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I am not a David Moyes fan and his future at West Ham United is a topic of debate, but nevertheless, a strong case can be made for the club to retain him.

Moyes-Leverkusen-West Ham-The Hammers manager made a massive contradiction

Clarity or confusion? Moyes massive contradiction on squad depth

Moyes’ record at West Ham speaks for itself. He has overseen a period of significant improvement, culminating in European competition and a major trophy. The board’s contract offer demonstrates their recognition of his achievements and their desire for him to continue the project.

Recent performances have been concerning, but a sense of perspective is crucial. West Ham has made significant strides under Moyes, and a complete overhaul isn’t the answer. The club should focus on addressing specific weaknesses while keeping Moyes at the helm. His continued presence ensures stability and allows him to build upon the strong foundation he’s established.

The ill-fated appointment of Manuel Pellegrini as Moyes’ predecessor serves as a cautionary tale. Finding a new manager who can replicate Moyes’ success and navigate the complexities of West Ham isn’t a guaranteed success. A new manager would require an adaptation period, potentially jeopardising the momentum the club has built.

The board’s desire for better results is understandable. However, achieving those improvements is more likely under Moyes’ leadership. He already possesses a deep understanding of the squad and the club’s culture. This knowledge allows him to address shortcomings and push the team forward effectively.

Yes, I know that the Moyes style of play can be painful to watch but letting him go would be a gamble, potentially leading to a period of managerial instability that could derail the club’s progress.

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  • Anonymous says:

    ‘Be careful what you wish for’ ********. FO

  • Terry May says:

    Moyes style if play is torture.
    I am sick and tired of spending my hard earned money to watch other team attack us for a minimum of 70% of the game and us hoping fir a breakaway goal or goal from a set piece.
    His use if the bench/squad is beyond belief.
    I like many others thank him for the stability he brought to the club but since the start of 2024 not only has the style of play been abysmal the results have been very poor.
    Bring in a new manager/coach and bring back some enjoyment

  • Anonymous says:

    We could also have retained Sam Allardyce! Similar style after all, park the bus and hang on, hoping that we would not concede in the last minutes.

    Who Dares Wins, Del Boy, Who Dares Wins!

    Moyes Out. Enough is enough. A new dawn is needed.

  • Hammeroo says:

    The above Who Dares Wins is posted by me. Sorry, didn’t notice the new form below!

    • Ricky jones says:

      Moyes has done a great job in his time at the club and yes some of the time it has been a hard watch but we have been in Europe competitions regularly and have been very secure in the premier league we have some great players going forward but the defence is no we’re good enough to go all out against teams because of that with the season heading into its last stage now is the time to get the defence sorted out strengthen midfield and should Paqueata leave it will be very important to find a quality replacement along with a striker who can head the attacking front I believe that will all be sorted out successfully in the summer then moyes will have a team that can go all out in attack knowing the midfield and defence will stop any threat from the opposition

  • Hammeroo says:

    And sorry again. I should have said Who Dares Wins, Rodney! 🤣

  • Dean hodges says:

    You write this after we have won 2 or 3 games in 4 months, we have an old squad, we have a small squad that he is rinsing week after week, he refuses to play youngsters, he refused to bring in players in January yet again except of course Kalvin Philips (which should be enough on its own to see him gone), his football is an insult to your eyes, he has wasted millions of pounds on awful transfers and he is a defensive manager who can’t set his team out to defend!

  • BillyDWhizz says:

    All these itk’s banging on about being careful what we wish for. Do they not see that since January, we’ve been in literal relegation form? I really can’t see how Moyes will miraculously change his spots over one summer and transform the squad in to a dynamic, fast flowing attacking side – He just can’t/won’t. With him in charge next season, we can guarantee three things – A. mostly ineffectual low block tactics – B. conceding vast amounts of possession in the vain hope of the odd breakaway or set piece goal and C. A battle at the wrong end of the table.

  • Simon says:

    Please, enough of this silly ideas without proper analysis.
    Recent performances have been concerning … no sir. This has been coming on since last year … but covered up by the European wins.
    Plus add to that, the unhappiness of non-Moyes type players … Benny, Fornals, Haller, Scamma Downes, Cornett … who dont even get a consideration.
    Yet in comes Phillip’s immediately, and in stays Soucek, Bowen, Antonio etc, with first sub being Kudus.
    And then there are potential first team juniors … again Johnson and Mubama suffer.
    And then there is the disregard for the supporters.
    No consideration to press questions when the state of an injured player is inquired about.
    And lastly Moyes’ same team selection (accept for injuries) and horrible subs that do not improve the team …. etc, etc.
    So please … sub Moyes now, together with his blue-eyed boys and non-existent coaching staff … please !!!!

