Kouyate: “Dad cried when Sam called me”

Cheikhou+Kouyate+West+Ham+United+v+Sampdoria+nhE6a1UeJOQlCheikKouyaté  joined the Irons because he couldn’t turn down the the cash on offer!

Talking to www.africanfootball.com he said: “Valencia and West Ham offered me wages I never had seen before. I could have bought a house for my parents with that money.

“On vacation I got a call from Sam Allardyce, who was on holiday in Spain. He wanted to see me two days later in London. When I told that to my dad, it was the first the time I saw him cry.

“Two days later I underwent my medical and signed a contract. Ten days later I had an appointment with the manager.

Kouyate says he had to work hard to adapt to English football, but players such as Mark Noble and Kevin Nolan contributed positively in the beginning of his career at West Ham.

“I got a lot of knocks in the beginning; in training and matches, experiencing the English style of play. Players like Mark Noble and Kevin Nolan were very friendly, they spoke very slowly so that I could understand them, and if it didn’t work out they called Guy (Demel) or Momo (Mohamed Diamé) to translate, that helped,” he said.

“I knew that they were having a lot of trouble every year to stay in the Premier League. Now the club has players who play the short passes and don’t use the long balls. The club will use a new stadium in 2016/2017, I think that we will reach the top four in two years.

He added: “I like challenges, when I arrived here, I told Sam Allardyce: ‘Coach, you won’t regret it.’

He replied: “I hope so.”


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50 comments on “Kouyate: “Dad cried when Sam called me”

  1. just a joke… reading the title “Dad cried when Sam called me” I thought “I can’t blame him!” 😉 I like this player, I hope he stays as long as possible.

  2. Yeah he is a terrific player imho.Interesting to see Sam was in Spain,i wonder if he was staying with Bubs at Hippohead Villas 😀

  3. If you read the article how it was reported in today’s Standard it reflects on the point of difference BFS made in Wiley Kouyate’s decision to join us…

  4. This is sounding too much like a charm offensive campaign, first Downing and now Kouyate, does it stem from Sam’s management team, are they tired of doing it for Carroll so they are turning their media hands to Sam?

    Well Kouyate, thanks for letting us know the pleasure your family felt, but managers worldwide come and go, that is life, there may be some players not treated well by Sam and none more so than the younger ones who came through our system may think different.

  5. his dad probably cried because his son was going to play in the home of football England,not because sam called 😀

  6. Tyson he said he called not he was there,
    There are very strong laws here about letting endangered creatures in,I no they let Suerez in but he promised not to bite and he knows about football,
    We have a very good third division here BFS would proberly get a job with one of the bad ones,
    But the rest of you are welcome any time.

  7. Oh my god Mattee now they are talking about the price of dog Licenses and bus route and nobhxxd from Germany is stopping at Barking and can’t find his own Arxxx,
    He must be there Drug supplier because I have a head ache reading this crap,
    It’s like a bad version of breaking bad,
    Must go bars open( never be able to explain this in Spanish ) they think we are strange anyway having a manager called BFS
    AND A UNMOVABLE OBJECT as captain,
    CAB FOR BFSor a bus from Barking

    • Bubs, the obvious answer is; if you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you do chose to and wish to quote me, then please do it properly and don’t quote me out of context. It was quite obvious that my dog licence post was making fun of the previous comment. Thank you.

    • Bubs, I’m that nobhead you are joking about. Sorry if you cannot appreciate the excitement of an overseas Hammers supporter (a fellow fan) about seeing his beloved team again after a long time. It’s been so long in fact that things in the meantime have changed a lot.
      And I haven’t got all bus timetables and cab fares readily available to me, despite googling a lot of stuff during the planning of my trip.
      If this all bores the crap out of you, fair enough.
      But I’d rather ask fellow fans for some advice or info who are maybe glad they can help within a matter of seconds.
      I would very much do the same if a fellow fan ever contemplated coming over to Hamburg by the way.
      And again bubs, I have absolutely nothing against this particluar West Ham site.

  8. Haha,dear god.Listen,there was no animosity at all on here towards your site,never a word mentioned.But continually your berks on there made reference to this site,either peoples intellect or anti sam stance.If people continually see others slagging them they snap & have enough.As i said,no one ever,ever even mentioned your site till recently when they read inane comments about us & Hugh.Its ridiculous,lets face it you only regurgitate the same stuff on thread after thread.Theres no news.But each to their own.
    I dont go to your site anymore Hamburg,because the general attitude stunk amongst a few.I truely hope you have a great day & experience,it will be a fantastic time for you 😉

    • Cheers ChickenRunner! What I simply don’t get is how individual people are associated with one website/forum and are ridiculed or despised due to comments from other individuals. I read and post on several forums and I find that there are good folks and also some ridiculous or nasty fellas on each and everyone of those sites.
      I would only ever criticise individual posts or posters, not a site in general.

