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Lopetegui rumour has me worried for Academy stars


Paolo Fonseca is not my preferred choice for the next manager of West Ham. However, when compared with Julen Lopetegui, the decision seems straightforward.

On the surface, Lopetegui boasts superior credentials, with a CV filled with trophies and stints at high-profile clubs. Fonseca, on the other hand, has led a more nomadic career, with his successes largely bolstered by his tenure at FC Shakhtar Donetsk, where winning trophies is often seen as a given.

David Sullivan and Tim Steidten need to approach this appointment with caution and thoroughly assess the underlying coaching philosophies of their top candidates.

Whilst both coaches certainly have their strengths, one aligns more closely with David Moyes’ style than the other. It’s crucial, therefore, not to view them as identical solutions to the criticisms often directed at Moyes.

To be blunt, if the club aims to appoint a manager who significantly enhances the style of play, promotes young talent, and collaborates effectively with a director of football, then Lopetegui may not be the ideal choice.

Paolo Fonseca is once again linked with the West ham job

Fonseca would solve many of West Ham fans frustrations

The former Real Madrid manager has a history of clashing with people at previous positions, tends to favour experienced players, and prefers to control transfers. However, at 57, he is undoubtedly more tactically astute than Moyes and certainly better at organising a defence.

Fonseca, in contrast, is likely to appeal more to West Ham fans with his attacking style of play and openness to integrating young players.

The race for the next West Ham manager is still wide open, and I expect more lesser-known candidates to emerge. But as it stands, both Lopetegui and Fonseca are leading the charge and are keen on the position. I just hope the West Ham board proceeds with full awareness of their coaching difference.

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  • CB says:

    Lopetegui would be a 2nd choice behind Fonseca but I do believe fans are dismissing him too quickly.. He has fallen out with clubs before (Wolves for example) but he did sign young players while at Wolves and it instantly improved them. Cunha was 23 when he signed and Joao Gomes was 22. Plus Boubacar Traoré was 21. 3/4 of the Sevilla team that has won 2 of the last 4 Europa Leagues he signed along with Monchi their old DofF

    I understand the worry about not giving youth players a chance and there’s some evidence of that with Lopetegui. But unlike Moyes unfortunately in recent transfer windows, Lopetegui is prepared to sign good/young players and improve them. Would love Cunha and Gomes at West Ham for example

  • Peter says:

    Sully needs to butt out. This is Tim’s job. Shut up or sell up and stop wanting dinosaurs.

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