  • Jaybs says:

    Sorry can not agree with you in any way at all! We wish for better! Moyes should have gone at Christmas, wonder how much further we will sink down position wise in The Premiership, and tomorrow night, are we going to be knocked out? Pleas to retain him, are a joke.

  • Darren Turner says:

    You say you’re not a Moyes fan, but go on to defend.
    No thanks the sooner this season is over with and he’s gone, the better

  • Wozza says:

    It’s so painful seeing all these links to exciting young players that get posted and knowing with Moyes that it’s never going to happen. If he’d been playing our youth prospects and we’d lost games I’d still see it as progress, a way to integrate them into next season. But no, we’re losing games because the squad is old and tired as there’s no rotation or trust outside of his core players. What young hungry player looks at us and sees a way to really develop and get first team opportunities? I know we can argue they’re not ready or good enough but I’d still rather see that with my own eyes. Develop from the academy for home grown talent or spend fortunes getting people in who don’t play or meet the grade. Thanks Moyes, should have walked last summer but please, no more. Pundits advice taken on board, I’m very sure about what I wish for thanks!

  • Pete says:

    Moyes doesn’t know football and will relegate us next season if he stays

  • Anonymous says:

    Poor man manager outside of his same starting XI, unable to manage the transition of youth players into the squad (unlike Liverpool), poor style of play with no plan b, low possession footballl even at home against ‘lesser’ teams. Four years in and the squad depth is appalling. To many other things to list tbh.

    Pros, stability, yes man for the board, European football. Twobob cup.

  • Bertil says:

    I understand the points you make about Moyes.
    However, I really think that he has reached his limit with this team. Outside of the starting 11, he hasn’t managed the squad well at all.
    When he has called upon them, they have been unused for so long, that they are beyond rusty.

    Looking at the teams in Europe, over the last week or so. We have been the only ones to set up with such a low defensive block. Football just isn’t played that way anymore. I will always be grateful for what Moyes has done whilst in charge, and lets be honest he has been great, but if we are to move forward then changes need to be made.

  • Saul says:

    All these fans saying if Moyes stays next season we’ll be relegated seem to be living in cloud cuckoo land. With Moyes as our manager we won’t get relegated, i’d put my house on it. I LOATH his style of football but the man has got us into Europe 3 years in a row, with a possible 4th on the horizon and even if not we have had an incredible run of a semi final, a final win and a quarter final. Jesus, we’re West Ham, not Liverpool. It’s made midweek more interesting than the usual Saturday to Saturday wait. And i don’t see our board being like that of Brighton, who clearly identify the best possible replacements in coaches and players and have them lined up in case of any departures.

    There is a reason the pundits are saying be careful what you wish for. I’m not a fan of Moyes just as Mr. Leyland isn’t but his point is EXTREMELY valid and worth taking heed of.

  • Zahama says:


    Nice to see your posts again – perhaps you’d become a victim of the physical / electronic difficulty of actually posting on C & H. Once more many thanks to Gonzo for sorting that out

    Saul your points are valid. I would love to see us play attacking football and Slav’s farewell to the Boleyn was great – but what followed was much worse than Moyes – the West Ham way ? Go 2-0 up at home against Watford and then lose 4-2. I remember a Liverpool manager (I think it was Bill Shankley) once saying “West Ham lovely club, play nice football – and we always beat them” – I am not sure if THAT is what we wish for

    • Darren Turner says:

      Liverpool still beat us but now we don’t play nice football.

    • Saul says:

      Bang on the money, Zahama, with regards to the posting AND the good ol’ Slav days!! Cheers for your welcome, nice to read some balance for a change!

  • Anonymous says:

    Omg are you serious

  • Ian says:

    The squad has been. severely decimated over. the past year for a. number of reasons . Now. Will. require a big effort of rebuilding. the obvious question is what talented player would want to join the club under such circumstances. I.e. NOT HAVING A CLUE WHAT THE FUTURE MAY LOOK LIKE ..
    perhaps the club. and Moyes do know? and keeping it to themselves? this is not good for anyone so hopefully not the case . the manager should make up his mind( PUBLICLY) NOW.
    alternatively others may be proceeding with identifying to recruit. later. on without any team strategy? DOUBTFUL.
    Thirdly could a replacement manager be involved ? setting out an agreed strategy?
    I believe the next few days are critical when issues will be clearer , and l really hope that. MR. MOYES will decide NOW ,rather than leave it to the end of of this season , as he has threatened? Consequently wasting more valuable time for restructuring ..

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