Slav refuses to buy into OS myth

Slaven Bilic has again warned against the fanciful idea that a big stadium makes you a big club.

For months – with some justification – the club has been singing the OS praises and YES it will be terrific.

But the idea that in itself it can make us into the club we has always wanted to be is a ludicrous and Slav simply doesn’t buy into the myth.

He likened it to Billericay taking occupancy of Wembley and expecting to become a big club declaring: ‘I don’t even know which division Billericay are in but I remember when I was playing here Harry Redknapp always used to use them as an example of a small club or something that was not good.

Billericay could rent Wembley and play their home games there next season but would it suddenly make them a big club? No it wouldn’t.

This is just a step any club wanting to improve has to take, either to build a bigger stadium or rent one for a year or two.

West Ham will move into the Olympic Stadium for the start of the 2016-17 season
Unfortunately it does not make you a big club straight away. For this to happen you need time, good players, a good team and to be successful consistently for a number of years.

It was the same with Manchester City when they got all the money. It didn’t happen for them straight away. They took a few years to start winning things.

The expectations are going to be high but they were high this season.

I don’t think people will be thinking that just because we are moving there we will be fighting for the Premier League or Champions League. The people know.”


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12 comments on “Slav refuses to buy into OS myth

  1. I don’t think anyone has said that moving to the OS will transform our club into a champions league team overnight. But what it will do, with it’s bigger capacity, wonderful transport links, and greats location is make us a club that has the tools and potential to move alongside the Arsenals, Manchester, Uniteds Chelseas, and Liverpools. Certainly a club that will be in the eye of those wishing to invest in the Premier League. Onwards and upwards. The future is bright. The future is Claret and Blue.

  2. I love this bloke ! He has said exactly what the logical ones have said ! This is a long term project and do not get carried away as some have !! IMO D.S is one of them , grate full that I am he has splashed some dosh ( borrowed ) and getting free dosh from the box ( loads ) does not guarantee success ? Spend a couple of hundred mill and you might have a argument , but they haven’t ! Next year is going to be megga hard to compete for a top 5 because of the dosh the prem have got to divi up ! I hope Bilic is here for years to come and hope the Dave’s do not have delusions of grandeur on a two Bob budget . Personally I don’t give a toss about Europe and top 5 as long as we keep what we have going cos we have our team back , winning a cup and going into Europe are bonus,s for any team and when and if it comes I will welcome it , until then let’s enjoy the west ham we love watching and move with Bilic and his dreams for the club he loves , Bilic is class , never forget that , he can only do his best with the budget he gets , that in its self is a plus because we have a top side for peanuts outplayed , which tells you how much Bilic is worth , I love this bloke, class !!!!!

  3. Brentwood Gazette have already accused him of “slamming” Billericay lol.
    My view is being a big club is down to :
    the supporters
    the owners
    the players
    the manager
    the stadium
    ……. in that order.

    • Fishes you forgot the money !!!

      • I tried to forget it lol.
        but that like anything else comes from the owners, which is why I put them second.

        • by the way johnboy, we spent 70 mil in the last 18 months and Man U spent 260 mil in that time. So the money is not proportionate to size, seeing that I would not swap our position for theirs in the big club league. Our chairmen and manager used our less money more effectively than their more money.

  4. Bilic is quite right and as sensible as ever to ground people expectations. Moving into such a large stadium will be huge for us it should bring in more revenue providing it can be sold out which looking at the reserve list for tickets it should be. Yes it should entice bigger players to the club and hopefuly the extra revenue will allow us to buy some big players. But its success will aways be about the Fans and the way the club actualy plays. So the omens look very good for us but by no means full proof.

  5. It’s not the stadium it’s the point that it will be sold out for every game,
    There’s loads of nice stadiums around the Reabok at Bolton,
    The Stadium of light,( be along time before that will be sold out)
    We have the fan base to actually fill Wembley week in week out,we now. Have the team we have the manager,we have owners with Dreams but are real fans as well,not Arabs or Yanks and Russians who think their clubs are play things,

    • agreed . Our fan base is the biggest untapped fan base in the UK ( and probably further ).
      Most people in football these days don’t know that.
      That’s why I have never doubted our ability to fill the stadium ( even when it’s extended to 60,000 or 66,000 ).

  6. as usual the Slavman being levelheaded and he is imo quite right, we have had enough 5 year plans over the years!
    the new Stadia is an upgrade we as supporters will have to step up for this 1 as will the owners ie investment,

    and yes, the future is indeed bright, it would seem!


  7. We need to continue investing in all aspects of the club, Slav is right and depending on if we are in Europe or not that might require more major investment in the team despitewhat the Dave’s say. I have a feeling Slav is worried that once we are in the Stadium the investment may be greatly reduced…

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