Moyes is wrong: Kalvin Phillips is finished at West Ham

By all means support him but Kalvin Phillips is finished at West Ham 

It’s all well and good for David Moyes to plead for support for Kalvin Phillips. The on-loan West Ham midfielder is having a torrid time in East London, and seemingly, nothing is going right for him. However, Moyes is the person in pole position and really in control of Phillips’ destiny.

While it’s absolutely correct for the club to wrap a comfort blanket around the player and support him internally, However I highly advise against playing him tomorrow when West Ham faces Tottenham at The London Stadium.

It’s very difficult to anticipate the response from West Ham fans towards Kalvin Phillips, so why test it? It’s not as if he’s crucial to a Hammers victory, and in fact, it’s probably fair to suggest that he might be our worst player currently.

Kalvin Phillips is finished at West Ham

Kalvin Phillips is finished at West Ham despite what David Moyes says about the players Hammers future

Moyes was keen to stress that Phillips still had a contribution to make at West Ham this season, but I’m not too sure. I understand the messaging, but the gaffer’s words were really just empty platitudes, albeit well-meaning ones.

Almost anyone is a better option than Kalvin Phillips in the Hammers’ midfield. Moyes is reluctant to use youngsters, but does he really think Lewis Orford would do worse than Phillips? Even defender Ben Johnson is a better midfield option right now.

I wish Phillips well for the remainder of his career, but he might be better off starting afresh next season with a new club.



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6 comments on “Moyes is wrong: Kalvin Phillips is finished at West Ham

  1. Sadly, the attitude shown by Moyes highlights the stupidity of our manager who does not understand football. Or is just too arrogant to admit another extremely expensive mistake by Moyes.
    And that the board does not step in and correct this matter immediately shows them up badly too.

  2. What do you do with a manager who can’t manage? Sack him! He’s incompetent in assembling a squad big enough to cover positions for domestic and European games, in rotating the players he has, in utilising the club’s young talent, in team selection, in game management and in tactical substitutions. Did I miss anything?

    Thanks for the memories David, particularly the Conference Cup. But it’s time to go.

    Moyes Out!

  3. The truth of the matter is David Moyes is being shown to be a manager clinging on to past glories , DM i- his goose is cooked after that Newcastle defeat , he can’t manage top players or bring on youngsters , he operates using a small squad which can’t be done when fighting on Europa league and domestic fronts

  4. Moyes needs to wake up Phillips is by far the worst player in the premier league right now and is most likely the worst bit of business moyes has done and he can’t or won’t accept that his attitude beggars belief he claims he’s turned us into a club that challenges for Europe and yes we won a trophy for the first time in 40years but that is in the past it has no bearing on what is happening now our defence is shot to bits and needs strengthening but when he had. The chance to bring in some quality players he chose Phillips a position that was more than ok we needed defenders we got a player that is so far off the mark it’s painful to watch our midfield and front players are more often than not playing with both hands tied behind their backs and when we are ahead in a game as we were against Newcastle moyes reverts back to type instead of finishing Newcastle off moyes gave them the game by his actions to reflect from his bad decisions he blames the players the fans the referee the guys running the line he would even blame the pope if he could get away with it moyes needs to go his time is up why can’t the owners see what needs to be done

    • @Bennyboy Baker. In all good fun, I wonder if you speak without stopping for breath, the same way that you type? I can see only one full stop in your dialogue and we can clearly see even that was inserted accidentally. But I get your drift and agree with you!

  5. Understandable views, but it was the ref’ & VAR which lost us the game at Newcastle. – although I agree that Moyes’s substitutions were poor & played a part. It can quite fairly be said that Moyes has the most successful record of all our managers; & we are current Conference CUP holders. – not past. I agree that he has made poor decisions on squad selection & on substitutions & on tactics, but – apart from some abysmal performances against Fulham, Liverpool & Arsenal – he has got us into the top 10 in 3 of the last 4 seasons.
    Personally, I am in a dilemma as to whether he should stay or go. I will leave my assessment until the end of the season; & be careful what I wish for !

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