Moyes replacement is already here


Replacement is already here 

I don’t anticipate West Ham losing to Nottingham Forest or Burnley. In fact, I’m reasonably confident that David Moyes‘ team will emerge victorious in our next three games. However, if Moyes were to suffer a defeat against Forest, it could put his job in serious jeopardy.

I’ve held the belief for some time that this will be Moyes’ final season at West Ham, but I don’t think there’s a strong inclination within the club to terminate his contract mid-season. It’s quite possible that his successor has already been identified and approached, which would imply that West Ham’s next manager might currently be employed elsewhere.

Moyes replacement is already here in the form of John Heitinga

But in the event of a loss against Forest, the board might be compelled to take action sooner than they’d wish and part ways with Moyes. This scenario would necessitate the appointment of a caretaker coach, and the ideal candidate for the job is someone already on the club’s payroll.

Enter John Heitinga, who currently serves as the first team coach and is often seen alongside Moyes on the touchline. In January 2023, Heitinga took on the role of Ajax’s interim head coach after the departure of Alfred Schreuder and played a pivotal role in turning the club’s season around, winning eleven of their final 16 matches. These credentials make him an obvious choice to step into the managerial hot seat if the need arises.

However, I don’t anticipate this happening. I believe Moyes will likely do enough to retain his position for the rest of the season. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to know that a contingency plan is in place if required.

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  • dirk says:

    I really don’t understand how this site’s constant campaign against Moyes helps anything at our club. It just breeds division and discontent. We all know recent results have not been good enough. But, enough!

    • There is no campaign – we report what we hear and have run a poll – given all the discussion here and elsewhere – asking for a simple Yes or No. You may wish to believe it BREEDS division but sadly the division is already there.

  • Austrick says:

    The club remain very quiet on the subject??????

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