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West Ham snub Payet offer

payet2West Ham have rejected a £20 million bid from Marseille for want-away Dimitri Payet, despite the player effectively going on strike.
Sources have confirmed that the bid from Marseille was made in recent days, and was quickly rejected, with the fee deemed to be far too low. It is understood the bid included a bonus of £2.5m if they qualified for the Champions League.
The 29-year-old has ruled out a move to any other club but Marseille and will not be a part of the match day squad for this weekend’s clash with Crystal Palace.
Payet has informed the club that he does not wish to play for them again despite the club agreeing privately to sell him in the summer.
Payet left Lille to join Marseille in 2013 and spent two years at the club prior to his switch to the Hammers, though he suggested in October of 2015 that he was “forced” to leave the club.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “West Ham snub Payet offer

  1. Is that picture of him taken from a window screen tv shot or do i now have a legitimate reason to call him a little fat french ******* 🐖🐖😂

  2. Ah poor old Dimi wants to go home and nowhere else!! Arrogant little French ***** sell him to PSG to **** him off a little bit more 🙂

  3. Or even a wide screen tv lol.I love my window screen tv though 😉

  4. If that’s true we should tell Marseille to offer a minimum £50m they supposedly have plenty of cash now after their takeover. Their squad is much worse than ours but perhaps he wants all those easy games in Ligue1 …

  5. Aye No32 im sure the new owners there have promised him the world as their top dog.
    If he wants to go and play in a fairly sub-standard league instead of the PL let him go.
    Most players have a desire to come from the french league to ply their trade in the PL.
    Its his loss.I expect he will go back telling their fans it is a love affair he has with Marseille then want out again in two years time.

  6. I don’t know if any of the you saw this article http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/577761/Carlton-Cole-Striker-training-West-Ham-Premier-League it made me laugh when Payet is no longer training with the first team that the news CC is back in training was run (yes I know he has been for a while and its not news) but it made me laugh and kind of summed up where we are that we might lose a Payet and gain a Carlton 🙂

  7. Not interested in any “loyalty” debate, because it never works both ways. If a club wants shot of a “loyal” player, then off they go.

    BUT, joining WHU gave Payet the opportunity to have a fantastic season, which resulted in several improved contracts and the recognition of the French national team. We all celebrated his successes and sang his name – he revelled in it. Now he has come out as a fair-weather footballer, who can’t cope with the rigours of Prem football in difficult times.

    Perhaps it’s a natural arrogance possessed by those with such rare talent. He reminds me of Morrison.

    Like everyone else who supports the club, I can’t feel anything other than let down.

  8. He hasn’t put in a single decent shift since before the Euroes . Looks uninterested and lazy .
    . Only hope west Ham can get a good price and goodbye .
    A lot if this has to be down to West Ham , not just Payet . A look at our management and failure as a team needs a bit of scrutiny . But after signing a very good contract and then whelching on it is pure arrogance and piggish .
    The new policy ( if true ) of buying British is to be applauded if we can find , sign , quality and play as a Premiership club with flare and true ambition . Using West Ham as a stepping stone is deplorable . But West Ham seem to have used him and if it’s true we were planning to sell him in the Summer , then who can blame him .
    If West Ham doesn’t get its act together soon then we are already doomed as a force in the First Division of English Football .
    Our form and play has been awful and has fell far short of our ( some say ) high expectations . But I ask why we shouldn’t have high expectations?? . A change of Manager is , I’m afraid , very much on the cards .

  9. Off load him now . As for the media suggesting he is our best player and has been our best player for years !! , well they are showing Thier complete ignorance of the game . Payet never came close to players like Cottee , Brooking , Peters , Hurst , Brady , Sherringam Devonshire , Macavenie or even Barns . Heck , even David Cross was better ., and Andy is better and so is Antonio .
    All this worship for a player that’s only contribution is the odd free kick is rediculous .
    Let him go back to France and kick chickens . But for less than 30 million .

  10. Agree with all the above. But one further thought. If he is effectively on strike, stop his wages, take away his company car and evict him from the mansion we probably gave him to live in.

  11. Oh deary me Kevin you made me laugh then…
    “Let him go back to France and kick chickens”
    That did make me chuckle.

  12. If he has been the snake that has disrupted the dressing room this season I want to see a reaction from the team now that is is out in the open. Support Slav, play for the shirt, show some passion and let’s beat the Eagles COYI

    • I would love you to be right , Colin’s Irons . But if Slavs game plans and selections are the reason for the unrest , then well , hey who knows what’s right .

  13. So Bilic is saying Payet is not for sale !! , if a player is demonstrating his desire not to play then it’s a no brainer to fuk him off . No amount of nice sweet words in your ear is going to change the Frenchmans attitude . If he really thinks he is better than West Ham United then let him go . We don’t need to see a big headed player who doesn’t want to give his best in a WestvHam shirt prancing around the pitch with his shoulders hunched . Let him leave and get as money as we can , and if that includes fining for breach of contract that would be fine as well .

  14. Good point made by Kevin. We can abuse him all we want, and it may be that even if we were now in the top six he would want go, but the club does need to ask itself a few questions. I am still not convinced that Sakho is as happy as was being made out before he broke down again. This is not just one unhappy player. It isn’t possible all the time, but management is just that- managing difficult people and difficult situations. Somebody is not making a good job of that.

    Anybody see Big Sam’s interview on Sky? He looked one happy man. He can’t believe he has a game with the club and fans who didn’t rate him at a time when they are in turmoil. Saturday is a day to stay in bed.

  15. To be honest H64 im really looking forward to the game & i think the players will pull together
    I think the club is only in turmoil in the eyes of the fans who want to see it that way.Which is their right.Its all a little over the top & dramatic for me.
    But hey some fans love to thrive on drama.

  16. Payet piles on the pounds (weight not cash) when he doesn’t train. He’ll be a stone heavier with the month…if we wait until the summer then sell him by the pound…

  17. All too many IFS & supposition Kevin.We know diddly in all honesty.We make scenarios up in our heads & sell others our conspiracy theories.Its all a load of rhubabrb really.

  18. This stinks of a setup to me. He suddenly refuses to play for us after the team he wants to go to make an insulting bid for him!!!!! I think hes trying to get a gret deal for his new side, Let him rot with no games rather than let him get away with a Con trick like that, What a way to treat his team mates and fans who treated him like a hero,😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  19. Why can you not accept he is a skunk.He is a manipulator & user.Just ask St.Etienne fans.He did exactly the same there.He is a treacherous individual who has absolutely no scrupples.
    Is every board from every club he has dumped on all been to blame.Wake up & smell the coffee for gods sake.Read the ill feeling he created with the Marseille chairmen of the time when he left for us.
    Shouting your mouths off about the board this the board that is a load of balls.He has left a trail of dumped on boards throughout his career if you actually took the time to look instead of going loco on the club not the weasel himself.

  20. Lol John change of email address & change of name but an old face for sure eh .But which one of the shi*t stirrers are you,that is the question 😂😂😂
    Best line i read today was that Bilic was a wimp & Mourinho would never have taken this crap.
    No Mourinho just lost most the dressing room & all his influential players downed tools for him at Chelski.Yeah he definately knows how to deal with restless players & an unhappy dressing room 😁

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