LEROY tells Daves: Release Sam NOW!

LEROY (1)It’s time for a change of manager and I don’t mean at the end of the season – I mean NOW!

Yesterday’s performance at Manchester showed me that Sam Allardyce looks to have reached the point of no return and as a result the two Davids should thank him for his service and part company.

The season is limping towards the most depressing climax possible and all of Sam’s body language looked like that of a man who may be going through the motions.

Such has been the discussion about his future it can hard;ly be any wonder if he feels that way as the message is now firmly out there that it’s all over. Given the results since Christmas is that any wonder?

I’m sure his situation is getting to the players and what we need now is a caretaker boss with the players wondering whether there’s a possible future boss watching from the stands.

That will immediately wind them up to better performances and if it doesn’t then we don’t want them at the club anyway.

At the moment things are hopeless. The manager looking as if he’s off, the team not looking like a team and the best fans on the planet being sold short.

Yesterday’s performance at Manchester City was very poor. Here they were playing a team short on confidence and form yet they were simply brushed aside.

I’m sure they were interested  but quite honestly it didn’t look like it for long periods! Something NOW has to change.

As the chief pundit/analyst of this site there’s something else I want to say. The result of our poll today shows that 87 per cent want a change of manager.

There’s many who have tried to dub ClaretandHugh an anti-Sam site. Having known the site owner a lot of years I’d put it another way – it’s an honest site which is why I came to work for it.

I’m certainly not anti-Sam. I think he is a very good manager who will have no trouble finding another club but I don’t think he’s the right man to take us to the next level.

He’s done a very good job but doesn’t look like the guy to take us to the Olympic Stadium and beyond, so rather than let things limp on, lets put everyone – including Sam -out of their misery  and call it a day.

Tomorrow I will let you know who I think should take over!


About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

19 comments on “LEROY tells Daves: Release Sam NOW!

  1. Great read, spot on Leroy.

  2. Totally agree Leroy,the only reason I can think Sam isn’t fired is some strange sacking loophole in his contract because as many have stated on here he has cost us a few million in league place paymenst at the end of the season. Paying up two months wages,it should’ve been more,surely would’ve meant more income for the club.

    Or maybe they are just waiting for Jurgen to sign on the dotted line…..

  3. Amen to that leroy !!!!!!!

  4. Spot on Leroy,this is a ridiculous situation.Sam just wants to vanish into the bottom of his seat & not motivate the players as we saw yesterday,the players are looking totally uninterested & the fans(large numbers of) are sick of this saga.It is doing no one any favours at all & is becoming a total farce!

  5. Top read Leroy.We should never have kept him last summer,simple as that.It has only prolonged the inevitable parting of the ways.Could have saved us all this rubbish now 😉

  6. Totally agree Leroy, except that I don’t think BFS is a very good manager. He’s just a very good promoter of himself. 😉

  7. Leroy’s boots are made of Gold your spot on get rid now as cant see where our next win is coming from

  8. And it’s a yes from me

  9. Blimey – something original from Leroy where he’s not stating the blindingly obvious – good on you – I agree 100%.

    A bit of good news I’ve read today is that West Ham have decided against signing Alexander Song and are looking at James McArthur from Crystal Palace. I personally would like them to go for Jedinak as a holding midfielder but what do I know!

  10. Good point well made Leroy

    If for no other reason than to stop all the bickering between supporters there really is no downside to giving sam an early summer holiday.

    allows them the freedom to at least publicly be looking for a new manager and be open about it. Increases the chances of getting them in place soon after the seasons end.

  11. When the axe falls, as it surely must soon, the happiest man on the planet (Besides Bubs) will be Morgan Amalfitano, the poor guy has been given early retirement by Big Sam, what a waste of his talent, sitting on the bench for weeks on end watching the rubbish we have had to put up with. I think your right Leroy on every aspect of your critic and just hope the David’s take note of you and the poles, and give us a few more games to get interested in with some youngsters and flair players on the park.

  12. Even if they lose all remaining matches they won,t be relegated, in a funny way, I hope they do.,Don’t, get me wrong, because if they finish strongly??? Sam might survive ,AND DO WE WANT THAT **** NO!

  13. Dont think anything can save him now.He already knows hes out of the door.You can see he is a dead man walking with his attitude during matches.He doesnt give a sh*t anymore 😉

  14. I will just be part of the 87% that will be over the moon,
    I state again I just want to be entertained,
    BFS hater no not interested in BFS to hate him,
    Since Xmas this has been the worse show on the road,
    I don’t think anyone on this site actually hates BFS they just have a breaking point,
    When do the 2 Daves pull the trigger every game now is costing big money and not dividing the supporters but making them more hateful towards more than just BFS
    BFS bubs wants you gone ( nothing personal just bored )

  15. Leroy if asked would you take the reigns in an unpaid caretaker capacity? You are better placed than most .

  16. A manager who states he expects Cole to play an important part. What planet is he on. Cole is no more than a championship player these days. Nolan is too slow. Yet they are both constantly chosen to play. For some reason Allardyce is reluctant to play Nene and Amalfintano who I’m sure would make a big difference to the team.

  17. Yeah but they have a bit of flair to their games.That is no good to Samasaurus & his pre-historic style of play 😉

  18. can has he never copied your comments at least 40 people have written the same over the last 3 months but at least a professional pundit has raised his head above the parapet,
    Leroy has tried to give BFS time it rectify things but like all of us he has had enough and said so,
    I am sure this week the Savages,Shearers and Collymores of the world will be saying give BFS the benefit of doubt and give him another contract it’s called in there world sticking together, in our world loyalty among theives,
    Keep it honest Leyroy
    Keep it honest BFS GO NOW

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