  4. Yeah, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I hope I’ll be in for a pleasant surprise 🙂

  5. The best thing to do is go in with an open mind.If you convince yourselves it is going to be rank it will be because you will be looking for every tiny fault instead of looking at it with an objective eye.Having said that I think it will be toss but I am willing to be proved massively wrong.

    • I’m certainly not looking for every tiny fault, all I want is a good view of the game and decent toilet facilities – anything else is irrelevant to me. In general I am a very open minded person, but I am going just on these video images – like you I hope to be proved massively wrong.

  6. I know Stanley,i am definitely open minded about it I’m just not expecting it to be some kind of paradise as it seems some believe it to be.Maybe their attitude is the best to have,but they they will be the more disappointed if it is below par.

  7. Should be a great stadium for watching the game,
    It’s funny I just drove past Lavantes old stadium and it reminded me of our old ground,
    Been around for ever but on match days buzzing as the number 2 club here and just got relegated,
    What a difference a year makes,unless you are a faithful Hippotitas, then the war goes on,

  8. Valencia couldn’t have been a happy city for football supporters last season bubs.I watch most the La Liga games on Sky,i enjoy the football.Far better than Serie A in Italy.
    Sorry Matte lol

  9. For many here they were sold out by the new owners,the ground that they have been building has not been touched for 2 years,
    No money was spent on players,they have watched their best players being sold every season since Raffa left,
    To be honest they were lucky to stay up,the Nevilles were rubbish and again proved being a good player does not make you a good coach,
    But the fans moan what ever happens,unlike us happy hammers,
    Most men watch the games in the bars and the ground is a very friendly family place,lots of kids and Ladies,but that does mean a very noisy ground full of atmosphere like Wembley on a youth match day,
    How could this old man not be happy with the season we had

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