Lucas Paquetá

Man City Playing Games with West Ham Over Paqueta Fee


As previously reported on CandH, Manchester City’s renewed interest in Lucas Paqueta feels like a classic case of buyer’s remorse. They clearly still want the Brazilian playmaker, but their latest tactic seems to be squeezing West Ham on price.

Let’s be honest, the timing of City’s reported desire for a lower fee is awfully convenient. It coincides perfectly with Paqueta’s recent dip in form. West Ham needs every penny they can get from a Paqueta sale to fund their summer rebuild, and City knows it.

This feels like a replay of past West Ham transfer sagas with Payet and Arnautovic. Players push for moves, and the club ends up accepting less than desired. West Ham can’t afford another repeat.

David Sullivan and Tim Steidten need to dig their heels in. Paqueta has a release clause for a reason. City can either pay it or walk away. West Ham needs the funds for their rebuild, and they shouldn’t be pressured into accepting a discounted price, especially considering Paqueta’s talent and potential.

The Bernardo Silva situation at City doesn’t change this. If they truly value Paqueta, they’ll pay the fair price. West Ham shouldn’t be bullied into a fire sale.

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  • Bennyboy baker says:

    With other teams looking at the possibility of signing Paqueata Man City should not be trying to get him at a lower price our owners will I believe tell them to take a hike should they try Paqueta could walk into any club and fit straight in and maybe it’s a long shot but maybe he might just stay with us he is already a favourite with the fans and if he was to stay he would surely become a legend at West Ham just because Man City is classed as probably the best team in world football does not mean that every other club must bow down to their wishes paqueata has a minimum release clause so Man City must at the very least pay that and they may have to cough up more should the other clubs that are watching the situation closely decide to go into a bidding war with them yes pep is a great manager but then he has mega bucks club behind him so can buy their success

  • TommyTucker says:

    It’s a case of pay up or move on. Our club should not get held hostage by players and other clubs nor should it be allowed that other clubs upset our players. They didn’t do us any favours with Kalvin Philllps so why should we help other clubs out poaching our top talent. We aren’t a feeder club and if we don’t sell him we still earn on shirt sales. So City can pay up or do 1

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