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West Ham players venture out from hotel

West Ham players returned to Miami beach this afternoon after training all morning but decided to keep their clothes on this time after intense media attention when they sunned themselves on Tuesday afternoon after training.  Andy Carroll, Mark Noble, Declan Rice, Aaron Cresswell and Jordan Hugill were all photographed by paps as they ventured out on the beach outside their Fontainebleau Beach Hotel to play some American football.

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13 comments on “West Ham players venture out from hotel

  1. Who gives a flying one, seems strange that Carroll is fit enough to be on a short holiday with no sign of injury or discomfort.

    • If a player is not not fit to travel to a game with the squad then he should not be on a holiday with the playing squad, he should be at home continuing his return to fitness. When does this club EVER do do things right.

  2. If the Miami break to train and get together serves as a way to get the team prepared for what is coming their way ,,, I’m all for it . 100% . . ,, Sun and beach cures many knocks and bruises ,,,, we all know that to be true . We have , lots of us , had Summer holidays where cuts and bruises seem to get better under these conditions .
    But , there is no cure against the idiots that would rather see us relegated than survive .
    A team cannot play against another team when there are fans intent on destroying the intensions of Thier own team . We need players like Carroll to get fit ,,, it is obvious to me that we have missed players of his quality for a long , long , long time now . Yes , I like Carroll and I am not about to say no to nobody . … so Bubbles and co who also want Noble out ,,, you can all go and do one . You have never been true Hammers Fans and never will be . Your very name ; Bubbles , is an incredible insult to honest fans.
    Take my comments as you will ,,, but Real supporters and Fans of West Ham United do not go and openly try to destroy our club . We don’t need fans like you or anybody that even resembles you . Please go away . Your criticism of our players has appeared on so many forums now that you need Banning . Your obvious hatred for Noble ( a player that has gone from boyhood to manhood ) is noticed . IN MY OPINION YOU ARE NOT A WEST HAM UNITED FAN . Seems like you are a mole to upset us all . Planted .
    Claret & Hugh ;; please take note . Another Lazarus waiting to be born .
    We need support and backing for the club and team if we are to remain a Premiership Club . Not idiots that would see us relegated just to fulfill Thier egos . I say ; Ban the minority fans and support the Majority fans .

    • Kavin when was Carroll last fit for long enough to make it count the bloke is useless to us when not playing and as he never does why keep him or even waste money on him taking him on holiday it wont help him thats is for sure we wont see him again this year when we need him most tipical and before u start saying I am not a fan I have had a S/T for 30 years and been going for 40 I love the club just not what it is becoming

      • Joe don’t even bother mate all he does is insult people who don’t agree with his opinions and if your anti board apparently your not a real fan ..your only a real fan if you don’t have any views …dont waste your time bud he,s just a bully

    • I was just thinking the same no nonsense.. Playing American football with no protection for his ankle ??( I think) ..he looks prettily fit to me ..you would think he would be constantly doing his rehabilitation work to get fit ASAP….I didn’t think it was a good time to go away at all ..but that’s just my opinion….

    • Nothing to add Kevin other then its a rather nice shot of the lads. Good to see that the senior players are bonding with the junior players. The I’m certain the gains will show in the next games. I believe also its good that the whole team including the injured player took the trip. Carol is great value to the club unfortunately rather too often only in the dressing room.

      • “Carol(sic) is great value to the club ”

        I really think I have seen it all now. Who would have thought anyone could possibly describe Carroll as “great value”?

        What are you on switchcase?

  3. What’s a pap, latest poncey word for paparazzi by any chance?

  4. Carroll is a takeing so so he should have stayed at home trying to some how get fit.I cannot belive we got an other year of this fool taking money for anything

  5. Kevin, you can’t just keep slagging off people because their views don’t tally with your own. You repeatedly claim that some West Ham supporters want us to be relegated. Why on earth would they want that? What could they possibly gain from it? And just for your information we were in deep trouble long before Saturdays protests.

  6. those players you see in the picture above, with the addition of one or two others, like ginge, would probably be our backbone next year if we got relegated. the players we could rely on to stay loyal to west ham in the championship. i dont know if carroll is back in full training or just rehab. god knows we could use a fit andy carroll right now but then how many times have we said that. it was the same thing with dean ashton.

  7. Probably hear towards the end of the holiday, Carroll aggravated his groin in a strip club and is out for the season or some such…

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