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PIC: Zaza and DS shake hands and cross arms

JobdoneAnd so – as we told you – it’s job done.

The beaming Simone Zaza poses for the now traditional pic with David Sullivan displaying himself as the latest Hammer.

Negotiations started at 7.30am this morning and it was at around 9pm this evening that a text appeared on my phone from a source close to the talks declaring: “It’s done – he has signed.”

An hour earlier we had received a “no deal” message. It really was that sort of day but at the end of it all co-chairman David Sullivan concluded a deal which will see us pay £5 million this season as a loan fee and a further £20 million to sign the striker on a permanent deal.

Welcome Simone – whom we are told had made it clear the only Premier League club he would join were the Hammers – a team he has has followed from Italy for several years.

The Italy international’s signature may not be the last this window as we are still looking to bring in Manchester City’s Wilfried Bony.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

42 comments on “PIC: Zaza and DS shake hands and cross arms

  1. Job done.Good news.

  2. Hahahahah Rads ? Guess what mate ? 25 mill? Better book you’re fitting ?( SMILEY ! SMILEY ! SMILEY )
    Strange sully doing buisness in his underpants , lol ? ( smiley )

  3. Really? Lol deals change hour to hour sometimes, let alone from days ago, besides the way it’s structured seems to back up the fact that was juve’s stance

  4. Woot woot! Lol zaza will be making some people eat there words this season …..all this constant negativity they bring to our club , from the chairmen to the manager , our stadium our players and our signings ….they can all jog on …COYI ⚒⚒⚒⚒

  5. I know this is going to sound pure fantasy, but 2-3 years ago I wrote about this player here (or maybe another site) as an option for West Ham. So much that I even transferred him to WHU on Fifa 13, and I had tons of fun with that. Today, fiction becomes life.

    I just hope he comes good. Nocerino and Borriello, who came for six months under Allardyce were not too lucky because they did not have much time to show what they were worth, but they did bring that optimism and something else that we needed to galvanize the team and the club at the time. Hopefully Zaza does that and more.

    Auguri Simone !

  6. saw that picture on jack Sullivan’s Twitter account. Picture from yesterday. Thankfully Zaza wasn’t too seriously disturbed by jacks dad’s shorts.

  7. The news was revealed by Jack Sullivan, the son of chairman David Sullivan, on Twitter.

    Sullivan tweeted: “5m loan fee, if he plays a small number of games it becomes a permanent 5 year deal and we pay another 20m euro plus additional add ons

    “ZAZA signed, full details on WHU website tomorrow. One of the toughest deals ever to get across the line. #COYI.”

  8. Quite funny though how angelo ogbonna broke the news before jack Sullivan by revealing it in an interview which appeared on the official site and then disappeared again. Not before the media had got hold of it though. Ha ha.

  9. Canchaz just come and have a pop when someone gets one thing wrong,
    Then go hide being miserable as normal,
    He is a good player and probably the best we can expect at the moment but no world changer,

  10. Someone should have a serious word with Little Dave about his clothes – what with the Claret Smoking Jacket, the Russian General’s get-up and now these dubious shorts – maybe he’s got that condition where you can’t empathise with other people – you know when you walk in the room and everyone asks if you got dressed in the dark!

  11. Last night someone with the handle @Indykaila was claiming an exclusive on the Zaza signing – and @exwhuemployee always seems very keen to claim credit on this sort of stuff – I just thought it was about putting the info out there it doesn’t matter who’s first!

    • It was simply a reference in my case to the story an hour earlier. And you are right it’s only about the info. Everybody has been all over the story for days and I don’t mind criticism but when it comes from one person on virtually everyting written I start to lose patience. Hope you are well Mike.

      • All good here – enjoying the new Stadium, particularly the real ale bars – the football’s been pretty dire so far but that’s West Ham – it’ll get better.
        Hope you are well – best wishes.

      • Hugh, if people don’t like your site (mentioning no names Canchaz – persish the thought), they can always go somewhere else, but guess what? Bet they don’t. Why? Because we all like this site (….if not always each other! HAHA!), because we like what you do….

        On that score, I notice how you have been strangly and suspiciously silent about my theory of the Insider being Ron Atkinson…Yes, I know how brilliantly incisive I am (well, it goes without saying….but I say it anyway, naturally), after my careful scrutiny of the photo….
        But your refusal to deny can only make people think my theory is correct…Correct? OF COURSE it’s correct: The Insider is Ron Atkinson…. obviously…. OBVIOUSLY….

