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Pelle happy with Antonio but has one huge demand

First the good news!
Manuel Pellegrini is very happy with Michail Antonio naming him they most dangerous forward in the game against Manchester City and  guy who can play in various positions!
Now the bad news!
He has to start scoring goals after missing a couple of great chances last weekend which the manager claims could have changed the game.
Now the neutral news depending very much on your point of view!
It seems that with Pablo Zabaleta unable to play seven games in December, given his age, Michail could find himself in the right back position again.
Speaking ahead of the game against Newcastle the manager said: “I don’t like to talk about individual players but if you look at our most dangerous player it was Antonio so you can be happy about that.
(But) if you have two or three clear chances you must score because it’s not just to demonstrate you can do it, you must score.
“Maybe the two chances he had, if he had scored, would have changed the game. So on one side you are happy because of the way he is playing and on the other he is not scoring – and he must score.
“But we must remember also he is coming back from a long injury and is working very well every day, he can play in different positions and I am happy with him.
Against City I put him with Marko as two strikers because they have a lot of power and speed and I thought that was best way to create dangers to City.
I don’t think that is his position to play – he is not a striker. He is a winger who will also play right full-back in some games. He can play in many positions.”
Pellegrini was more inclined to play his cards close to his chest on the possible return of Mark Noble  after missing the first game back against City following suspension.

The manager  was bewildered that some found that surprising saying: “I don’t know why it was a surprise because Mark had a three-game ban after he had a red card and in those three games the team played very well. We won and we drew so it was logical to continue with the same players.

West Ham cupboard may be bare in January

Those thinking West Ham have millions in the bank just waiting for the January transfer window may be in for a shock come to the start of next year.

London Stadium Capacity License could wait until next year

West Ham may need to wait until next year until their safety license is granted to increase London Stadium capacity for West Ham matches to 60,000.

Newham suggest better West Ham ticketing strategy

The Newham led Safety Advisory Group (SAG) has made a formal request, as the safety certifying body, to Stadium Operator LS185 for a ticketing strategy. LS185 will, in turn, ask West Ham for it minutes from an emergency safety meeting on 28th October reveal.

London Stadium Wi-Fi gets closer

London Stadium wide ‘High-density Wi-Fi’ is finally getting closer and could be installed by the end of the year insiders claim.

London Stadium stewarding numbers revealed

The number of stewards deployed at the London Stadium for West Ham games, concerts and athletics have been revealed after a Freedom on information was submitted by Claret and Hugh to Stadium owners E20.

Geordie protest may give the Irons an edge

Rafa Benitez has told planned Newcastle protesters he is not at the club to tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.

Pellegini admits a Zabaleta problem

The Hammers left back problem may be more than troublesome but manager Manuel Pellegrini is equally concerned about the right side and isn’t afraid to say so publicly.

Plain talking Pelle makes his point clear and loud

Manuel Pellegrini has again stressed the importance of the Hammers adopting exactly the tight attitude when they go into action at St James’ park tomorrow (Sat).

Hammers adopt ‘wait and see’ policy on midfielder

West Ham are adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach to Samir Nasri despite reports that he needs to shift a lot of weight if he’s to get a deal at the club.