      • Hamburg,i used to come to your forum,you seem like a good likeable guy.As you say,there are good & bad in life in general.Just because we all support the same team alas doesnt mean you dont get the same diverse characters.Enjoy your trip & the match.I hope it is a cracker for you to enjoy.But bubs really is a good guy,just got a wicked side to him & his humour.Him & Matte are the best mates on here so its nothing to do nationality or anything like that 😉

        • Thanks Stew 😉

        • Cheers Stewart, I appreciate that. And I will enjoy my trip either way, regardless of the result. It may after all be the final time I see the Boleyn, not sure I will be able to get a ticket in our final season there.
          I’m also booked in the West Ham Hotel after the game which should be interesting too.

  9. Forget it Chicken.They know the score.If you went through their threads there is reference to this site & users in derogarory terms.Its littered with them historically.Dont bother with them.It isnt worth it.The reason no one on here bothered mention it is because it is a two bob site.No news,just the same people writing the same stuff over & over again.No need to get in to an arguement with them.They know for sure they have slaggd this place.Let them crack on,they obviously get a buzz from it.There are some proper good people on there but regretfully a few spoil it.

  10. Ahah… Totally agree Chicken… That’s incredible… Anyway, let us return to amusing football, sophisticated tactics, funny excuses, long balls, Nolan, chewing gum and obviously stats… 😉


    • Careful matte if you say chewing mouth you will lose all credibilty.I told you before,behave yourself,haha 😀

  11. Or even chewing gum mouth,lol,damn im tired 😉

  12. Ahahaha… I Know stew, I Know…

  13. Oh & one final thing to get off my chest while we have visitors.Sorry the best china is dirty,lol,one of your fools i read said that one guy from here created two accounts to talk to himself.Well i can assure him the two lads are very much alive & kicking,real guys,two brothers & both season ticket holders from about 1/2 a mile from where i live.They are both top guys & didnt need the sh*t they got just because they visited whtid from that one individual.End of!!

  14. You pop out for a beer and find our site has been invaded when you get back,
    I have a German living next door here he is a nice bloke to but no sense fo humor,
    That’s probably where I got it all wrong that unnamed site is just to serious for us mere mortals,
    Thanks for the defence Stew and Chick but I was just trying to be humourous I did except that berlinbob was ok after you told me Ray but come one 20 blogs on a football site about planes,trains and taxis and not a word about boats ( I like boats)
    not a word about BFS and they get really rattled this is going to be fun,

    • Anyway… I like the peace ambassador who came here… Lol

      • Bubs, I admit that things tend to veer somewhat on WHTID, including all sorts of weird topics and discussion. BFS has been discussed on there without end though, in virtually any thread. You could write an article about the fascinating world of the penguins on there and you’d have a discussion about Allardyce within a matter of minutes.
        I’m sorry you missed a reference about boats. But a boat trip is just not feasible for me as there no longer is a direct service from Hamburg, it takes far too long to travel by boat anyway and is more expensive than taking the plane, so there’s your explanation.

  15. Haha,ffs,i give up.Listen to Uncle Ty,lol,if you dont bother going there you dont have to read their sly digs.Let some of them be the idiots who make statements about this site,what you dont see doesnt matter does it.We have all at one point or another gone there,we have all seen the insular enclosed enviroment on it,just forget them.You all saw the listings the other day for west ham sites visited,they were a world away & some compared to here.It says it all,people dont like going there to read would be managers saying the same crap hour in hour out.Honestly,just dont go there,it aint worth the hassle lads 😉

  16. Matte it’s like United Nations,
    Conkerpot was lot more friendly must have been potty trained,
    Sorry got to go and watch Barca beat the Frogs ( sorry if any of you have thin skins and are French )
    God you have to be so careful not to offend,
    1 – 0 Barca
    BFS FOR AMBASSADOR ( of anywhere)

  17. Ahahahaha… Lol bubs! Yes, iI think we need a clear UN mandate… It’ becoming a worldwide case… LooI I love this site!

  18. It’s fun Tyson just think today would have all been about BFS and stats if we had not had a peep,
    Now I know about Trains,taxi,s and Barking,Germans don’t understand English humor,
    People from Hamburg don’t like Berlin,
    And I forgot Dog paper work.
    Now I can sleep ( where is sleeps with them fishes ) soundly

    • I DO in fact understand English humour. I actually like it a lot. I’ve had plenty of experience with it working in an office in Barking of all places for 18 months. COYI!

  19. Haha,yeah im sure you have expanded your knowledge greatly today Bubs while your sat on the beach watching all the spanish fillies going past 😀

  20. Hamburg I take it back you do have humor ( are you sure your German ) another fact I did not know they used to have boat trips in Hamburg,
    I think you know this is all tongue in cheek humor, but if you are a good bloke and love our club and can see what a bellend BFS IS then you are going to the wrong site,
    But if you need stats you were on the right site
    Have a good visit to the ground and let’s hope for a better performance,
    Just visited Engand myself for personal reasons never got a chance to go to a game.
    BFS FOR SHIP CAPTAIN ( not in Hamburg no boats )

  21. Come on Matte,give me a damned Stat & give me one now!!!!,lol,i need to know the win % of every manager from the Albanian top flight whose contract runs out this summer.You never know,we might just find our new man if we look hard enough 😀

