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Video: The long walk to the Olympic Stadium

Have you ever wondered how long it will take to get from the train station to the Olympic Stadium to take your seat when West Ham kick off their season next August?

West Ham season ticket holder Nigel Kahn can show you below. This speeded-up video lasting just 4 minutes shows the 31 minute journey he took from the Stratford Jubilee line platform to the Olympic Stadium turnstiles last Wednesday being herded through the Westfield shopping centre.

The video was shot on 23rd September when France took on Romania in the Rugby World Cup with with over 50,400 fans attending. Although West Ham Joint Chairman David Gold suggested last week that there are five stations within 15 minutes of the stadium, the reality is some what different.

It might be the best transport connected Stadium in the UK as Mr Gold suggested but unfortunately the routes from the station to and from the stadium were very much an after thought and poorly planned.

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10 comments on “Video: The long walk to the Olympic Stadium

  1. Very sorry but this is not my experience and I think very misleading. I went to the New Zealand game last week after work and it was a 15 minute walk to the stadium from the station. I also left immediately at the final whistle and I was at home 40 minutes later, I live 15 minute walk from Stratford. I’ll concede that I was seated in the east stand which meant I was close to the main bridge back to Stratford.

    I’ve been to the stadium a number of time both during and after the Olympics and with 80,000 emptying out from the stadium and other events in the park I don’t think it every took that time to reach Stratford station. As far getting there, even with security at park entry during the Olympics it never took anywhere near 40 minutes from the station area.

    • Hammers 54 what way is it misleading
      I turned the camera on as I stepped off the train and kept it recording the whole time, I have more video during the game the time I don’t know how to change but it hasn’t been changed.
      I was surprised when I worked out it was 31 minutes, I have walked the same walk not on a match day and it still took 20 minutes and I don’t hang about, but with the crowd especially being pushed through the outer part of Westfield holding us up.
      I made the film to inform, not to pass judgement. It is what is is, but it’s not misleading

  2. 31 mins, not 39.

  3. Mr. Kahn is distracted by shiny things. 😉

    • Lol Navajo, I can be easily distracted
      I looked into the shops to see how many customers were in the shops, most had none, in fact only the Vera wang wedding shop had any.

      • Yeah, and you walked up the stairs instead of taking the escalator!
        Why were you looking in Vera Wang? Do you want to announce anything?
        You must have eclectic tastes, you seemed to linger at that art shop.
        And maybe you spent a little too much time watching the big screen on the way.
        After allowing for all this, I reckon it is a six minute walk.

  4. When you have a clock running its pretty clear how long it took,lol.Ok clocks can be changed but whats the bloody point in this case.If it took 31mins this time it took 31mins,end of story.Bit disappointed with the lack of babes in this film,usually some posh totty at the rugby 😀

  5. Sorry typo by writing 39 minutes because it was 31 minutes as the video shows

  6. I don’t remember my journey from Stratford station taking this long to the stadium, but do agree it is a long and winding walk through the Olympic park from the shopping centre to the stadium. But how often have you walked from Upton Park station and been at your seat in less than 20-30 minutes on a match day?

  7. Ok so it takes 15 minutes normally but twice that if youre a keen window shopper.

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