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Leroy: Moses? Yes please…Jelavic? No thanks!

leroylogoI have mixed views on the two signings which the Hammers appear ready to make!

Victor Moses is a very good player and will bring a lot to the team  – even at over £5 million for the season which Hugh is reporting. It’s  good business and I’m looking forward to seeing that one completed.

I’m not sure about Nickicia Jelavic from Hull though. He hasn’t impressed me too much on the few occasions I’ve seen him.

His touch really isn’t all that and he doesn’t hold the ball up too well. However, he’s a fouth striker option as far as I can see and at around £2.5 million would be one for emergency situations as far as I can see – HOPE!

A fantastic win of course on Saturday. To score three times up there and win after so long was fabulous but Liverpool really should look at their attitude.

They were shocking and looked very cocky and arrogant to me believing they would stroll past the Hammers at the end of what had been a shocking week for our boys.

There was the Diafra Sakho arrest and the injury issues following a horrible defeat by Bournemouth but we went up there and produced a spot on performance, taking full advantage of a Liverpool team that just didn’t perform – that was so encouraging.

Slaven has got things spot on away from home but the players have let him down at home. He will get it right but the player must cut out awful mistakes and loss of possession in dangerous.

Once that’s sorted we are gonna be quite a team.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Leroy: Moses? Yes please…Jelavic? No thanks!

  1. Spot on Leroy,Moses would be a great signing.Jelavic pants!

    • YEAH totally agree. think they are panicking would have loved hernandes but silly wages.
      2.5 mill jelavic could fill a gap for now..

  2. Im not sure Jelavic will suddenly become a prolific scorer in his 30th year, but hopefully he will plug a gap till the injuries dry up. It just shows how we have come down to him from the highs of Hernandes. Still, at least we tried for some good strikers. Come back soon Valencia, Zarate and Carroll ( at least for a while ).

  3. Big YES for Moses … Big NO for Jelavik and absolutely NO NO NO to Hernandez rubbish anyway .

  4. Love to get Moses,just what we need.Jelavic is just bleh though.Underwhelming doesnt even being to describe it,lol

  5. Just read Hernandes wants 100k plus 90k a goal. Get carlton Cole back lower wages and 90k a goal be free for the season haha. SORRY Carlton love ya to bits but its a joke.

  6. Who would you say knows Jelavic better than the bloke who wants to sign him?, I’m talking about not only the player but the squads weaknesses and strengths, I’m guessing that Slav has plans for AC and wants cover for him which basically was a job for Carlton previously, you have to be able to shut up shop and leave an aerial threat up front sometimes or as we see in our home games you need to use the flanks, no good if there’s no on there who can rise above centre backs if Sakho is being rested and AC is injured, then there’s always the cup matches

    • Yeah Whambam,
      I previously commented something similar about Jelavic & the Boss’s previous relationship, thinking that it could just bear fruit.
      However, with Leroy’s son playing alongside Jelavic at Hull, I am sure his opinion is more based on watching him regularly and his judgement is far superior, than my hopes.
      I hope Leroy is proved mistaken and Slaven’s judgement prevails.We must wait and see.

      • Never thought of that mate and your right Leroy does have a bit of inside info and as always I respect his opinion and if he does sign, Leroy will be hoping he is wrong or misguided if that’s the case, like all of us he wants everything to go right for the club above all else, the way I see it is if he can come in and relieve pressure by resting our forwards a luxury we never had in the second half of the season to our cost at such a low risk/ budget, I’m all for giving him a chance and if we are backs against the wall playing City away and he does what Leroy did against Arsenal, then Leroy will be the first one up the bar to buy him a drink

      • Im not sure its to do with judgement….. more like any port in a storm

        • Lol,i think that is more the issue.If Bilic wanted Jelavic so bad he would have shown interest before now.Just as the options have dwindled away we have got down to the Jelavics of life 😉

    • Whambam i get where youre coming from but just because Bilic was his national manager doesnt mean he is going to be a good player.Would you trust all McClarens signings just because he managed a player when manager of England.I know i wouldnt,lol

  7. Cant wait for the window to close now. The owners and billic have got some great new signings in. I really hope the FA and FIFA take away the Jan TRANSFER window soon. They don’t need to have 2 transfer windows a year.

    • ‘ Cant wait for the window to close now ‘
      nor can I, but aint it just fun when we never had to worry about our best players leaving. I’m sure its the first time in my 50 years supporting.

  8. Very happy to see Moses in the team if this loan goes through.
    I wouldn’t be unhappy with Jelavic as a 4th striking option either.
    Obviously he isn’t on the level of other strikers weve been linked with but as you said wambam, who knows the player better than Bilic after coaching him in the past….He will know exactly what he is and isn’t capable of.
    Carroll is back for next game and so we would then have have 3 strikers fit with Jelavic included and you would hope both Carroll/Sakho will be fit for the 5 or 6 games between now and when Valencia returns before either need a break.
    Plus Zarate I think is back for Newcastle game.
    Weve knocked in the second most goals in the league so far so even though I wont be leaping out of my seat for Jelavic, combined with Moses and the injury returns I think we were ok.

  9. Well Johnboy the cheap assss faaaaarker got what he wanted Jelovic faaaaark me why are we buying has beens like him??? We don’t need to replace Maiga with even more crap. Give him up and go hard for Moses farrrrk it ain’t that hard. WHY DO WE ALWAYS WIND UP BUYING OTHER TEAMS RUBBISH!

  10. Seems like all the potential signings are using West Ham as a stepping stone to up thief market value and , or , wages . Tell Adybayour ( if that’s how you spell it ) to forget it and let Spurs pay 100 grand a week for nothing .
    No comment on Jelavic , could be good . Who really expected Lanzini to shine , or Zarate .
    Moses looks like a good potential loan ( loan ) .. OMG .

  11. I would love for us to go and get this Sisto dude, he could be another Mane & can cause some damage, better than Jelavic, Sisto can play wing come striker. Moses would be good but 5mil for a loan, I’m not sure.

  12. I am just trying to be positive and compare what we had to what we might have,
    Carlto,Nolan,Nenewere past their sell by date,Magia was sus standard,
    We have brought in quality and at the moment with Jelavic,Song and one of the 2 wingers or both looking likely I am happy,
    Slav probably knows more than us about who he wants as backup to Carroll and Sakho,
    I expect Lee and Alfitano or Jarvis to go maybe Collins and JOB
    Could be the best squad for many years,
    After Saturday let’s keep happy now I have seen Danions parents

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