Real West Ham fans reveal route of march

The Real West Ham Fan action group has announced the proposed route of the 10th March march.

The Action group said on their official Twitter account: “We march as one. This the proposed route. So we’re going to meet at Stratford park which is next to Stratford police station. We will go right out the park and walk down to the end of the road where you’ll see Stratford Center (not Westfield) We will turn left from there and walk down the high street until we get to Warton Road. We will then march down there and turn left on that road which will lead us towards the green behind the players Car park as our final destination and speeches will take place.”

“We have a meeting with the police next Tuesday, we’re also waiting for permission from local authorities and landowners to see if we can use their land. We march at 11:30 so be there early”

Ahead of the march on 10th March the Real West Ham Fans Action Group have released a 37-minute video on Youtube. Andy Swallow and Micky Morgan take a trip down memory lane to the Boleyn and visit businesses and West ham United fans affected by the move to the London Stadium.

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

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  1. I get why they are doing this, its a way of letting their feelings known.
    Unfortunately its 5 years too late, they should have done it when we were at Upton Park, there is no turning back now but I do hope they can have some little victories.
    The badge, the local traders and get Brady out of the crap paper the Sun.
    Gold & Sullivan are going nowhere, not at least until they don’t have to pay the tax payer 50% of any profit on a deal past 2023.
    Even then, were still at the new ground, but maybe they will be begging us to take it over by then and things can be changed.
    Good luck boys, I’ll be coming just to support the local trades and get London off the badge.

  2. Let’s hope it shakes that wallet loose as well !
    I’ll be there 😉

    • Doing what ,, exactly ? . Sacking the very people that handed us Survival !.
      Can’t you see that we are getting Stronger even as we speak ?.
      Leaping out of the water like a Salmon because it’s too cold , or fighting for survival ? .
      Keep the faith , Lazarus , we will bounce back old chap . Don’t join the minority mass of hate and destruction . YOU ARE a better fan than that .

      • I’ll be there marching on the 10th March..Saved our club and also took us to a rented athletics stadium so far from the pitch. Spurs had the right idea and have shown us how to do it….Its more than the move, its also the way they conduct themselves, in the media. About the lack of investment and a number of lies which the board have told. Also finally the badge needs changing and London removing. A marketing tool not for the real fans but as andy swallow says the day tripper..incredible to think the club also charged each steward at Upton Park £25 to buy there high vis steward jacket, some of these stewards had been there 10 or 15 years..says it all really..

  3. I will be there too. My aims are limited to letting them know I am not happy with team building progress. We are 7th in terms of resources in the premier league. I don’t want the world I just want us to perform – on average – at that level.
    So every year I think it’s reasonable to expect a finish between 5th and 10th without relegation worries. And a decent cup run with us at least getting to the last 8 of one of the cups each year.
    I don’t expect or even want the current owners to sell up. I don’t want to scape goat Karen Brady (Although any chairman of any company needs to be careful what they say in public so the Sun column might not be a good choice)

    • I think many of us would be happy with that for a few seasons Stow, I won’t be on the march and am hopeful if we can secure Moyes that next season we would be doing that, in fact I would go so far as to say other than the last season at UP with Moyes in charge we would have been doing that.

  4. I was in New York last week.2 Hammers are flying in from there specially for the march.Reckon we will get 20,000.See how G.S.B. like that.

  5. Waste of time and effort … all stoked up by complaints and moans from non-appreciative fans . …. we can’t all agree with the David’s & Lady Brady , But without them we would have melted with the spring tide . We would have been in liquidation and playing our football against Leeds United or even Sutton United . Obviously most of these so called “ real west Ham fans “ are too young to have seen the Hammers in years gone by . I think Thier behavior is disgusting and nothing to do with supporting Thier club . It is , Basically , non-support . In my opinion they can all go and do one .

    • What a load of rubbish Kevin.I have missed 10 home games in 49 years and have seen around 500 away games .I will not go and do one.I intend to get my club back.

    • Kevin, like I say above, I will march. I don’t think that makes me more real a fan than anyone else. I do appreciate the current owners but I also have the right to let them know I am not happy with the current policy (or maybe poor policy execution).
      There is no way that everyone on the march will have the same views but this sort of protest will (already has) force a reaction.

  6. ‘Finishing up behind the players car park’, great, what a positive atmosphere that is going to create for a 6 pointer game. Brilliant well done lads !

  7. these people are hankering for the past and the area they were born and grew up in. thats understandable but what they forget is the majority of west ham fans probably dont have the same attachments. thousands have always travelled in from outside of london, from essex or kent or wherever and probably couldnt wait to get away from green street as quickly as possible after the game, probably after queing for donkeys years at upton park tube station. they came from miles around to watch the team they love play football, simple as that. they diddnt come to visit nathans pie and mash or the boleyn pub but if that was part of your matchday experience then good luck to you. understandable you would miss it. this is all in the past now, we need to move on as a club. these people are in mourning for the past i get that. if this pointless march helps them get closure then so be it but personally i think its just doing nothing apart from dragging our club name through the mud, causing bad feeling and fanning the flames of discontent at a time when west ham needs its fans to get behind them more than ever.

    • I am from W.G.C. with no links at all to the East End.There will be around 35 of us from W.G.C. marching.Most of us have no links to the East End.We are marching for the love of West Ham United.

