Valencia may live to regret crossing Slav

Britain West Ham ValenciaThe next few days may show us precisely how Slaven Blic deals with confrontation!

We’ve had a taste of it via Morgan Amalfitino who, having crossed swords with the boss, found himself down the road faster than you can pronounce his surname.

Since then it’s been all sweetness and light until Enner Valencia lost it when subbed towards the end of the Villa match immediately after he’d played a major part in Chiek Kouyate’s second goal.

The timing of his demonstration was somewhat counter productive with Emenike having arrived and with Carroll and Sakho on their way back.

Sensibly substituted, the Ecuadorian international Valencia was one unhappy bunny and threw his hands in the air whilst shaking his head at the management team in the dug out.

He swerved the manager’s outstretched hand, stropped his way towards his seat on the bench and ignored the manager as he tried to call after him to shake his hand properly before throwing his gloves to the floor in a prolonged sulk.

Some will say it was a display of passion for the team… I’d say it was entirely stupid. I don’t actually think Slaven Bilic is a man with whom you want to pick a fight – as was shown the minute he walked into the place.

Interestingly, Valencia wasn’t mentioned as the manager discussed his striking options for the weekend at his press conference with him claiming he was looking at Emenike and Carroll was likely to be involved.

Maybe there was no need to mention EV – perhaps he will start regardless but and then on the other hand…..!

I have the feeling Mr Valencia may regret his childish show of pique.


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19 comments on “Valencia may live to regret crossing Slav

  1. So A player does not want to be subbed. Yes to me that does show passion and desire. He had scored four goals in his last few starts and clearly was eager to add to that.

    Nothing to see here at all and I doubt very much Bilic will be anything other than pleased to see a player who just wants to play and score goals.

    What would you rather see? A player (Valencia) disappointed in being subbed, or a player (Ayew) who decided he is not up to the fight so gets himself deliberately sent off.

  2. I guess none of us are in a position to criticize either party without knowing why Slav brought him off just at that moment.

  3. All the best managers have to (and do) instill respect, discipline and to a certain extent fear in his players. Slav is not going to put up with prima donas. I think Valencia will pay a price for that little outburst and so he should.

    • Why? All he did was show some desire to stay on. 4 goals in recent games and 2 or 3 goal assists. Not bad going for a player still tying to find form after injury set backs.

      Better that than a player sulking like many others do. Bilic has no need to discipline him at all. I bet he was actually quite pleased.

      There is a huge difference to what Valencia has done (which is not really anything at all) and that of what Morgan A did.

      • Why ? because this is a team game and as such, demands a respect for the manager, team mates, and the club’s success, not just one person’s. Yes, passion is one thing, throwing the toys out is another !
        If I were Valencia I would think about an apology, expect a reprimand and a fine, a game or two on the bench to see how it feels sitting there for 80 minutes eager to get on, learn from his petulance and move on.

  4. For me, each player was brought off specifically so that they could individually receive applause from the crowd for their performance.

    Did the others complain?

    I don’t mind passion, but disrespect is both stupid and counter-productive.

    It’s a team game Enner and you’re one of a large squad. Grow up.

  5. Looks like a mixed bag to me as yes valencia was passionate about staying on & that’s a good thing but publicly disrespecting Slav in front of the home crowd & cameras by leaving his managers open hand hanging is not acceptable behaviour.
    I personally don’t want to see no more of that from any of our players as Slav deserves their respect.

  6. Childish behavior deserves childish punishment , he needs sitting in the corner with a dummy !!! If he doesn’t like it , lump it IMO. Disrespect breeds contempt . I like enner but can’t stand attitude , it wasn’t passion it was a get out clause IMO, I don’t think he wants to be a sub in a big squad ! He either apologises behind closed doors or he’s gone !
    4 strikers and another on the way in the summer ! It ain’t rocket science !
    He,s had a good run in the team so he shouldn’t complain , its a team game and it needs team players ! Bruised apples not allowed !!! I hope he stays , we will see .

  7. Probably a misunderstanding – imo Slav brought him off in order that he could receive his own applause after having a good game and setting up Cheikh for the second… total non story, sorry Hugh

  8. Hopefully he will explain himself and apologise and all will be forgotten, we all make mistakes in judgement from time to time, this is his first time doing that, it was wrong but he was always the one to be substituted in every game not only under SB but also SA much to the detriment of results under the latter, so many times he was playing well and substituted by Allardyce while we were winning games every one of which we did no better than draw after he left, perhaps he is just fed up of being subbed and would like to finish a game. I am not excusing his actions in this instance and time will tell us what happens here but he is one of our best players so hopefully the player and the manager can clear the air and we can get him back playing better than ever.

  9. I can’t possibly imagine Bilic would show Valencia the door or make him train with the reserves because of this. That will only diminish Bilic’s stature as a man manager.

    Valencia was childish and petulant, no doubt about that. But as an international who played in the world cup, he should be big enough to apologize to the manager privately and express contrition to his team mates. That should clear the air for everyone to move on.

  10. Not good, and must be nipped in the bud! I trust Bilic to sort it out; something like Enner being forced to stand up in front of all his team mates and say “I betrayed the team by not acting like a team player, and I betrayed the manager by not trusting his judgement. Like all players, I must be a team player and show respect, which I badly failed to do. I am very sorry, and will not do it again….Do you forgive me?” Loud round of applause form team. Bilic puts arm round Enner, but wags his finger at him, as if to say “Remember Morgan” and, like that other player at Besiktas, sticks his cheek out for Enner to kiss. Loud “Come on you Irons” from everyone inc Enner. Incident over….
    No player would ever have dared challenge Sir Alex. Bilic MUST be the same, but not necessarily with the use of a hairdryer! The great teams don’t put up with tantrams from players, however good they are. No-one is ever bigger than the team…

  11. I hope that the situation is quickly resolved. Enner Valencia is a very good striker, and we don’t want to see mi go, like Zarate did. Hopefully, Valencia will realize the folly of his actions and make an honest and sincere apology. lets hope that some of his team-mates, like Mark Noble (as captain), and Adrian (Spanish language connection), will play a diplomatic role behind the scenes. Got to nip this in the bud before it festers.

  12. It will get sorted without the speculation of the experts.I believe as already stated it will be sorted in house and without any theatrics.End of story.Let’s move on.

  13. With you Roman. It’ll already be sorted. it was probably sorted before the players left the stadium on Tuesday night.

  14. I hope unlike Alfitano Enner just knocks on his door says sorry I thought I was having a good game wanted to keep my goal scoring run going,
    Slav says apology excepted but don’t disrespect me in front of anybody again but I did not want you injured for the next game and this one was won,
    A joint statement on the official site telling everybody that the case is closed and we move on Enner gets named with Payet ,Antonio and either CF for the next game,
    Enner goes out and does the business and Slav subs him 10 minutes before the end when we have the game won the shake hands and we move on,
    That’s in a perfect adult world but who knows what’s going to happen,
    For once I disagree with Hugh and think it already is dead and buried

  15. I would of done the same as Valencia, I’d wanna play on if I was playing well, I at that age pumped with adrenaline would be up for it and pi**ed of, anyone who’s played the game with a hunger would, maybe look back when I’m older and think otherwise but come on, I feel for him and can see it from his perspective

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