        • F n C – Canchaz generally moans or picks up on typo’s wherever he goes, that’s if he isn’t already trying to convince you he “told you so” 🙂

  12. I find Dave’s dress sense pretty weird too; the Russian General – as though he was off to a pogrom, where the Russians big time copped the defenceless Jews (especially as Dave is himself Jewish)…V odd!
    And now completing a deal in his boxer shorts – not exactly black tie, is it? (Of course, he has just been in hospital, for a serious heart condition – he shouldn’t be doing these deals – it will put him in an early grave – none of us want that!)…But hey, considering how he (with DG + KB) has masterminded a complete reverse of fortunes for WHU, with a long series of brilliant deals, as far as I’m concerned, Dave can wear what he likes!
    Frankly, I do feel the signings this summer have not been as inspiring as the prev 2 summers.
    I really hope I am wrong – and I do like to be proved wrong! – but Ayew and Zaza feel expensively ordinary, and so far Calleri and Tore are not looking all that good. But it is still but far too early to come to conclusions on those 2 IMO, esp that Tore is being played on his unfavoured wing….
    I really wanted that Jansen who went to Spurs (! – enough said!) or that French guy Jebber?? ….
    BUT even so, Fletch and Masuaku are inspired. Just those 2 put a massive grin on my face! And Feghuoli is certainly no slouch…
    Bit of a concern that we still haven’t bought a RB…But not if it is going to make Dave ill…

    • Feghouli will be a real asset when fit.
      My prediction is that, in spite of Bilic’s relationship with him, Tore will see less and less playing time as Feghouli, Lanzini, Payet and Antonio seal their places in the side. Tore’s loan deal might not be made permanent.
      Fernandes will impress too, when he gets a go.
      If Nordtveit’s injury lasts beyond the international break, he might find it difficult to break back into the side.

  13. Expect we’ll know soon enough if Zaza is right for us , hope so . It’s been an age waiting for some known striker to sign . We’ve certainly got a bag of Shake & mix this season . Some positive last minute deals ; well done Dave ., about time too . I wasn’t in the best of moods on Friday when it really started getting to me going out to Astra ., on reflection maybe it was for the best . Looking forward to this evening ; can we upset Mank City , I see no reason why we can’t if our defense is switched on .
    Prefer our shorts to Sullivan’s pants , that’s for sure .

  14. Sod what some people say or think Hugh.It could be worse,you could run a site where most the users sound like a load of moaning octogenarians trying to raise a petition to boycott the local village fete because Daphne the parish council chairwoman didn’t let them have a largest leek section this year lol 🙂

    • Wet pants weren’t invted then rads ? ( smiley ) they wanted the largest tent to show their wares ? Or what they wear I should say . ( smiley )

    • Rads I don my hat to you that is the best description I’ve seen 🙂 No more Wet Pants it’s now Daphne’s Parish Council.

      • Mate they do my head in.Its like an old womans coffee morning around Mrs.Mertons.
        Someone stick them all in an Age Uk coach for a day trip to Frinton on Sea,it might cheer the miserable tw*ts up rolling their trousers up,sticking the hankie on the head & singing a bit of Vera Lynn on the way home lol

  15. Interested in the deal made ? Just hope they reveal all the nitty gritty ! Do we have to buy after the loan or not ? Just a yes or no ? It should be no lol if not its a huge gamble .
    Don’t know why they didn’t just do a deal for 45 mill for a proven 20 + ?? But hey ! Who’s panicking ???
    The few games bit sounds like a cover for the deal ! Just doesn’t add up , surely its performance that matters in a loan ?
    Dose not sound like a water tight buisness deal ?
    Wish the bloke well as with all that come on board , goes without saying ! He wasn’t my choice but hope to be kicked in the bolloxs if wrong ? ( smiley )

  16. Good to finally get it over the line. Next time he scores a winning goal it should be for us not against us. Once everyone is back we have a strong squad again

  17. Well I was wrong and am the 1st to admit it,
    I was sure daddy was going to say know,
    Anyway that’s Ali G with Dave not Zaza,

  18. Have no fear Radai I’m sure the Golden Girls on our merry sister site are just finishing their eggs Florentine before starting another day of moaning.

  19. I see the shrek and his mate the Preston night crawler are at it making remarks about payet and bony lol.?
    Why don’t thy just fuk right off !! 10 mins each in a locked room !!no more crap ? Sorted ??
    ( devil )

  20. Interesting deal.
    I hope there’s no penalty clause!

  21. Zaza was always Slav’s first choice. Last season we tried unsuccessfully to get him, when you read this tribute to him it should hopefully give an idea of what we may expect, it also shows his goal which was voted goal of the season by the bianconeri

  22. The insider probably is Ali G,
    Borat,the man in the know,
    Canchaz is just depressed and needs some friends,

  23. I hope this is a great signing lads and he makes me eat my words. I t does not change my mind about him one bit – he is not the player to bring us to the next level.

    • The next level.I will just settle for a striker who doesn’t get injured all the time & can score a few goals right now John.Lets not run before we can walk lol 🙂

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