Moneybags West Ham can afford Amorim fee

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West Ham can afford Amorim clause with money to spare 

Ruben Amorim’s buyout clause of £12-15 million is reportedly causing West Ham to hesitate about advancing their interest in the Sporting Lisbon coach.

The 39-year-old was rumoured to have declined the Hammers’ offer to replace David Moyes yesterday, preferring to hold out for an offer from Liverpool. However, with Liverpool now appointing Arne Slot to succeed Jurgen Klopp, Amorim is available, provided a club is willing to activate his release clause.

I believe that if West Ham were to demonstrate genuine ambition, they could persuade Amorim to join the club. Adding to the frustration is that West Ham could readily afford the release clause, especially given their strong financial position.

Amorim to West Ham deal can still be done

West Ham can afford Amorim: release clause is easily affordable for cash rich Hammers

West Ham are projected to generate over £350 million in revenue during the 2023-24 accounting period, setting a new record for the club, as reported by Claret & Hugh. This represents a significant increase from the £237 million turnover in the 2022-23 season, largely driven by another successful European campaign and the sale of Declan Rice to Arsenal over the summer.

Arsenal paid £105 million for Rice in July, and since he was a product of West Ham’s academy, his sale has significantly boosted the club’s profit on player sales.

With such financial power, West Ham is well-positioned to meet Amorim’s release clause and bring him to East London.

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  • Anonymous says:

    As usual complete conjecture and ********, you have no clue or idea what our club has planned, so do us all a favour and close

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    The speculation regarding who the next manager will be Continually carrying on until a decision is made moyes may well be in charge next season or we may have a new manager but whatever the outcome it needs to be sorted now being in limbo like this is no good for the team and the fans and managers that may be considering to take over from moyes no one knows where they stand so come on mr Sullivan make a decision now and put us all out of our misery

  • John Harrison says:

    You’ve touched a raw nerve there Gonzo 😉 Probably a good sign. I agree with you, it would be a great way to show ambition, especially as we’ll have further funding from the Paqueta sale. Everything still to play for. Thanks for the Slot update.

  • JB_15 says:

    I don’t understand Sullivan’s attitude to paying this sort of fee, but yet we spend £20m on Danny Ings, and £15m on Maxwell Cornet. Amorim if ( … a big if) he wants to come, would have a bigger impact on the club then any £15m player, so I can’t understand why he doesn’t see it like a transfer fee.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ambition …west ham ??? 😂😂👍

  • Anonymous says:

    It is definitely more speculation than accurate information, as Liverpool haven’t appointed Slot. All they have done is make Feyenoord aware he is their “preferred” choice and offered £9 million as compensation – which is well below the £15 million that Feyenoord are quoted as asking. So therefore saying that they have appointed him is definitely not the case!

  • ResultsMatter says:

    Big clubs must think “big”.

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Well said Gonzo. We genuinely are a seriously well off club. Im calling it now we’ll get AMORIM . The offer even blows the mighty Liverpool out the water .

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sure we would have known the release clause before flying him over.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sure we would have known the release clause before flying him over for talks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I get the feeling that some people dont want to work with him once they have met him.

  • Hsmmerpete6 says:

    It’s a fair point you make Gonzo we can afford it if we choose to, but then he apparently has rejected the West Ham project?

  • Anonymous says:

    Amorim was never interested in West Ham as a project and Sullivan had nothing to do with him flying to London. It was all some kind of smoke and mirrors ruse to try and push Liverpool to step up their interest, which seems to have completely backfired!

  • ELIZAPHAN siringi says:

    Liverpool mgt has done the right thing. If a prospective suitor decides to visit your competing neighbour in discreet at night and you come to know, then you lose trust andy call it quit by lunch hour Prime News🇰🇪

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