  8. I’m all! For it it will show the board that around 70% of us are not happy ..if people think the board are doing a good job they are just kidding themselves. IMO

    • So, going by your 70% figure there will be 40,000+ on the walk of shame. IMO you are not the best at calculating

  9. One of this groups biggest gripes is the change to the badge but its gone back to how it used to be. i preferred the castle but as a former boxer out of bethnal green west ham london reminds me of londsdale london and i havent got a problem with it. its also the name of our stadium at least untill it becomes known as the red bull arena or something.

  10. When did any march ever make a difference? And for those who want our old club, you are incredibly naive. Gold and Sullivan have made numerous mistakes.

    I don’t like the ‘London’ on our badge. I think there should be a family area in the new stadium. They need to stay off social media. They need to make the stadium feel more like home on match days.

    However, they saved our club. It was them or Tony ‘I’m a West Ham fan’ Fernandes. Look what he did to QPR. They are listening to other people within the club and I think better times will come. I loved Upton Park but times move on. It’s time some fans did too.

    • It’s not just the move, but the way the owners conduct themselves and represent our club. Lack of investment and broken promises. Finally pressure needs to be put onto the board to get the badge changed. We are not West Ham United London. Please respect fans want to march and if you don’t want to that’s your choice, I’m glad your happy with how the club is being run. Many are not and that needs respecting.

      • They didn’t promise anything as best as I can remember they made a load of statements which weren’t worth the paper they were written on, lets face it we had one good season the last at the Boleyn, the best season in 30 years which was a one off that coincided with our last season at the Boleyn, it could be argued now that we know about Slav’s complete lack of a training regime or discipline, that the fans made that season so special just as we did in 86, if the fans united against the opposition instead of the board and Stadium we could do the same at the LS, the atmosphere can be intimidating if the crowd are upto it, when we beat Chelsea in the cup in the first season at the LS the atmosphere was the best I had experienced at a game in decades, there was that sense of menace that used to be at night games at UP we played Chelsea off the park for most of the match before capitulating weakly to Utd in the next round.The stadium isn’t the problem and never was its a number of fans, whatever the numbers I am not sure how many of those will be attending the match, look at how many turned out on the streets for our last game at the Boleyn, we are the best locally supported team in London no doubts about that as has been proved with the ease in which we fill 57000 seats most weeks, if we had a capacity of 100000 we would fill it most weeks, we could certainly sell 90000 season tickets. I am not sure how many fans will do this march or what it will achieve most of the noises I hear are anti-board but supposedly thats not the aim, if the board listened and came off the media bandwagons it would be something but then I have no doubt like when they listened to the fans about transfer dealing leaks that they would still be villified and accused of keeping the fans in the dark.

      • I do respect people’s right to march and respect freedom of expression. I’m just saying no march achieves anything whether it’s against a football club or a governement. If anyone can tell me what March did, I will be surprised. People are banding numbers like 40,000. You can halve that right away. Most are keyboard warriors just liking it on the Facebook group. I hope the march is a success. But they won’t sell up and fans have to accept that.

    • Cas, it has already made a difference with Mr Sullivan promising a change in recruitment approach and him delegating more.
      Could be porkies but at least he is feeling enough under pressure to react. Let’s do the march and reinforce the message.
      I think mass protest like this is a powerful tool. You do not get an immediate change but it impacts attitudes. The media ate picking up on it and the owners are facing criticism there too.
      We cannot spend like the big boys but we must make it clear that we must act like a club with ambition in the transfer market.

  11. Do I like the badge, not a lot, preferred the old one, do I like the stadium, yeah, it’s OK, but I would like to be closer to the pitch and I preferred UP, do I like Brady, not a lot, would prefer she wasn’t part of it, the owners, don’t mind them to be honest, preferable to the Icelandics or Terry Brown, preferable to some foreign owner who really doesn’t give a sh*7. Am I angry, only about performances over last two seasons, got to say think Slaven was at fault for a lot of that, Moyes is rapidly growing on me. Do I wish we were still at UP, not really, being pragmatic about it we had to move and we had no money….we were broke when the Dave’s took over. Am I going to march about a badge, no, not really.

  12. I am a member of their Facebook page and 99% of the ‘Real’ West Ham fans group are over 50, it seems. I only joined as I thought it was a proper West Ham fan group but all I see is a bunch of moaning old geezers in flat caps! Probably spent their entire childhood at UP, so are bitter as though they were ‘evicted’ from their home. These are the type of people who don’t update to the latest tech, I bet most of them still have a Nokia 3310 and use Windows XP. I live in Kent and since moving to the LS, getting to the stadium is bliss! No waiting in traffic and looking ages for a parking space, it’s just 12 mins on the train door to door! Never at UP! It’s only been 2 years since LS move, Rome wasn’t built i a day! Onwards and Upwards i say. COYI!

  13. Same for me Trev. Door to door in an hour from Kent into Pudding Mill Lane. My kids prefer the experience too. Some old Essex boy engaged me in conversation for the whole 90 minutes the other day whinging about the stadium, the prices, the atmosphere and how he wanted Upton Park back. I wanted to ask him why he was even there but was just easier to ignore him.

    • I have stopped doing it now but on a few occaisions where I heard whingers and they in my experience of having sat in nearly every part of the stadium are a very vocal minority in the stadium other than a few blocks behind each goal where they are more prevalent, they would tell me how they weren’t going to be renewing their season tickets so I offered to buy them off them and to name their price, even gave a few my mobile number not one of them did and whats more we had the lowest amount of season ticket holders not renewing in the league can’t remember the exact figure but it was a trivial amount didn’t renew so unlike what we hear judge that by the facts and make of it what you will 😉

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