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The mad decision which could see Seidten leave West Ham

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Jacob Steinberg is a journalist with strong connections at West Ham. So, when he reports that many within the club are advising David Sullivan to be cautious about potentially appointing Julen Lopetegui, it’s worth paying attention.

As noted by Claret and Hugh in recent days, Lopetegui has expressed his willingness to accept the managerial role at West Ham if offered, and he has outlined his vision for the club’s future.

However, there are several reasons why the Spaniard might be seen as too similar in style and attitude to David Moyes. As a result, many at West Ham would prefer the club to start anew with a younger coach who can bring a fresh perspective.

West Ham risk losing Tim Steiden by ignoring his advice

The biggest mistake the Hammers’ board could make would be to overlook the advice of Tim Steidten. The West Ham director of football has a proven track record, having been instrumental in appointing Xabi Alonso at Bayer Leverkusen.

The solution to West Ham’s issues seems clear. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely convinced that Steidten’s recommendations will be heeded, and if he finds himself in a situation where a Spanish version of David Moyes is undermining his role, I suspect he might decide to leave West Ham.

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  • geefunkhammer says:

    TS basically needs to essentially pick the next manager otherwise what’s the point in him being there. Personally I think JL would be a massive mistake. Too old, too set in his ways etc. Where’s the desire? I could see him being another Pellegrini. Sullivan’s never been good at staying out of things though.

  • Ian says:

    Can it be so difficult to appoint a GOOD manager on 5 million + P. A . to work with. Steidten to build a strong team with the future paramount.

    • Bennyboy baker says:

      The last thing we need is another moyes if that is what the board wants then their is no point in getting rid of moyes we have had to watch games that is so dire in style it can send us to sleep the board needs to set the bar higher JL would be a disaster just like moyes has. Become we have a opportunity to bring in a manager that will bring the style of play most of us want and that the club needs if that fails to happen then the club needs to be sold to bring in owners who are ambitious that want to try and win trophies in the future not a manager that is stuck in the past

  • Steve says:

    TS needs to sign the next Head Coach, not Manager. Otherwise, what’s the point of a Technical Director ?

    • GT says:

      You do realise that a managerial position is lower in the hierarchy of a business than a directorial position…

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Mr Sullivan needs to let Tim Steidten do the job he appointed him to do, and as Technical Director he must have a massive day on the appointment of a head coach, and then the signing of players. It’s just the logical extension.

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    With all due respect Gonzo . The media are absolutely clueless at what is currently going on within the club . It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if AMORIM takes the job . apparently the offer blows even Liverpool out the water .

  • John Harrison says:

    With so many clubs (Bayern, Liverpool, Barca, and perhaps Man U and Chelsea) looking for a new manager, my guess is that we won’t be getting a ‘big’ name but a lesser known Steidten pick. Or, if DS goes for Lopetegui I reckon TS would still stick around a bit longer to handle transfers and get Premiership experience. My big concern is that Moyes may stay after we beat Liverpool on Saturday!

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