  22. Tyson no horse,s where we live and most of the birds here shave twice a day,
    All that cheek kissing makes your lips chaffed,
    But the beers cheap they have wi if and there’s always football on in the bars,
    And here the Germans don’t have towels in this area,
    ( sorry Hamburg)

  23. Haha,cant beat a good bird with 5o’clock shadow Bubs,you know they all look good at the end of the night 😉

  24. Just put the box on you need to turn on itv 1 the newzoids
    Better than visiting that site

    • Bloody hell Bubs, of course we have boats, plenty of ’em. Hamburg is one of the biggest ports in Europe, but there no longer is a ferry service from Hamburg to Harwich.
      And let me assure you: That towel thing is not endorsed by all Germans. LOL

  25. Lol,im watching Barca v PSG but i am going to watch newzoids on itv player later.It is spitting image updated isnt it 😉

  26. ahahhaha… according to my sophisticated computer here are the latest stats.

    Percentage of manager from Burundi: 10%
    Percentage of manager from Angola: 23,5 %
    Percentage of manager from North Pole: 13,6 %
    Percentage of manager from Japan: 26,5 %
    Percentage of manager from Nicaragua: 2 %
    Percentage of manager from Brasil: 0%
    Percentage of manager from Chile: 3,5%
    Percentage of manager from Albania: 10% (so you are happy lol)
    Percentage of manager from Dudley: – 100 %

    I’m waiting for final confirmation from N.A.S.A.

    • Hahaha,good work Stat Matt,again you come through with the goods.Now i know our stats are in good hands on here.Just stop texting & driving in future like rjis morning,i dont want to have to take over these extensive duties.Remember you are not called Matte Trulli 😀

      • Ahahah… Ok Ty, I love my work stat… I can’t live without it… Lol
        Suarez reminds me Carlton Cole, Messi reminds me me Kevin Anthony Nolan… Lol

  27. It’s ten times better than spitting very near to the nuckle but as of yet no BFS Zoid,
    Baby George is great,

  28. Yes Bubs i have put it on,haha,funny;)

  29. Don’t believe 100% Mattee are you sure,
    What’s the percentage from Hamburg,
    BFS FOR Brazil

  30. I give up today Hamburg but let’s cross swords again when you have time,by the way only been to Germany to play football many years ago and played 5 times for Wiesbaden,
    Lovelyplace good beer big red light district,
    Nice area for wine clean and people ok but everyone I met was called Kurt or that what it seemed like,everyone was at the first beer cellar until it closed so you went to the next one that was the cheapest and all the same people were there by the time you got to the 4th or 5th it was the same people but the barmaids were wearing less clothes and getting uglier and it was not the beer,
    Any way this is a better site if you want to talk about football and it is not anti Sam just honest.
    BFS auf wiedersehen ( pet)

  31. Ahhh,the joy of peace & tranquilty on here this morning.No more arguing,what a joy.Seems Matte the UN peacekeeper has done a good job,lol 😉

    • ahahah… yes Stew, I’m flying with my private jet to UN Headquarters in Geneve: today I’ll define the international rules between West Ham’s websites, I’m here with my lawyers and with my stats… I’ll let you know… loool

  32. Btw,i read somewhere on a forum someone say that the players must he in support of Sam because many are giving him much credit.Well isnt this a bit like a funeral,pre funeral day everyone says what a kind hearted,loveable,friendly person they were, then once the worms are nibbling at their toes people turn round & tell the truth,that they were actually miserable ol’ *******s who are better off pushing up the daisies.If a player contracted to the club are asked by the media what they think of Sam what the hell are they going to do other than praise their current boss,lol,it has happened since team sports were invented,you aint going to slag the guy who holds the decision on whether you get in the team or not.Ofc they are going to lick a lil butt 😉

  33. Let’s have vote today which player comes out in support of BFS,
    I will go for Adrien as he has been quite this week and his position is not at risk,
    How long will the peace last when BFS does not win the pole ?
    Back to Wikipedia find out more about Germany,
    BFS for the coffee drinkers ( brought some shares in Starbucks)

  34. I saw someone say that on another forum,unmentioned,lol.Some geezer banging on about the players supporting Sam.As you say Rads,what the hell do you expect them to say.No player in their right mind is going to slag their manager in the press unless they want to sit on trhe bench for the rest of the season or end up at Lazio or on loan at QPR.Ravel & Mauro take note,it aint a good idea 😉

  35. Yeah i saw that,the guy saying jow the players seem to really like jim when they talk so highly about him.Agreed Ty,what player is going to put down the current manager.Also this man of wisdom said that maybe if Sam leaves these players may want to go with him to another club,haha,what a load of crap.So Adrian,Cole(maybe he should),Nolan(take him,not an issue),Ging & Kouyate are all going to be looking for a move to Sams new club just because they said a few nice things about him in the press,lol,yeah sure,i fully expect them to all vanish to Sunderland,QPR or whoever Allardyces next team is all on the strength of their ‘love & admiration’ for the guy.Maybe Nolan because it means he will be able to extend his Prem career but none of the other players we have will move because of a percieved love they have for him in the media where they are just saying what is expected of them by the club in most cases 😉

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